Eugene Mayevsky

Eugene Mayevsky

Eugene I. Maevsky is a prominent Russian doctor and internationally recognized authority in the fields of biochemistry and biophysics. Prof. Maevsky's main areas of specialization include: hypoxic conditions, physiology of adaptations to extreme conditions and environments (hypoxia, ischemia, hibernation, extreme physical exercises). His notable awards include the Russian State Prize, the Mechnikov Medal “For Contributions to Preservation of National Health” (2000), and the “Calling” Award (2002), presented by the Ministry of Health for fundamental contributions to health research.

Prof. Mayevsky is the principal inventor of Perftoran, a blood substitute with gas-transport function based on submicrometre perfluorocarbon emulsion. Perftoran is one of only three recognized artificial blood substitutes on the world market. The other two are Oxygent, developed by Alliance Pharmaceutical Group and Johnson & Johnson (currently going through the FDA approval process), and Fluosol made by Sanguine Corp. Perftoran, considered to be the safest of the three, is similar to Fluosol, but uses a different kind of emulsifier, which contributes to lower incidents of side effects.

Prof. Mayevsky was also one of the principal developers of Amberen, a succinate-based compound used for treatment of symptoms of menopause.

Prof. Mayevsky’s latest research is dedicated to developing therapeutics for metabolic support and energy homeostasis through utilization of naturally-occurring metabolites during ischemia and hypoxia, studying oxygen-independent properties of plasma substitutes with oxygen-transporting function based on emulsions and developing practical treatments based on this research.

Prof. Maevsky currently serves as a Deputy Director of "Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics" of Russian Academy of Sciences.


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