Racial realism

Racial realism

Racial realism is a term used to describe two directly opposed positions, both motivated by the perceived durability and social importance of racial distinctions.

The term racial realism has been used to describe the claim that racial distinctions are socially constructed but enduringly important because dominant social forces continually reinforce them.

The term has also been used to describe the claim that races are real rather than social constructs, and that racial distinctions are enduringly important because racial groups differ by nature (genetically) with regard to such important behavioral tendencies as intelligence and impulsiveness. This claim holds that racial distinctions are real and measurable, and further claims those measurable differences are based in science instead of idealism.

Examples of scientifically demonstrable racial distinctions are said to include different decision and reaction times, intelligence, crime rates, and medical characteristics, such as differing tendencies toward diseases such as osteoporosis or sickle cell anemia.

The second definition is the older and far more common definition. Critics often claim that racial realism is a euphemism for scientific racism.

Self-described racial realists

The following is a list of notable individuals and organizations who have self-identified as racial realist.


*Chris Brand - psychological and psychometric researcher [ [http://lrainc.com/swtaboo/late/cb_camb.html Stalking the Wild Taboo - Chris Brand -The Cambridge Debate, Jan 28, 1997 ] ]
*David Duke - white nationalist, politician [ [http://www.davidduke.com/index.php?p=266 The Official Website of Representative David Duke, PhD » Are you a racist? ] ]
*Nick Griffin - British National Party
*Jared Taylor - American Renaissance
*Steve Sailer - American writer for VDARE [ [http://www.isteve.com/RealityofRace.htm The Reality of Race] ]
*Ian Jobling - Former writer and webmaster for American Renaissance and current owner of The Inverted World. [ [http://inverted-world.com/ The Inverted World] ]


*American Renaissance - white nationalist magazine [ [http://www.amren.com/siteinfo/information.htm About American Renaissance ] ]
*British National Party [http://www.bnp.org.uk/articles/race_reality.htm] [http://www.bnp.org.uk/candidates2005/manifesto/manf4.htm]

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