List of Captain Tsubasa episodes

List of Captain Tsubasa episodes

The following is an episode list for the anime (Japanese cartoon) Captain Tsubasa.

Captain Tsubasa

*1. The New Football Star
*2. A Career Begins
*3. Kick-Off for the Future
*4. The Football is My Best Friend
*5. Where is the Rival?
*6. Blocked Off
*7. The Show Must Go On
*8. A Perfect Duo
*9. The Last Chance
*10. A Long Way to Brazil
*11. The Provocation
*12. No Easy Way
*13. Fast Game in the Mud
*14. Tsubasa is Sieged
*15. An Unfair Enemy
*16. The Verification Test
*17. The Youth National Championship
*18. Fatal Confrontation
*19. The Mighty Shot
*20. Soccer is My Dream
*21. No Victory in Semi Final
*22. The Brothers Tachibana
*23. Ryo Shoots an Own Goal
*24. The Fight for the Final
*25. The Best Keeper of the Tournament
*26. The End of a Career
*27. Encounters in Semi-Final
*28. The Brave Fighters from the North
*29. Hard Confrontations
*30. A Wounded Prince
*31. A Brilliant Fight
*32. Tsubasa in the Trap
*33. I Can't Play
*34. Tsubasa's Resurrection
*35. Misugi, Don't Die
*36. My Heart Still Beats
*37. Mega-shot
*38. A Wise Decision
*39. The Finale
*40. The Shooting Secret
*41. The Duel
*42. Roar, Lion
*43. Nankatsu in Crisis
*44. The Equalizer
*45. The Game without Aces
*46. Against Better Knowledge
*47. Kojiro's Sign of Winning
*48. Unsuccessful Overhead Kick
*49. The Fight Continues
*50. The Extra Time
*51. What's the Result of the Extra Time
*52. One New Strategy
*53. Two Are Better Than One
*54. The Duel of the Strikers
*55. Tears Despite Success
*56. Great Departures
*57. The New Rival – Season 2
*58. The Shooting of the Hawk
*59. Nankatsu vs. Otomo
*60. Tsubasa vs. Nitta
*61. A Hard Comparison
*62. The Challenge
*63. Decisions
*64. Race Against Time
*65. The Journey to Europe
*66. The Duel
*67. A King Resigns
*68. The Letter
*69. The National Championship
*70. A Strong Enemy
*71. The Shot From a Distance
*72. The Secret Goal
*73. A Rival Does Not Give Up
*74. Air Acrobats
*75. The Catapult Shot
*76. The Acrobats
*77. A New Trick
*78. The Quarter Final
*79. An Uneventful Match
*80. Tsugito's Trick Box
*81. A Falcon with Lame Wings
*82. A Special Shot
*83. The Fight Continues
*84. Teamwork
*85. Match Preparations
*86. Help Cry to the Substitutes' Bench
*87. The Present for the Captain
*88. Top Performance
*89. The Letter from Europe
*90. Who Will Be Chosen
*91. Where Love Falls
*92. The Attack Headlong
*93. Fairness Goes First
*94. The Attack
*95. A Captain as Hero
*96. Bitter Tears
*97. Hyuga's Challenge
*98. Feverish Ravings
*99. Matchwinner Tsubasa
*100. Surprise in Field
*101. Tsubasa vs. Pierre, a Fair Fight
*102. The Might of the Kaiser
*103. Unexpected Visit
*104. An Impossible Recovery
*105. The Last Fight Begins
*106. The Great Final
*107. Nankatsu is Down
*108. Don't Give Up
*109. The Tiger Fights Alone
*110. A Desperate Fight
*111. Tsubasa Doesn't Give Up
*112. Tsubasa is Hurt
*113. Thrill
*114. Keep on Fighting
*115. Dream Goal
*116. On Knife's Edge
*117. With All Power
*118. It's Getting Exciting
*119. The Unsuccessful Tiger Shot
*120. Still Tied
*121. To the Last Gasp
*122. Just 10 Minutes Left
*123. All or Nothing
*124. In Last Minute
*125. Shared Victory
*126. Memories
*127. Hoping for Europe
*128. The 17 Best

hin Captain Tsubasa

*01. Spread Your Wings, Tsubasa! Towards The World Challenge!
