Hachinohe Rinkai Railway Line

Hachinohe Rinkai Railway Line

The nihongo|Hachinohe Rinkai Railway Line|八戸臨海鉄道線|Hachinohe Rinkai Tetsudō-sen is a Japanese freight only railway line between Hachinohe Freight Station and Kitanuma Station, all within Hachinohe, Aomori. This is the only railway line of the nihongo|Hachinohe Rinkai Railway|八戸臨海鉄道|Hachinohe Rinkai Tetsudō|"Hachinohe Seaside Railway". The third sector company (in Japanese sense) took the former industrial railway line by the prefecture in 1970, built for Port of Hachinohe.

Basic data

*Distance: 8.5 km
*Gauge: 1,067 mm
*Stations: 2
*Track: single
*Traction: internal combustion (diesel)
*Railway signalling: staff token

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*ja icon [http://www.hachirin.com/index.html Hachinohe Rinkai Railway official website] .

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