HD 83443

HD 83443

Starbox short
name = HD 83443
epoch = J2000
constell = Vela
ra = RA|9|37|11.83
dec = DEC|-43|16|19.94
spectral = K0V
appmag_v = 8.24
dist_ly = 141.9
dist_pc = 43.54
names = CD-42°5452, HIP 47202

HD 83443 is an orange dwarf star approximately 142 light-years away in the constellation of Vela. As of 2000, at least one extrasolar planet has been confirmed to be orbiting the star.

Planetary system

The planet HD 83443 b was discovered in 2000 by the Geneva Extrasolar Planet Search Team led by Michel Mayor. It has a minimum mass comparable to Saturn's, and its orbit is one of the shortest known, 1/25th that of Earth's. It takes only three days to complete one revolution around the star. This hot Jupiter is likely to be slightly larger than Jupiter in radius.

In 2000, the same year that planet b was found, another planet around HD 83443 was announced by the Geneva Team. The new planet was designated as "HD 83443 c". It had a mass smaller than planet b and a short, very eccentric orbit. Its orbital period, 28.9 days, was especially interesting, because it indicated a 10:1 orbital resonance between the planets. However, a team led by astronomer Paul Butler did not detect any signal indicating the existence of the second planet. New observations by the HARPS instrument could not detect the signal either and the discovery claim had to be retracted. The origin of the signal, which was "highly significant" in the earlier data is not yet clear.

exoplanet = b
mass = >0.38
period = 2.98565 ± 0.00003
semimajor = 0.039
eccentricity = 0.013 ± 0.013


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** cite web |url=http://www.extrasolar.net/planettour.asp?PlanetID=148 |title=HD 83443 c|accessdate=2008-06-11 |work=Extrasolar Visions

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