Immigrant cuisine

Immigrant cuisine

Immigrant cuisine refers to food that originates as a foreign cuisine (usually one carried over by immigrants) that has been altered, sometimes dramatically, to use tastes, techniques, and ingredients common or unique to the new culture. Immigrant cuisines are in many ways similar to fusion cuisines in how they combine elements of different cultures; however, where a fusion dish is generally an intentional combination of sometimes-clashing styles, an immigrant cuisine is formed from a process of adapting old-country recipes to different ingredients and social pressures.

Well-known examples include Americanized cuisines such as Italian-American and Chinese-American cuisines, as well as cuisines such as Mexican, Brazilian, and Caribbean where Native American food traditions intermingled with imported traditions from the British Isles, Western Europe, and sub-Saharan Africa.

ignificant examples

African origin

*Soul food (African-American cuisine)
*Brazilian cuisine
*French-North African cuisine

Asian origin

*American Chinese cuisine
*Anglo-Indian cuisine
*Canadian Chinese cuisine
*Chifa (Sino-Peruvian cuisine)
*Caribbean Chinese cuisine
*Singaporean cuisine

European origin

*Cajun cuisine
*Italian-American cuisine
*Louisiana Creole cuisine
*Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine
*South African cuisine (particularly "Cape Dutch" and South African-Indian)

Caribbean origin


Latin American origin

*Tex-Mex cuisine

Middle Eastern origin

*Jewish cuisine

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