Serbian military ranks and insignia

Serbian military ranks and insignia

Here is a list of Ranks and symbols used by the Serbian Armed Forces.

erbian military ranks

According to new Serbian Military law, some military ranks, like Captain 1st class and Senior Sergeant are temporary, and will be replaced, and new rank of Brigadier General will be added. Also River flotilla ranks will be replaced with Serbian Ground Forces ranks.

erbian Military Flags

Serbian army does not have a flag but only a symbol.Flags are used on brigade level.Serbian army is still developing its new flags.Plan is to create a flag for each branch, brigade, and unit.The designer of the new flags, symbols, insignias, ranks, and medals is Major Jovan Milak of the Serbian Army.According to some sources within the VS, some flags are temporary, while the others will stay the same.New flags, together with Serbian military flags protocol will be presented soon.

erbian Army flag

erbian Air Force flag

erbian Military Police

erbian Guard flag

erbian River Flotilla flag

This Flag is Based on Navy flag of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and S&MN, and may be temporary.

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