Sun Wanrong

Sun Wanrong

Sun Wanrong (孫萬榮) (d. 697) was a khan of the Khitan people who, along with his brother-in-law Li Jinzhong, rose against Chinese hegemony in 696, with Li Jinzhong as khan, and they further invaded Chinese territory then under the rule of Wu Zetian's Zhou Dynasty. After Li Jinzhong's death later in 696, Sun succeeded him and continued to be successful against the forces sent against him by Wu Zetian, but in 697, after the Eastern Tujue khan Ashina Mochuo successfully launched a surprise attack against Sun's headquarters, Sun's forces collapsed, and he was killed, ending the Khitan rebellion.

Media interpretations

Sun Wanrong is a character in the Korean television series "Dae Jo Yeong", portrayed by Jo In-pyo. In the series, he was portrayed as a chief general and trusted follower of Li Jinzhong. He once plotted a scheme to get Li Jinzhong killed once he learend that Geom is Dae Jo Yeong's son. But due to Chu-lin's notice, this fails. When Li Jinzhong dies, he becomes the next King of Khitan but he does not rull well, becoming too proud of himself. Because of this, Khitan Tribe falls.

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