African Affairs

African Affairs

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"African Affairs" is a peer reviewed academic journal published quarterly by Oxford University Press on behalf of the London-based Royal African Society. The journal's articles cover any African topic: political, social, economic, environmental and historical. Each issue also includes a section of book reviews.


The Royal African Society and its journal grew out of the travels of Mary Kingsley, an English writer and explorer who travelled to Africa several times in the 1890s and greatly influenced European study of Africa. In 1893, Kingsley travelled to Luanda, Angola, where she lived with the indigenous peoples to learn their customs. In 1895 she returned to study cannibal tribes, travel up the Ogowe River collecting specimens of previously undiscovered fish, and became the first European to climb Mount Cameroon. Upon her return to England, Kingsley upset many people, particularly the Church of England; Kingsley criticized missionaries, and supported many traditional aspects of African life, most controversially, the practice of polygamy. Kingsley wrote that a "black man is no more an undeveloped white man than a rabbit is an undeveloped hare". [Cite book | title = Travels in West Africa; Congo Francais, Corisco and Cameroons | author = Mary H. Kingsley | year = 1897 | url =]

The African Society was founded in 1901 to commemorate and continue Kingsley's work. The Society works to promote relations between the United Kingdom and Africa. In addition to the journal, which aims to increase awareness, interest and understanding in Africa, the Society promotes conferences and meetings.Cite web | url = | title = Royal African Society | work = JSTOR | accessdate = 2007-10-08]

From its founding in 1901 to 1935 as the "Journal of the African Society" and from 1936 to 1944 as the " [ Journal of the Royal African Society] " (ISSN|0368-4016). In 1944, the journal adopted its current name "African Affairs".

As of 2006, the journal has an impact factor of 0.852 and is ranked 3/34 in the Area Studies category of the ISI Journal Citation Reports (2006) and is the highest ranked Africanist journal. The journal's articles continue to cover any African topic: political, social, cultural, economic, environmental and historical. As of 2007, the journal is edited by Tim Kelsall of the University of Newcastle and Sara Rich Dorman of the University of Edinburgh. [Cite web | url = | title = African Affairs Editorial Board | work = | accessdate = 2007-10-08]


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