List of Turkish Armed Forces operations in Northern Iraq

List of Turkish Armed Forces operations in Northern Iraq

Infobox Military Conflict
conflict=Turkey-PKK conflict

caption=A Turkish aircraft on an attack mission during the December 2007 bombing of northern Iraq.
partof=the Turkey-PKK conflict
place=Turkey, North of Iraq
result=Turkish victory
combatant2= Kurdistan Workers Party
casualties1=273 (inj. 739)
casualties2=5,701 (cap. 1,697)
Campaignbox Turkey-PKK conflictThis is the list of the major Turkish Armed Forces operations in Northern Iraq against the Kurdistan Workers Party which is listed as a terrorist organization internationally by a number of states and organizations, including the USA, NATO and the EU. [ "Council Decision"] , Council of the European Union, December 21 2005] More than 37.000 people have been killed in the Turkish-PKK conflict since 1984. [ [ BBC NEWS | Europe | Kurdish rebels kill Turkey troops ] ]

The total number of Turkish fatalities is at 273 personnel made out of 22 commissioned officers, 12 noncommissioned officers, 176 soldiers and 27 village guards. Turkey announced the injured at a total of 739 personnel made out of 54 commissioned officers, 48 noncommissioned officers, 582 soldiers, and 55 village guards. Turkey announced the total number of militants neutralized at a total of 7,398 with 5,701 being killed and 1,697 being captured live or injured.citeweb|url=|title=Ve Sonuç|publisher=Hürriyet|accessdate=2007-10-11]

List of Turkish Armed Forces operations in Northern Iraq


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