List of user interface markup languages

List of user interface markup languages

The following is a list of user interface markup languages categorized by vendor or platform.




*CookSwing []
*SwiXML []
*SwixNG []
*Thinlet []
*Vexi []
*XAL []
*XSWT []


*XAML [(See also HTA/HTC [] [ HTC Reference] , which are older similar technologies promoted by Microsoft for use primarily with Internet Explorer.)]




*XFDL []


*Curl - also a programming language
* [ Gul]
* [ XWT]
* [ QuiX]
*XML Sapiens []
* [ Bindows]
*Boxely [ (Website)]
* [ XHPD]
* [ XAL]
*MyXaml []
*XRC - used by wxWidgets
* [ libavg]
*GNUstep Renaissance


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*Comparison of user interface markup languages

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