*02. Defeat! A New Start From Zero!

Captain Tsubasa J


Captain Tsubasa Road to Dream a.k.a. Road to 2002

{| class = "wikitable" width = "99%"
- style = "border-bottom:3px solid #CCCCFF"! width="3%" | EP#! TitleJapanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 1
EnglishTitle = Road to Dream
JapaneseTitle = Roodo to Dorimu
ShortSummary = Tsubasa, now a successful soccer player in Brazil, is reminiscing the days when he grew passionate toward soccer. Soon after he moves to Nankatsu, he starts in Nankatsu's match against their rival Syutetsu. Syutetsu's goalie, Genzo, completely underestimates Nankatsu, but a stranger, Tsubasa plays superbly. In everyone's astonishment, Nankatsu scores off the iron goalie, Genzo. Then, a mysterious traveling man who's enchanted by Tsubasa's play shows up...
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 2
EnglishTitle = Tsubasa meets Roberto
JapaneseTitle = Roberuto to no teai
ShortSummary = Roberto Hongo loses his career as a soccer player for an eye injury. He is friends with Tsubas's father who is a captain of a ship, and comes to stay at Tsubasa's house in Japan. Nankatsu members find out he is a great soccer player in Brazil and ask him to coach them. The first thing Roberto teaches them is to "be friends with a soccer ball." The team is stunned to see Roberto's overhead kick performance.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 3
EnglishTitle = Taro Misaki is Back
JapaneseTitle = Kaettekita Misaki Taro
ShortSummary = The annual Nankatsu city soccer tournament opens. Tsubasa's Nankatsu elementary school practices hard and plays Wakabayashi's Syutetsu elementary school in the final. Nankatsu plays good defense and shuts out Syutetsu in the first half. Frustrated Wakabayashi makes a stunning long shot in the second half, and Syutetsu starts playing their game. Ishizaki goes out for an injury and Nankatsu almost loses the match. Then, a boy shows up at Nankatsu's bench...
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 4
EnglishTitle = Blazing Kojiro
JapaneseTitle = Hono-o-no Kojiro
ShortSummary = Nankatsu city forms a representative team for the boy's national soccer championship. While the players are not playing together as a team at the start of practice, a boy jumps in. He is Kojiro Hyuga, the captain of Saitama's best team, Meiwa FC. Hyuga shoots a powerful shot to test Genzo Wakabayashi's skill. Misaki, a former teammate of Hyuga, tells the team of Hyuga's aggressive personality and how good Meiwa FC is. Tsubasa and Nankatsu FC players get renewed spirits toward the championship.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 5
EnglishTitle = Captain Tsubasa is Born
JapaneseTitle = Tanjou! Kyaputen Tsubasa!
ShortSummary = Nankatsu and Syutetsu combo team, Nankatsu FC, plays their first regional match in Shizuoka. Kisugi, Izawa and Taki don't like Nankatsu players and don't pass them the ball. Genzo gets frustrated and orders them to pass to Tsubasa. They do it reluctantly at first, but as they exchange passes through Tsubasa, Nankatsu FC starts penetrating the defense easily. Nankatsu FC starts playing together and makes it to the final.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 6
EnglishTitle = The Boy's National Soccer Championship Opens!
JapaneseTitle = Kaimaku! Zen Nippon sho sakka takai
ShortSummary = The boy's National Soccer Championship begins. Tsubasa's Nankatsu FC faces Hyuga's Meiwa FC in the first match. Genzo is out for injury, and Hyuga says Nankatsu FC is no match for his team. Hyuga's aggressive play dominates the match. Tsubasa struggles to stop him but Hyuga scores.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 7
EnglishTitle = Ace of Glass
JapaneseTitle = Gurasu no Eesu
ShortSummary = Nankatsu lost their first game but won the rest, and plays the semi-final game against Musashi FC, lead by a great player, Jun Misugi. Jun dominates the game but Musashi FC's assistant, Yayoi, is worried. When Tsubasa and Jun struggle for the ball, Tsubasa elbows Jun's chest and....
