Kyrgyz Technical University

Kyrgyz Technical University

name =Kyrgyz State Technical University
native_name =Кыргыз Техникалык Университети
latin_name =Kyrgyz Tekhnikalyk Universiteti

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established =1954
type =Public
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principal =
rector =Dr. Prof. Murataly Jamanbaev
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city =Bishkek
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country =Kyrgyzstan
campus =Urban
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address =66 Prospect Mira, Bishkek 720044, Kyrgyzstan
telephone =+996 312 54-51-51
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The Kyrgyz State Technical University (Kyrgyz: Кыргыз техникалык университети/"Kyrgyz tekhnikalyk univertiteti"; Russian: Киргизский технический университет/"Kirgizskij tekhnicheskij universitet") named after Iskhak Razzakov is a university in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Formerly the university was known as the Frunze Polytechnic Institute (Russian: Фрунзенский политехнический институт/"Frunzenskij polytekhnicheskij institut"). It was founded in 1954. [cite web|url=|publisher=Kyrgyz Technical University|title=Information about Kyrgyz Technical University (KTU)|accessdate=2007-10-18] cite web|publisher=Lenta, Rambler Media Group|title=Акаев, Аскар|language=Russian|accessdate=2007-10-18|url=]


*Informational Technologies
#Management and information science in technical systems
#Computer engineering, computing machinery, complexes, systems and networks
#Software system of computing machinery and atomized systems
#Radio engineering
#Designing and technology of radio electronics
#Connection networks and communication systems
#Radio communication, broadcasting (system) and television

*Power Engineering
#Electric stations
#Power engineering and networks
#Relay protection and automatization of electrical power system
#Power Energy supply (in brunches)
#Renewable sources of energy
#Electro technics (in branches)
#Electric drive and automation of industrial plant and technological complexes
#Thermoelectric power station
#Safety of technological processes and productions

*Transport and Machine-construction
#Automobile and automobile industry
#Exploitation and service of transport technological machinery and equipment
#Organization of transportation and management at transport (by all kinds of vehicle)
#Organization and safety of traffic
#Technology of machine-constructing
#Equipment and technology of welding industry
#Constructing and manufacturing products from composite material
#Machines and technology for increasing wear resistant and reconstruction of machines and apparatus details
#Automation of technological processes and industries (on branches)
#Standardization and certification
#Metrology and metrological supply
#Mechatronics and robotic
#Dynamics and machine durability
#Professional education
#Technology of printing industry

*Institute of Management and Business
#Management of organizations
#Informational systems and technologies
#Economics and management of enterprise ( in brunches)
#Business accounting , financial audit and analysis

*Technological Faculty
#Technology of sewing production
#Technology of leather and fur wear
#Design of sewing wear
#Technology of leather wear
#Designing of leather products
#Decorative designing of costume
#Technology of catering products
#Technology of canned products, food concentrates of barmy products and wine making
#Technology of sugary products
#Technology of meat and meat products
#Technology of milk and milk products
#Technology of bread, macaroni and confectionery
#Technology of reprocessing and storage of grain
#Machines and apparatus of food production
#Food engineering of small industries
#Standardization and certification of food products
#Management (specialization: management and marketing in restaurant and hotel business)
#Chemist-researcher, Chemist - ecologist
#Protection in emergent situation
#Engineering protection of environment

*Kyrgyz-German Technical
#Technology, equipment and automation of machine-constructing industries
#Technology and management of machine-constructing industry
#Transport – telematic logistic

*Institute of Mining and Mining Technologies
**Metallurgy and Geo ecology Department
#Metallurgy of ferrous metal
#Metallurgy of non-ferrous metal
#Mineral processing
#Geo ecology
#Environmental protection and racial use of natural resources
#Engineering protection of environment
#Applied information science in ecology

#Blasting operations
#Underground workings of mineral deposit
#Open mining researches
#Mine underground construction
#Applied geodesy
#Technology and equipment (mining machines and equipment)
#Electro technology, electro mechanics, electro technics (electro mechanics of mining industry)

*Geological Prospecting Faculty
#Geophysical methods of search and prospecting of mineral deposits
#Geological survey of groundwater and engineering-geological investigations
#Geology of oil and gas
#Applied geochemistry, petrology, mineralogy
#Technology and exploration technique of mineral deposits
#Applied math and information science
#Technology of materials processing
#Protection in emergent situations
#Nature management

*Mining Economy Faculty
#Economics (economics of enterprise in mineral resource industry)
#Business accounting, financial audit and analysis (in mineral resource industry )
#Management of organization (in mineral resource industry)
#Information systems and technologies
#Automation systems of information processing and management
#Mathematical methods in economics
#Applied math and information science

*Department of Vocational Education
#Designing and modeling of sewing products
#Designing and modeling of fur products
#Technical service and repairing of electronics
#Hairdressing craft

*Moscow Power Energy Institute (TU)
#Electrical networks and systems
#Electrical supply
#Automatic control and informatics of technical systems
#Radio techniques
#Computing machinery, complexes and networks [ [ Faculty of Informational Technol ] ]

Notable alumni and faculty

*Askar Akaev, former president of Kyrgyzstancite web|publisher=Lenta, Rambler Media Group|title=Акаев, Аскар|language=Russian|accessdate=2007-10-18]
*Arstanbek Nogoev, former mayor of Bishkekcite web|publisher=AKIpress|url=|language=Russian|title=Ногоев Арстанбек Иманкулович|accessdate=2007-10-18]


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