Independence Party of America

Independence Party of America

party_name = Independence Party of America
chairman = Frank MacKay
foundation = September 23, 2007
ideology = Non-partisan democracy, populism
website = [ Official web site]

The Independence Party of America (IPA) is a political party in the United States, founded on September 23, 2007 by activists from the Independence Party of New York. Its current National Chairman is Frank MacKay. [] Dean Barkley, a former United States Senator and Independence Party activist, has agreed to play an advisory role with the new party. [ [ Spin Cycle: Independence Party Archives ] ]

The Independence Party of Minnesota voted to affiliate with the new national party at its state convention on January 26, 2008. [ [ Ballot Access News » Blog Archive » Virginia Independent Green Party Affiliates with Independence Party ] ] The Reform Party of Pennsylvania affiliated on October 22, 2007 [ [ Ballot Access News » Blog Archive » Pennsylvania Reform Party Affiliates with new national Independence Party ] ] and the Independent Green Party of Virginia affiliated on January 10, 2008. [ [ Independence Party of America, Bloomberg for President ] ]

An effort is under way to gain ballot access for the party's Texas affiliate, the Texas Independence Party [ [ Ballot Access News » Blog Archive » Four Parties So Far Tell Texas They Will Try to Qualify ] ]

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* Independence Party of Minnesota
* Independence Party of New York
* Independent Green Party of Virginia
* Reform Party of Pennsylvania


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* [ Official web site]

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