Velikaya River

Velikaya River
Velikaya River

Velikaya river in Pskov city
Mouth Lake Peipus
Basin countries Russia
Length 430 km (270 mi)
Avg. discharge 134 m³/s
Basin area 25,200 km2 (9,700 sq mi)

For the Velikaya river in Far East Siberia, see Velikaya River (Chukotka).

Velikaya River (Russian: Великая, literally "Grand" or "Great") is located in western Russia (Pskov Oblast). It starts in highlands in the south of Pskov Oblast, flows north through the cities of Opochka, Ostrov, and Pskov into Lake Peipus, which is drained by the Narva River.

Coordinates: 57°51′30.43″N 28°9′10.11″E / 57.8584528°N 28.1528083°E / 57.8584528; 28.1528083

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