Knitting clubs

Knitting clubs

Knitting clubs are a feature of the recent revival of hand knitting which began in America and has spread to most of Europe. While some may say knitting has never really gone away, this latest reincarnation is less about the make do and mend of the 1940s and 50s and more about making a statement about individuality as well as developing an innate sense of community.

Knitting clubs fulfill many purposes. To get together with other knitters, to learn or develop the skills of hand knitting, a great fun night out. Clubs meet in coffee bars, pubs and clubs and members are drawn from all walks of life from professional women to mothers, teenagers to retired people. Knitting is very popular in some snowboarding circles. Thus many clubs also have male members.

In the UK there are many websites that help knitters or wannabes get in touch with their local club. Stitch 'n Bitch clubs take their name form the book by American knitting guru Debbie Stoller but the term Knit and Natter is also used.

Rowan Yarns runs clubs which get involved in charitable events. In 2007 the Rowan Knitting clubs spearheaded Knit in Public Day encouraging knitters all around the UK to knit hats for innocent Drinks Smoothie bottles to raise money for Age Concern in the Big Knit. Currently this is the biggest knitting club event in the UK.

A total of 4,000 people are now part of a Rowan club of some kind, including the existing 8,000 members of Rowan International - the membership subscription to Rowan magazines and gifts.

In January 2008, the knitting club for Imperial College London was set up, aptly named 'Knit Sock' (pun intended), adding the club to the long list of activities with clubs totally more than 250. The President and Founder of Knit Sock is Jenny Wilson, of Wilson House, London.

June 2008 will see Julia Roberts starring in a film called The Friday Night Knitting Club adapted by Mike Binder from the best selling book of the same name by Kate Jacobs.

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* Stitch and Bitch London
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* Knitting groups: [ Stitch 'n Bitch Chicago] (Contact information for local groups nationwide)
* Debbie Stoller: [ Stitch 'n Bitch promotional web site] (Book series)

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