List of characters in the Shuffle! series

List of characters in the Shuffle! series

This is a list of characters from "Shuffle!", "Tick! Tack!", and "Really? Really!"

Introduced in "Shuffle!"

Rin Tsuchimi

; : Itsuki Midoriba is Rin's "bad" friend and classmate. [Untranslated quote: 緑葉樹。俺のクラスメイトにして悪友。
Translated quote: "Itsuki Midoriba. My classmate and bad companion."
cite video game
title = Shuffle!
developer = Navel
publisher = Navel
platform = PC
language = Japanese
isolang = Ja
Occurs on 6/13 game time.
] Being the Don Juan of the class, he is envious of the girls' attraction to Rin and often mentions that he will take care of the girls that he doesn't choose. Itsuki and Mayumi often fight over comments made about Mayumi's bust size, but this is just a cover for his secret love for her.cite web
first = thelastshito
date = 2006-09-30
url =
title = Shuffle! On The Stage (PS2 version) review
publisher = Visual Novels
language = English
accessdate = 2006-11-25
] anime voices|Hideki Ogihara|Todd Haberkorn

Nadeshiko Benibara

; Nihongo|Nadeshiko Benibara|紅薔薇撫子|Benibara Nadeshiko : Nadeshiko Benibara is Rin's homeroom teacher. She is single, attractive, and is frequently the victim of pickup lines, including from the Lord of Devils and Itsuki. She has a habit of dealing out very strong punishments such as writing 100-page reports and dragging a tire around the track for minor offenses. anime voices|Chinomi Takema|Luci Christian


; Nihongo|King of Gods|神王|Shin-Ō : Lisianthus's father and the lord of the realm of the gods. He is big, musclebound, and enjoys drinking sake. Despite his best intentions, he often embarrasses his daughter. anime voices|Jūrōta Kosugi|Travis Willingham


; Nihongo|King of Devils|魔王|Maō : Nerine's father and the lord of the realm of the devils. He is a lustful character and thus quickly gets along with Itsuki in the beginning of the game. Like the King of Gods, he too has a habit of embarrassing his daughter. anime voices|Toshiyuki Morikawa|Vic Mignogna

Ama Shigure

; Nihongo|Ama Shigure|時雨亜麻|Shigure Ama : Ama Shigure is Asa's mother and the first artificial life form created by the gods and devils. She has the habit of drastically reducing names to cute nicknames (Asa for instance is referred to as "A-"chan") and for wearing a cat-ear hat(which is actually a cover for her demon ears). She looks abnormally young to be a mother, and it surprises the other characters to learn she is. anime voices|Yuria|Jamie Marchi , who also sung the OP of both the anime and the videogame.


Nihongo|Tsubomi|ツボミ is a character in Navel's "Shuffle!" media franchise. Her first appearance is in "Shuffle! On the Stage" during Kareha's path. She returns as a secondary character in "Really? Really!". She also makes a small cameo appearance in the 22nd and 24th episodes of the "Shuffle!" anime.

She is voiced by Ryōko Tanaka, and was designed by Hiro Suzuhira.

She is Kareha's younger sister, and like Kareha, she has a tendency to space out when she see something romantic or cute. Her catchphrase is "Kya! Kya! Kya!".

"Tsubomi" (蕾) is the Japanese word for 'flower bud'.

Introduced in "Tick! Tack!"


Nihongo|Sage|セージ|Sēji is a character in Navel's "Shuffle!" media franchise. She is introduced as a main character in "Tick! Tack!" and appears as a secondary character in "Really? Really!"

In "Tick! Tack!", Sage (she is called se-chan by Mayumi and red form Nerine) is Forbesii's maid. In the normal timeline, she marries him and is the mother to the true Nerine. At the very beginning of Tick! Tack! Sage was initially introduced when Nerine's group discovered the entry to Forbesii's Mansion. Later on, Nerine revealed that Sage was her mother, this surprised her friends, including Rin.

Sage is very energetic and cheerful in almost all circumstances.She is a great housemaker and good at hiding her feeling, especially towards Forbesii, to whom her whole heart were dedicated to. However, since Forbesii is a prince and she is just his maid, Sage tries to provide services to Forbesii and dedicated her life to it in hope that she may not have to leave him when he is married to his fiancee, Ai. But after several contacts with her master (e.g. in the kitchen, when Forbesii tries to cook, taking Sage's duty away from her), Sage felt more and more attracted to him. She later confessed to Rin that she loves Forbesii, but the feelings between her and Forbesii is a contrast to theirs and no matter how she tries, her feelings will be discarded away.

In the normal timeline, Sage had been proposed by Forbesii after she gave him a New Year gift. However, due to the presence of Rin and company in the past, this event has been skipped and caused Nerine to turn to her red-haired form.

