American Guerrilla in the Philippines

American Guerrilla in the Philippines

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name = American Guerrilla in the Philippines

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director = Fritz Lang
producer = Lamar Trotti
writer = Ira Wolfert (novel)
Lamar Trotti
narrator =
starring = Tyrone Power
Micheline Presle
music =
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distributor =
released = November 8 1950
runtime = 105 minutes
country = USA
language = English
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imdb_id = 0042195

"American Guerrilla in the Philippines" (released as "I Shall Return" in the UK) is a 1950 war film starring Tyrone Power as a U.S. Navy ensign stranded by the Japanese capture and occupation of the Philippines in World War II. It was directed by Fritz Lang.


In the summer of 1942, an American motor torpedo boat is destroyed by Japanese planes. The survivors, among them Ensign Chuck Palmer (Tyrone Power), make their way ashore. Their commander orders them to split up. Chuck pairs up with Jim Mitchell (Tom Ewell) and reaches Colonel Benson, only to be told that he has been ordered by General Douglas McArthur to surrender his forces soon.

Chuck helps Jeanne Martinez (Micheline Presle), a Frenchwoman married to a Filipino planter, get medical assistance for a pregnant woman. Jeanne pleads with Chuck to stay and fight, but he buys a sailboat and recruits a crew in a desperate, but unsuccessful attempt to reach Australia. When the boat founders, the crew is rescued by Miguel (Tommy Cook), a member of the Filipino resistance. The Americans evade capture and Chuck eventually meets Jeanne again, as well as her husband Juan (Juan Torena), a secret supporter of the resistance movement.

Chuck is ordered to stay in the Philippines to help set up a network to gather intelligence on the Japanese. Later, Juan is beaten to death in front of Jeanne in an attempt to find out where the guerrillas are hiding out. Jeanne joins the resistance and is reunited with Chuck. They begin to fall in love.

After three years of fighting, Chuck, Jeanne, Jim and the rest of their band are trapped in a church by a Japanese patrol. Just when it looks as if they will be wiped out, squadrons of American planes appear overhead and explosions are heard, announcing the liberation the Philippines is underway. The Japanese leave to face this greater threat.


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