Topic outline of botany

Topic outline of botany

:"For a more comprehensive list, see the List of botany topics."

Botany is the biological discipline which involves the study of plants.

The following outline is provided as an overview of and introduction to botany:

Essence of botany

: "Main article: Botany"

* Bud
* Cell wall
* Chlorophyll
* Chloroplast
* Flora
* Flower
* Fruit
* Forest
* Leaf
* Meristem
* Photosynthesis
* Plant
* Plant cell
* Pollen
* Seed
* Seedling
* Spore
* Tree
* Vine
* Wood

Branches of botany

* Agronomy
* Bryology (mosses and liverworts)
* Ethnobotany
* Lichenology
* Mycology (fungi)
* Paleobotany
* Palynology (spores and pollen)
* Phycology
* Plant anatomy
* Plant ecology
* Plant morphology
* Plant physiology
* Plant taxonomy
* Pteridology (ferns)

History of botany

: "Main articles: History of plant systematics"

Kinds of plants

Major plant groups

* Algae
** Cyanobacteria
** Brown algae
** Charophyta
** Chlorophyta
** Desmid
** Diatom
** Red algae
** Green algae

* Bryophytes
** Anthocerotophyta (hornworts)
** Bryophyta (mosses)
** Marchantiophyta (liverworts)
* Pteridophytes
** Lycopodiophyta (club mosses)
** Pteridophyta (ferns & horsetails)
** Rhyniophyta (early plants)
* Gymnosperms
** Pteridospermatophyta (seed "ferns")
** Cycadophyta
** Ginkgophyta
** Gnetophyta
** Pinophyta (conifers)
* Flowering plants
** Dicotyledon
*** Asteraceae (sunflower family)
*** Cactaceae (cactus family)
*** Fabaceae (legume family)
*** Lamiaceae (mint family)
*** Rosaceae (rose family)
** Monocotyledon
*** Araceae (arum family)
*** Arecaceae (palm family)
*** Iridaceae (iris family)
*** Orchidaceae (orchid family)
*** Poaceae (grass family)

Plants (by common name)

Some well-known types of plants, listed by their common names:



Basic plant species concepts

*isolating mechanisms
*concept of species
**species problem

Notable botanists

"In alphabetical order by surname:"
* Aristotle
* Arthur Cronquist (angiosperm evolution)
* Charles Darwin (formulated modern theory of evolution)
* Carolus Linnaeus (father of systematics)
* Gregor Mendel (father of genetics)
* John Ray
* G. Ledyard Stebbins (angiosperm evolution)
* Robert Thorne (angiosperm evolution)
* Gilbert White

Botany lists

: "Main article: List of botany topics"

See also

External links

* [ Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation]
* [ plant growth] and [ the plant cell] from [ Kimball's Biology Pages]
* [ Botanical Society of America: What is Botany?]
* [ Science and Plants for Schools]
* [ Teaching Documents about Botany] Teaching documents, lecture notes and tutorials online: an annotated link directory.
* [ American society of plant biologists APSB]
* [ Why study Plants? Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge]
* [ Botany Photo of the Day]

Flora and other plant catalogs or databases

* [ The Virtual Library of Botany]
* [ High quality pictures of plants and information about them] from Catholic University of Leuven
* [ Curtis's Botanical Magazine] , 1790-1856
* [ The Trees Of Great Britain and Ireland] , by Henry John Elwes & Augustine Henry, 1906-1913
* [ Botanik-Datenbank] (ger.)
* [ Plant Directory] (ger.)
* [ USDA plant database]
* [ The Linnean Society of London]
* [ Native Plant Information Network]

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