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 8
EnglishTitle = Get Up, Jun Misugi!
JapaneseTitle = Tachiagare! Misugi Jun
ShortSummary = Tsubasa is shocked to find out about Jun's heart disease. Jun plays great, although holding his chest. Tsubasa, though, is so worried about Misugi that he can't play. Tsubasa agonizes but when he realizes that Jun expects him to play his best, he starts playing his game.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 9
EnglishTitle = Crash! Tsubasa vs. Hyuga
JapaneseTitle = Gekitotsu! Tsubasa tai Hyuga
ShortSummary = The boy's national soccer championship final between Meiwa and Nankatsu starts. Besides the battle between Hyuga and Tsubasa, it’s also the battle between the Wakas as Nankatsu got its goalie, WAKAbayashi Genzo back and Meiwa got a new goalie, WAKAshimazu Ken. Genzo comes back and lifts the team's spirits. Meiwa also has a new goalie, Ken Wakashimazu. Ken uses his karate skill to defend the goal, and Genzo plays hard to defend his. The game goes into an overtime.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 10
EnglishTitle = Sizzling Final Match
JapaneseTitle = Shakunetsu no Keshousen
ShortSummary = The boy's national soccer championship final goes into overtime. Nankatsu and Meiwa players do their best fighting fatigue and injury. Tsubasa and Hyuga also play hard to no avail, and the match goes into injury time. At the last minute, Tsubasa goes for an overhead shot...
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 11
EnglishTitle = Goodbye, Roberto
JapaneseTitle = Sayonara, Roberuto
ShortSummary = After Tsubasa wins the boy's national soccer championship, Matsumoto, Toho School's scout, comes to make him an offer. Tsubasa is surprised to find out Hyuga will play for Toho. He's also shocked to learn that Taro is leaving for France and Genzo for Germany. Tsubasa feels lonely, and Roberto teaches him a new shot. Roberto tells him he'll need the shot someday, and leaves Tsubasa's house the next day...
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 12
EnglishTitle = Kickoff for Tomorrow
JapaneseTitle = Asu e no Kickoff
ShortSummary = Tsubasa plays his last game for the Brancos, Brazil, and reminisces his old days in the elementary school. Meeting Ishizaki after he transferred school, challenging Genzo for the first time, playing with Taro who became his partner as the golden duo, playing his rival players such as Hyuga, Jun, Ken, in the Boy's National Championship and farewell to Roberto. Tsubasa continued playing soccer, grew up in the field, and now he feels one with his rivals and friends through soccer.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 13
EnglishTitle = Fierce Tiger Shot!
JapaneseTitle = Arashi no Taiga Shuuto!
ShortSummary = Tsubasa's Nankatsu junior high wins the national soccer championship two years in a row, and now they practice to win the third. Hyuga's Toho loses to Nankatsu two years in a row. Hyuga has a burning desire to beat Tsubasa, however the gap between Toho coach Kitazume's vision and Hyuga's is widening. That's when Hyuga's old coach Kira shows up.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 14
EnglishTitle = Challenge from Jito
JapaneseTitle = Jito ra no chousenjyo
ShortSummary = Tsubasa's last national junior high school soccer championship opens. Tsubasa's worried about Hyuga not playing for Toho school. Nankatsu plays their first game against a big guy, Jito's Hirado junior high. Jito charges at Tsubasa for power defense.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 15
EnglishTitle = Hot Number 10 from a Snow Country
JapaneseTitle = Yukiguni no atsuki jyu ban
ShortSummary = Tsubasa hurts his shoulder in the first game of the championship but goes to the semi-final. Nankatsu plays a tough game against Furano, led by their captain Matsuyama who're determined to break the jinx of northern teams which cannot win the championship. Furano plays as a team rather than dependent on individual skills, and they wear bandannas made by the team assistant Yoshiko. The bandanna she made for Matsuyama also has a special message for him.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 16
EnglishTitle = Upsetting Doctor's Decision
JapaneseTitle = Munen no Dokta Stoppu
ShortSummary = Tsubasa's shoulder condition worsens after the semi-final game against Furano, and his doctor tells him not to play in the final. Genzo visits him from his team, which happens to be staying in Japan for a training match. Genzo takes Tsubasa to his team doctor, Stein, who's famous in the field of sports medicine. Tsubasa also learns of the high level of Genzo's team. Tsubasa gets the diagnosis.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 17
EnglishTitle = Tournaments Final! Nankatsu vs Toho!
