Virtue (disambiguation)

Virtue (disambiguation)

A virtue is a trait valued as being good.

Virtue may also refer to:

* Virtue (musical group), popular Gospel music group
* "Virtue" (film), a 1932 film starring Carole Lombard and Pat O'Brien
* The Virtues, an early rock and roll group

People named Virtue:

* David W. Virtue (21st century), former religion editor of the newspaper "The Province"
* George Virtue (19th century), London publisher
* John Virtue (born 1947), English artist
* Tarita Virtue (21st century), successful actress and model
* Tessa Virtue (born 1989), Canadian figure skater
* Tom Virtue (born 1957), American actor
* Virtue Hampton Whitted (1922-2007), jazz singer and bassist

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* Virtue Party (disambiguation)

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