Cat Tien archaeological site

Cat Tien archaeological site

Cat Tien archaeological site ( _vi. Thánh địa Cát Tiên) is an archaeological site situated in an area of hundreds of hectares with a length of 15 km along the Đạ Đờng and Dong Nai Rivers, comprising low hills and riverside warps surrounded by the last range of the South Annamite Range. Accidentally discovered in 1985, this site ranges from Quảng Ngãi Commune to Đức Phổ Commune, with the main archaeological artefacts concentrating in Quảng Ngãi, Cat Tien district, Lâm Đồng Province, southern Tây Nguyên.

It is suggested by the scientists that this holy land arose from the 4th century to the 8th century AD, and belonged to a civilization of an unknown kingdom, the real name of which has been a subject of controversy among the scientists . The origin, time of existence, arts styles, context and roles of all of the artifacts, tombs, towers discovered at this site has been long a topic of controversy among the archaeologists, culture researchers, historists through several scientific seminars, nevertheless, what has been increasingly unearthed actually surprises the public, researchers domestically and internationally About Cat Tien Holy Land on official website of Lam Dong Province [] ] .


Some images of artefacts unearthed in Cat Tien:


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