JapaneseTitle = Kissen! Nankatsu tai Toho!
ShortSummary = Dr. Stein permits Tsubasa to play half of the final game. Toho's Hyuga gives a challenge to his coach Kitazume. Hyuga and his teammates bow to apologize and Kitazume decides to use him as a starter. On the day of the final, Hyuga rushes out to the field, but Tsubasa is not there.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 18
EnglishTitle = Drive Shot of Vengeance
JapaneseTitle = Shonen no Doraibu Shuuto
ShortSummary = At the half time of the championship final, Toho leads Nankatsu by 3 to 0. Tsubasa finally comes in in the second half and encourages Nankatsu players, but Hyuga is calm. Tsubasa leads the team to score back 3, but Toho adds another score. The time is running out but Tsubasa plays hard despite of his shoulder injury. Tsubasa finally scores in the end and the game goes into overtime.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 19
EnglishTitle = Come Back! Tsubasa!
JapaneseTitle = Yomigaere! Tsubasa!
ShortSummary = Tsubasa scores a game tying shot at the end of the second half of the final game against Toho, but he passes out for his shoulder pain. He wakes up in a doctor's office, determined to play in overtime despite of the doctor's warning. Huega is stunned at Tsubasa's fighting spirit. Both teams play hard. The time is running out...
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 19
EnglishTitle = Go for it! Japan Junior Youth Team
JapaneseTitle = Shido! Nippon Junia Youth
ShortSummary = Tsubasa played well in the national junior high school soccer championship and was selected for Japan junior youth team with his rivals such as Hyuga. However, Tsubasa cannot join the camp for his shoulder injury. He watches his rivals develop skill in practice, and looks forward to joining the team. But Tsubasa's name is not on the list of the members going to France...
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 21
EnglishTitle = Humiliating Test Match
JapaneseTitle = Kutsujoku no Enseishiai
ShortSummary = For the first test match in Europe, Japan junior youth team challenges Wakabayashi's FC Gurenbald. Genzo has now become a great goalkeeper and Japan team cannot score. Also, Schneider scores a hat trick in the first half. When Japan team's spirit is down, Tsubasa shows up. He came out of his injury and Japan team is excited for the expectation. However, coach Mikami declares he can't use Tsubasa for the game.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 22
EnglishTitle = Glorious Number 10
JapaneseTitle = Eiko no Sebanggo Jyu
ShortSummary = Japan junior youth team was scheduled to play Italy, however, Italy cancels the match after watching Japan lose to Gurenbald. Tsubasa takes it personal and dribbles to the Italy team. He penetrates Italian players and scores using the drive shot. He's recovered from his injury. In Japan's next game, Tsubasa is standing on the field in the number 10 uniform.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 23
EnglishTitle = Golden Combi Reunites
JapaneseTitle = Golden Combi Fukkatsu!
ShortSummary = Katagiri visits Taro who has been living in Paris with his father since he left Nankatsu. Katagiri offers him to play for the Japan team, but Taro has concerns. Tsubasa goes to see him, and the duo reunites. Taro talks to Tsubasa about his concerns and decides to join the Japan team. Japan team with the Golden Duo enters the International Junior Youth Tournament's opening ceremony
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 24
EnglishTitle = 'God of Defense' of Italy
JapaneseTitle = Italia no Shugoshin
ShortSummary = Japan plays the International Junior Youth's first match against Italy. Japan plays a tough match against Italy's goalkeeper, Hernandez and gives up a score. However, Taro goes in as a substitute and Japan ties by Taro and Tsubasa's combination play. Italy restructures defense under Hernandez' direction and time passes by with no score. At the last minute, Tsubasa's shot is blocked by Hernandez, but Hyuga rushes to the ball...
