Feraferia is a Nevada City, California-based Neopagan community, practicing Hellenic-inspired Goddess worship.

The founder of the group, Frederick M. Adams, met and was deeply influenced by Robert Graves and his book "The White Goddess". In 1957, Adams founded the classically-inspired Fellowship of Hesperides and in 1959, he started a multi-family intentional coomunity in the Sierra Madre. Feraferia was established 1967 in southern California as a continuation of the Fellowship of Hesperides, and as such, it is one of the oldest organizations of Neopaganism in the United States. [*Encyclopaedia Britannica, s.v. [http://www.britannica.com/eb/topic-204357/Feraferia Neo-Paganism] ] [Robert S. Ellwood, "Notes on a Neopagan Religious Group in America", History of Religions (1971).]

During the 1970s, Adams, with Carroll "Poke" Runyon of the Ordo Templi Astares, and Oberon Zell of the Church of All Worlds formed The Council of Themis, the first attempt to unite various hermetic, Neopagan, and ceremonial magic groups in the United States. Adams, and Feraferia, were represented in Runyon's early Neopagan magazine, "The 7th Ray", with Adams illustrating as well as writing, expositions on the Feraferia approach to what later became known as the Goddess movement.


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