Simon Bucher-Jones

Simon Bucher-Jones

Simon Bucher-Jones (born Simon Jones on 6 September 1964) in Liverpool; he is a British author and artist , best known for his Doctor Who novels for Virgin and the BBC and as a contributor to the Faction Paradox spin-off series.

He is known for a hard SF approach. He has written Cthulhu Mythos short stories, some of which can be viewed here He has also reviewed books for the Fortean Times. He maintains a blog at where he is, among other projects, gradually turning all the Star Wars films into Shakespearean plays. He also markets a range of Cthulhu Mythos artwork t-shirts and mugs. He is also contributing 'hidden cities' to the site.

="Doctor Who" and related novels for Virgin=

*"The Death of Art" (1996) (Seventh Doctor, Roz, Chris Cwej)
*"Ghost Devices" (1997) (Bernice Summerfield)

"Doctor Who" novels for BBC

*"The Taking of Planet 5" (1999) (Eighth Doctor, Fitz, Compassion; written with Mark Clapham)
*"Grimm Reality" (2001) (Eighth Doctor, Fitz, Anji; written with Kelly Hale)
* also: short story "War Crimes" in BBC short story collection "Short Trips" (1998)

"Doctor Who" work for Big Finish

* Short story "The Thousand Years Of Christmas" in the collection "" (2005)
* Short story "The Painting On The Stair" in the Bernice Summerfield collection "Collected Works" (2006)

"Faction Paradox"

*"The Book of the War" (contributor) While the entries in The Book of The War are anonymous, it is known that Simon Bucher-Jones wrote more words in it than any other single contributor after the editor. The other contributors in order of wordage were: Daniel O'Mahony, Ian McIntire, Mags L. Halliday, Helen Fayle, Phil Purser-Hallard, Kelly Hale, Jonathan Dennis, and Mark Clapham.

"Cthulhu Mythos and other Horror work"

* (with James Ambeuhl) "The Case of the Curiously Competent Conjuror" in the collection "Lin Carter's Anton Zarnak, Supernatural Sleuth".
* "Some Thoughts On The Problem Of Order" in the collection "Hardboiled Cthulhu".
* "A 2007 Cthulhu Mythos Calendar" containing Simon Bucher-Jones's art is available online.
* "Things To Do In Pornutopia When You're Dead" a comic strip in "Violent #13", now available [Simon Bucher-Jones writer] .

Charity and/or fan publications

*"In the "Days of the 'Days of the Days of Our Lives'"' in 'Missing Pieces"
*"Tempus Fugit" written with James Ambeuhl in "Missing Pieces"
*"The Big Cat" in "The Cat Who Walked Through Time"
*"At the Beach" in "Lifedeath"
*"The Pulp Of The Black Lotus" in "Walking In Eternity"
*"At the Academy" in "Drabble Who" (page 14)Coming Soon:
*"Mr Kitling's Cakes" in "The Cat Who Walked Through Time II" (2008)
*"Dial M for Metaphysics" in the Craig Hinton memorial Fanthology "Shelf Life" (2008)

Charity or amateur theatrical performances

*"Jacob" in "Joseph" (St Michael's Church 2007)
*"The Slave Seller" in "Sinbad the Sailor" (Pantoloons Pantomime 2008)
*"The Stage Manager" in "Little Dead Riding Hood" (Pantoloons Murder Mystery 2008)

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