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 25
EnglishTitle = Genius Juan Diaz
JapaneseTitle = Tensai Juan Diaz
ShortSummary = Japan vs. Argentine. Japan must win this game to go to the final round, but Argentine's ace, Diaz, scores 3 against Japan. Tsubasa still manages to frustrate Diaz. Tsubasa reorganizes Japan team to score back one by one, and Diaz gets hot. Tsubasa plays with his team but Diaz persists in playing one-on-one with Tsubasa and challenges him....
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 26
EnglishTitle = An Elegant Commander
JapaneseTitle = Karenaru Shireito
ShortSummary = Japan plays France in the semi-final game. Japan scores first but France's mid-fielder, Pierre, penetrates Japan's defense with his fantastic skill and ties the game. Soda also gets a yellow card for a rumble. Pierre plays superb offense and centers the ball to Napoleon. Soda tries to stop Napoleon and his elbow hits Napoleon's face. The referee throws Soda out of the game for his second yellow card.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 27
EnglishTitle = Painful Yellow Card
JapaneseTitle = Tsukon no Yero Kado
ShortSummary = Tsubasa protests the referee for Soda's yellow card and ends up getting one for himself. France scores a penalty kick and Japan tries to catch up with 10 players. However, the referee gives all close calls to France, and cancels Japan's three goals. France adds another score and the first half is over. The Japan team is frustrated back in the locker room. Tsubasa's worried but remembers Roberto's word of wisdom.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 28
EnglishTitle = Respectable Penalty - Tie-Breaker!
JapaneseTitle = Hokori Takaki PK Sen!
ShortSummary = After Soda goes out of the match, Japan plays with 10 players, and Wakashimazu also hurts his right arm. Japan occasionally plays offense in vain. The game goes to a penalty tie-breaker. Hyuga, Matsuyama, Taro and Jun score. Ken stops France's 5th kicker, Napoleon's shot. Now, Japan's 5th kicker, Tsubasa, stands ready.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 29
EnglishTitle = Grueling Battle! Japan vs. Germany
JapaneseTitle = Kessen! Nippon tai Doitsu
ShortSummary = Japan beats France and goes to the International Junior Youth's final game against Schneider's Germany. Ken is out for injury and Genzo plays goalkeeper for Japan for the first time in the tournament. On the other hand, a mysterious goalkeeper Dieter Muller plays for Germany. Tsubasa, Nitta, Izawa and Hyuga take a shot early in the game but Mueller catches all shots.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 30
EnglishTitle = A Message from Roberto
JapaneseTitle = Roberuto kara no dengen
ShortSummary = It's half time of Japan - Germany game. Japan is down by one. Katagiri gives Tsubasa a message from Roberto, "remember page 52 of the note." During the game, Tsubasa remembers Roberto's words from his soccer note, which is full of useful advice. When he remembers what's on page 52, he gets second wind, and he also finds Roberto in the stadium.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 31
EnglishTitle = Shine in Glory! Japanese Team!
JapaneseTitle = Kagayaki! Nippon Daihyo!
ShortSummary = Hyuga gets Tsubasa's pass, smashes his Neo Tiger Shot into Germany's goal, and finally puts Japan team on top. However, Kaltz and Schneider's offense penetrates Japan's struggling defense and scores a game tying goal. Japan team is depressed but Tsubasa lifts their spirit. Roberto is happy to see Tsubasa's leadership, but Tsubasa crashes Kaltz and falls down on the field....