In the alternate timeline (which the group has meddled with) Forbesii's proposal to Sage happens after Sage told Rin that she loved Forbesii, after that Forbesii found both Rin and Sage at the side of the lake. Unable face her master, Sage runs away and accidentally fall into the lake and Forbesii rushes to save her. Later on, at the mansion, Sage caught a terrible cold, so she have to take a rest until the next morning. While she is sleeping and Rin watches her, Forbesii come in and tells Rin what he felt about Sage. He proposes to Sage the very next morning.

Following the theme of characters from "Shuffle!" being named according to flowers, her name refers to the "Salvia" genus of flowering plants, more commonly known as sage.

Sage was designed by Hiro Suzuhira.


Nihongo|Ai|アイ|Ai is a character in Navel's "Shuffle!" media franchise. She is introduced as a main character in "Tick! Tack!" and appears as a secondary character in "Really? Really!"

Ai is first introduced in "Tick! Tack!", where she is Forbesii's fiance. In the main timeline, they break their engagement and Forbesii marries Sage instead, but the timeline may be changed so that Ai does marry Forbesii and becomes the mother of the alternate, red-haired Nerine.

At first, Ai was thought to be Nerine's mother since Nerine's hair, grace and measurements matched with that of Ai more than that of Sage, it's no surprise that the group have misunderstood her as Nerine's mother.

Ai is a real fair lady and may be a part of the Royal Family of the Demon World. She is well-educated, graceful and gentle and has always been seen smiling sweetly (even when she is sad and sobbing). Her speech, thoughts and actions can be considered 'Big-Sisterly'. She oftens refers herself as 'Ai-Onee San (translated as Big sister Ai)' towards Rin. Her speech pattern even seem 'Big-Sisterly', even to those who seems to be older than her "e.g."Forbesii.

Ai have several 'over-leisurely' activities such as taking a bath (according to her, her average time in the bathroom is about 4 hours), or standing against the cool breeze at the mansion's balcony (according to her again, this is the way she thanks her fate that let her meet Forbesii).

Ai seemed to know the feeling of Forbesii and Sage toward each other, she often encourages Sage to state her feelings, though it seemed more like a way of making fun of her. Although she loves Forbesii more than anyone else, she is still pleased to give in and allow him to free his heart to whomever he loved.

"Ai" (藍) is the Japanese word for "Persicaria tinctoria", or the Japanese indigo. Since her name is written in katakana, it can also carry a secondary meaning of 'love' (愛).

Ai was designed by Hiro Suzuhira.


Nihongo|Cineraria|サイネリア|Seineria is a character in Navel's "Shuffle!" media franchise. She has a small cameo appearance in the first "Shuffle!" game, but her real introduction is in "Tick! Tack!"

Cineraria is the younger sister of Forbesii, one of the wives of Eustoma, the mother of Lisianthus, Nerine's aunt and sister in law of Sage.

The characters of Shuffle! have a theme of being named after plants. "Cineraria" is genus of flowering plants that, like the nerine, is native to southern Africa.

Cineraria was designed by Hiro Suzuhira.


Nihongo|Bark|バーク|Bāku is a character in Navel's "Shuffle!" media franchise. His only appearance is as a secondary character in "Tick! Tack!", where he is Forbesii's butler.

His name, Bark, is a reference to tree bark and not the sound a dog makes.

Bark was designed by Hiro Suzuhira.

Introduced in "Really? Really!"

akura Yae

Nihongo|Sakura Yae|八重桜|Yae Sakura is a character in Navel's "SHUFFLE!" media franchise. She is one of the main characters in the "Really? Really!" visual novels.

"Yae sakura" (八重桜), her full name in the Japanese order, is a Japanese term that means 'double-flowered cherry blossom'. "Sakura" (桜) is the Japanese name for ornamental cherry trees, "Prunus serrulata", and their blossoms.

Sakura Yae is voiced by Mai Goto (game only) and designed by Aoi Nishimata.

Mikio Fuyou

Nihongo|Mikio Fuyou|芙蓉幹夫|Fuyō Mikio is a character in Navel's "Shuffle!" media franchise. He is Kaede Fuyou's father and the husband of Momiji Fuyou. His only appearance in the visual novels is as a secondary character in "Really? Really!", but has minor cameo appearances in the "Shuffle! anime".

Mikio Fuyou was designed by Hiro Suzuhira.

His surname, "fuyō" (芙蓉), refers to the "Hibiscus mutabilis", while his given name, "mikio" (幹夫) means "three trees together".

Momiji Fuyou

Nihongo|Momiji Fuyou|芙蓉紅葉|Fuyō Momiji is a character in Navel's "Really? Really!" media franchise. She is Kaede Fuyou's mother and the wife of Mikio Fuyou. Her only appearance in the visual novels is as a secondary character in "Really? Really!".

Her given name, "momiji" (紅葉), is the Japanese word for Japanese Maple ("Acer palmatum"). This ties in with her daughter's name, Kaede, referring to the maple genus in general. Her surname, "fuyō" (芙蓉), refers to the "Hibiscus mutabilis".

Momiji Fuyou was designed by Aoi Nishimata.


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