Infobox Album | Name = Arigato!
Type = Album
Artist = John Davis

Released = October 2, 2007
Recorded = 606, Northridge, California by Nick Raskulinecz
Genre = Rock/Christian Rock
Length = 42:31
Label = John Davis Brand Music
Producer = Nick Raskulinecz and John Davis
Reviews =

Last album = "John Davis"
This album = "Arigato!"
(2007) |

"Arigato!" is the self-released second album by Superdrag vocalist/guitarist John Davis. The album was released in the midst of Superdrag's 2007 reunion tour; as well as selling the album at shows, the band found the song "Tell Me I'm Not Free" so close to their sound that they made it a regular part of their set. So far, the album has seen a limited release; it is available from Davis' website and iTunes.

Arigato! marks a stylistic turnaround from the pop-influenced gospel of Davis' first album to a heavier rock sound reminiscent of Foo Fighters, who coincidentally own the studio that the album was recorded in.

Track listing

#"Chant Down Babylon"
#"Watch Me Walk Away"
#"I Need Someone"
#"Lamentation vs. Laughter"
#"Everybody on the Ground"
#"I'm at War with Myself"
#"Tell Me I'm Not Free"
#"Scared of What I Might Find"


*John Davis: guitar, bass, vocals.
*Yogi Watts: drums.

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