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 32
EnglishTitle = To the New Field
JapaneseTitle = Aratanaru picci he
ShortSummary = Tsubasa wins his third junior high school championship title and leaves for Brazil. He takes a test to join Roberto's FC Brancos. Another applicant, Pepe, is jealous of Tsubasa's brand new pair of shoes. Pepe dreams of having a good life as a soccer player, and cannot accept Tsubasa who came from a rich country. Now, the test starts.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 33
EnglishTitle = A Soccer Cyborg
JapaneseTitle = Sakka Saibogu
ShortSummary = Tsubasa joins the Brancos, becomes a regular member of the top team, and plays Carlos Santana of Domingo. He scores first and comments that the ball is his friend, but Santana despises his attitude. Santana controls the ball accurately and scores back. Tsubasa is surprised by Santana's strength but disagrees to his style.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 34
EnglishTitle = Santana, the Son of God
JapaneseTitle = Kami no ko Santana
ShortSummary = Santana remembers his childhood during a Brancos and Domingo match. Santana used to be a normal boy who loved soccer but lost his grandparents who had raised him in an accident. A wealthy man, Barla, had known Santana's talent and conspired to have him join his team. Santana resisted but Barla told him that he was an abandoned child and shocked him.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 35
EnglishTitle = The Shine of Rosario
JapaneseTitle = Rosario no Kagayaki
ShortSummary = The soccer cyborg, Santana, threw away everything else but soccer. But as he plays Tsubasa in the game, he loses his machine-like accuracy. Leo, who grew up with Santana, now sees the change in Santana and expects Tsubasa to melt Santana's cold heart. The game is in injury time, and it's the last play. Tsubasa and Santana rush to the loose ball.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 36
EnglishTitle = The New Dream Land
JapaneseTitle = Yumi ni Mita Shitenchi
ShortSummary = Tsubasa leaves Brazil to transfer to a European team. Hyuga announces a transfer to F.C. Piemonte in Italy at the same time. Tsubasa visits Catalunya F.C. in Spain, sees their main stadium and decides to transfer there.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 37
EnglishTitle = Hyuga's Challenge for the Future
JapaneseTitle = Hyuga mirai e no Enchousen
ShortSummary = Hyuga goes to F.C. Piemonte's home stadium in Italy. He joins the players' individual practice before a camp, and declares he'll aim for the leading scorer. Willem of the Dutch national team stands in his way.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 38
EnglishTitle = Golden Age of Hope
JapaneseTitle = Kibou no Golden Eeji
ShortSummary = Tsubasa, Genzo, Hyuga, Taro in Europe get offers to be on the Japan national team to play a training match against Holland. They find out all the other candidates are from the world junior youth champion team. However, they hear a rumor that Holland is not pleased with the Japanese selection of the young players...
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 39
EnglishTitle = Shingo Aoi is Here
JapaneseTitle = Aoi Shingo Tojo
ShortSummary = A match against Holland is coming up for the Japan national team. A new player, Shingo Aoi, joins the team. Ken finds out that he's just a second goalkeeper to Genzo and leaves the camp. Katagiri tells Ken a story about Aoi who went to Italy all by himself after junior high school.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 40
EnglishTitle = The New Japan National Team!
JapaneseTitle = Shin Zen Nippon Youth
ShortSummary = The test match between Japan and Holland kicks off. Tsubasa and Hyuga lead Japan's offense at the beginning, but the Dutch defense blocks it easily. Holland starts dominating. Genzo saves the goal nicely but gives up a score.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 41
EnglishTitle = Break the Dutch Wall
JapaneseTitle = Kuzuke! Hollanda no Kabe!
ShortSummary = Japan gave up a goal to Holland in the first half, so they sends in Jun to stabilize defense and focus on offense in the second half. Japan tries to score many times but can't break the Holland's iron defense. Japan sends in Aoi to stir things up.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 42
EnglishTitle = Restart to the World
JapaneseTitle = Sekai e no Ristaato
ShortSummary = After the Holland match, Japan national team members go back to their club teams to retrain themselves for the coming international cup games. Hyuga goes to Okinawa, Tsubasa to Hawaii. The Holland match made them realize the high world standard.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 43
EnglishTitle = Catalunya's Eagle
JapaneseTitle = Catalunya no Taka
ShortSummary = Tsubasa goes back to Spain to join F.C.Catalunya's camp. On the first day, Tsubasa challenges Rivaul to a one-on-one match and gets beaten completely. In Italy, F.C.Piemonte's physical coach, Mazzantini calls Hyuga a failure as a soccer player for his unbalanced body.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 44
EnglishTitle = Run To the Opening Match
JapaneseTitle = Kaimaku he mukatte hashire!
