Watchtower Movement

Watchtower Movement

The Watchtower Movement is a broad and wide reaching sociological movement and continues today on a virtually global scale. The movement has had marked influences on the advancement of human progress, such as the improvement of civil liberties and interracial harmony, a number of new avenues of medical treatment such as alternatives to blood transfusions and as such has influenced sociological change throughought many countries of the world.


The movement has its beginnings traceable to the 19th century Miller following in America (and subsequent Great Disappointment of 1844 and breakup), whereupon some of the original 50,000 had kept a number of sects going, under the broad heading of Adventism. Just as the Lutherian movement had eventual influences on Christianity mainstream, (such as the introduction of worship singing), so did the dispersing Miller following influence the selection of a seed for a major concern primarily based on the dissemination of printed material.

In the summer of 1876 a wealthy CT Russell had paid Barbour's way to Philadelphia and met with him to discuss beliefs and finances. Russell became the publishing concern financial backer and was added to the masthead as an Assistant Editor. Theologically speaking, at this time and some years after no barriers were in place between it and mainstream the Protestant movement, members were allowed to worship in a wider range of churches.

The sociological influence on society had already began by the early part of the 20th century, such as influencing the filmmakers and writers of the time, such as cameo appearances sandwich board persons carrying 'repent-now-end-is-nigh' messages. Full page newspaper adverts sponsored by the publishing concern (at the time an extreme minority voice) had also influenced a mild hysteria in society, capitalised by enterprising showman, such as 'war of the worlds' famous news report taken as true.

African nationalism

Political movement for the unification of Africa (Pan-Africanism) and for national self-determination. African resentment of wartime hardship found expression in the Watchtower movement, which inspired rebellion among the Mambwe in the northeast.

African nationalism has its roots among the educated elite (mainly ‘returned’ Americans of African descent and freed slaves or their descendants) in West Africa in the 19th century. Christian mission-educated, many challenged overseas mission control and founded independent churches. These were often involved in anticolonial rebellions; for example, in Natal in 1906 and Nyasaland in 1915. The Kitwala (Watchtower Movement) and Kimbanguist churches provided strong support for the nationalist cause in the 1950s. < ref> Rotberg, S I 1965 The Rise of Nationalism in Central Africa Harvard USA. ]

Affirmation in Courts

The Watchtower Movement, together with organisations such as the Society of Friends (Quakers) have been influential in the introduction of affirmation promise in any manner an individual may declare, in lieu of the swearing on the holy bible, thus paving the way for multi-cultural society and relations.

American Civil Liberties Union

Sacco-Vanzetti case in 1921 and the Scottsboro case of 1931–35. One of the ACLU's most significant freedom-of-religion cases involved the defense in the late 1930s of individuals who refused, on the grounds of religious conscience, to allow their children to salute the flag in their public classrooms. Has paved way for an increase in the freedom of religious expression in classrooms and in work places.

Conscientious Objectors

Conscientious objectors (CO) in Great Britain during the Second World War had influenced the public. Reasons given by several CO for refusing to serve in the army were of religious convictions. Public opinion has shifted away from scorning CO's to embracing them.

Pop star Prince

Relates the changes in the image and career of pop artist Prince, who is known for his overtly sexual live shows, as of April 26, 2004. Change in the concept of his current concert tour; Response of the business community to Prince's changed image.


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