Thetis (disambiguation)

Thetis (disambiguation)

Thetis is a sea nymph in Greek mythology.

Thetis may also refer to:
* Thetis (decoy)
* Thetis Island, British Columbia
* Thetis Lake, British Columbia
* Lake Thetis, Western Australia
* Mount Thetis, Tasmania
* Bahía Thetis, Tierra del Fuego Province
* 17 Thetis, an asteroid
* HCMR Thetis, a submersible operated by the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
* HMS "Thetis", the name of twelve Royal Navy ships
* Thetis class ocean patrol vessel, Danish Navy ship class
* HDMS Thetis the first Danish Navy ship in the Thetis class of ocean patrol vessels
* Thetis Regio on Venus

ee also

* Tethys

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