ShortSummary = On the second day of F.C.Catalunya's camp, the coach sets up a training match. Tsubasa was knocked down by Rivaul the day before, but he gets to play Rivaul again behind two tops in B team. Tsubasa gets knocked down but he keeps challenging.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 45
EnglishTitle = Harsh Notice
JapaneseTitle = Hijo senkoku
ShortSummary = At Catalunya's camp, the coach tests Tsubasa on different positions in A team, and Tsubasa performs well at all positions. At the same time in Piemonte, Hyuga gets respect by his teammates for his powerful shot. When it is set that Hyuga will debut as a starting member for his team in the opening match, Tsubasa's coach gives Tsubasa unbelievable notice.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 46
EnglishTitle = Cross the Bridge of Hope
JapaneseTitle = Kibou hashi wo watare
ShortSummary = The coach tells Tsubasa to play for Catalunya B in division 2 instead of the top team. Tsubasa's old teammates gets the news all over the world. Hyuga tells him to go to Italy but he refuses by saying he can't run away. Tsubasa runs in the streets of Barcelona to fight the pain and renews his hope on a hill looking over the city.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 47
EnglishTitle = Hyuga's Italian Debut
JapaneseTitle = Hyuga Italia Debyu
ShortSummary = Hyuga plays Piemonte's opening match of the Italian league against A.C.Emilia as a starting member. The match kicks off and Hyuga cuts in Emilia's defense but defense makes him lose balance. However, he uses wit and lets the other forward, Franchesco, score the first goal for the team. The fans are happy about Hyuga's first assist but the referee blows a whistle.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 48
EnglishTitle = Striker in Tears
JapaneseTitle = Namida no Sutoraika
ShortSummary = Hyuga plays his debut match in the Italian League, but tough & rough defense stops him from taking a shot on goal. He is substituted at the 31st minute of the first half. He leaves the field in tears and swears to improve his physical balance to be a regular player. On the other hand, Tsubasa plays a Spanish Division Two match with renewed spirits.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 49
EnglishTitle = Go for 10 Goals, 10 Assists
JapaneseTitle = Nerae! 10 Goals, 10 Assist
ShortSummary = Catalunya's coach Eduard requests Tsubasa to score 10 goals and 10 assists in Division Two in a year. Tsubasa tries to do it in a single match, his debut match. He scores 6 goals and 4 assists and impresses the crowd. Hyuga in Italy and Wakabayashi in Germany support Tsubasa for their friendship and mutual goal to win the International Cup as Japan national team.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 50
EnglishTitle = Battle Against the Rivals
JapaneseTitle = Shukuteki to no tatakai
ShortSummary = Genzo's Gruenbald plays the German League champion, Schneider's Routburg. Gruenbald scores first by Genzo and Kaltz's clever play, but Routburg's passing tactic leads to Schneider's score. Genzo, Schneider and Kaltz used to be teammates but now they're enemies. Schneider provokes Kaltz to kick him, and Kaltz gets sent out. Genzo tries to tie the game by taking a free kick in the injury time but misses it and Schneider takes advantage to score a game winner.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 51
EnglishTitle = Dream Pitch
JapaneseTitle = Akogare no picci
ShortSummary = Tsubasa meets coach Eduard's requirement to score 10 goals and10 assists for Catalunya B team and gets to play for the top team. Tsubasa's old rival in Brazil, Santana, transfers to Catalunya's rival, San Jose in the Spanish League. Rivaul gets injured during the match against San Jose, and Tsubasa goes in to play against Santana.
Japanese episode list
Caption =
EpisodeNumber = 52
EnglishTitle = Warriors in the Field
JapaneseTitle = Fiirudo no Senshitachi
ShortSummary = Rivaul is injured and Tsubasa gets his first chance to play in the top team of Catalunya. The opponent's Santana plays superbly but Tsubasa manages to score a goal to tie the game. Hyuga also gets the last 5 minutes of game time and shows off his training results by scoring a game-winning goal. Genzo also saves his rival, Schneider's shot in the last match of the German League. Japan team now gets together back in Japan to play the International Cup games of their dream.

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