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Atlus's award-winning 2006 role-playing game Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 focuses on the exploits of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES), a group of high-schoolers defending their home city from monsters known as Shadows. Persona 3 is set in a fictional Japanese city in the year 2009. Due to past events, there is a hidden period of time between one day and the next known as the "Dark Hour", during which most people become unconscious (a state the game calls "Transmogrification", symbolized by normal people turning into floating coffins), and Shadows feed on the minds of those still aware of their surroundings. In addition, a large tower called Tartarus, filled with Shadows, rises out of the ground during the Dark Hour. SEES is composed of students attending Gekkoukan High School. The player names and controls the game's protagonist, who leads SEES in its exploration of Tartarus. Persona 3 mixes elements of role-playing and simulation games: during the day, the player attends school, and is able to spend time with other characters, forming relationships known as Social Links. These Social Links, when formed, have gameplay benefits, increasing the player's proficiency in battle.

To combat Shadows, each member of SEES is capable of summoning a Persona, a being which is a manifestation of one's psyche. Persona-users summon their Personas by firing a gun-like object called an Evoker at their head. Shigenori Soejima designed the world and cast of Persona 3. The members of SEES include Yukari Takeba, a popular girl; Junpei Iori, a class clown and the Protagonist's best friend; Akihiko Sanada, the captain of Gekkoukan's boxing team; Mitsuru Kirijo, Gekkoukan's student council president; Fuuka Yamagishi, a shy girl who takes on a support role in battle; Aigis, a female android designed to fight Shadows; Ken Amada, an elementary school student whose mother was killed by a Persona-user; Koromaru, a dog capable of summoning a Persona; and Shinjiro Aragaki, a returning member of SEES who had previously left the team. The group encounters other Persona-users who are working against their efforts to eradicate Shadows, Tartarus, and the Dark Hour.

Atlus released an enhanced remake of Persona 3 entitled Persona 3: FES. The new game makes revisions to the original gameplay of Persona 3 (referred to as "The Journey"), and adds a new epilogue to the original story, entitled "The Answer". The Answer introduces a new character, Metis, an anti-Shadow weapon like Aigis. In 2009 Atlus released a PlayStation Portable remake of Persona 3 entitled Persona 3 Portable, which adds more characters, including appearances by characters from the successor to Persona 3, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, released in 2008.

SEES members

The members of SEES, the playable characters of Persona 3. From left to right, starting from top: Aigis, Shinjiro, Fuuka, Yukari, Protagonist, Junpei, Koromaru, Ken, Mitsuru and Akihiko.

SEES is an acronym for the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad of Gekkoukan High School. They hunt down Shadows and investigate the Dark Hour with the support of the Kirijo Group. All of the members of SEES are Persona-users. They live together in a specialized dorm.

Protagonist / Minato Arisato

Year of birth: Unknown, 1992

The protagonist (主人公 Shujinkō?, lit. "protagonist" or "hero") of Persona 3 is the character named and controlled by the player. He moves into the dorm in the introduction of the game, learning of his ability to summon a Persona when the dorm is attacked by Shadows during the Dark Hour. Mitsuru asks him to join SEES and he is later elected the team's leader in combat. The Protagonist is unique among his cohorts in that he has the ability to carry multiple Personas and switch between them during battle. He is also the only character with access to the Velvet Room, in which the player is able to fuse together multiple Personas together to create a new, more powerful one. Over the course of the game, the player is challenged to manage the Protagonist's day-to-day schedule as he attends school, takes part in extracurricular activities, and spends time with classmates and other characters.[1] Igor, the proprietor of the Velvet Room, encourages the Protagonist to form Social Links with people, as they will determine his potential in combat.[2] Within the simulation elements of Persona 3, the player is able to form Social Links with characters in-game, each represented by one of the Major Arcana and granting various bonuses during Persona fusion, increasing the player's proficiency in battle.[1]

The Protagonist is an orphan; his parents died ten years prior to the events of Persona 3, which sees him returning to the city he grew up in.[3] In December, the player learns that a Shadow known as "Death" was sealed in the Protagonist as a child by Aigis, who was unable to defeat it herself. The Death Shadow was able to lead the Protagonist to twelve other greater Shadows;[4] by defeating them, The Appriser was created, a being which summons Nyx to the world to bring about its destruction.[5] SEES battles The Appriser on the roof of Tartarus, but are not able to stop Nyx's descent to Earth. The Protagonist enters Nyx and is able to seal it using the power of the Social Links he formed over the past year. While able to seal away Nyx from humanity, the Protagonist dies after the battle and his soul becomes the Great Seal. In Persona 3 FES, during the events of The Answer, SEES is led to the Great Seal the Protagonist formed, which is under attack by a creature called Erebus. In Persona 4, it is revealed that Igor's assistant Elizabeth left her position to find a way to rescue the Protagonist from his fate as the Great Seal.[6]

The initial Persona of the Protagonist is Orpheus, although through Persona fusion and other means he has access to over 150 different Personas.[7] He is voiced by Akira Ishida in the Japanese version of Persona 3 and Yuri Lowenthal in the English version.[8] In the manga adaption of Persona 3, the Protagonist is named Minato Arisato (有里 湊 Arisato Minato?). And is portrayed as a teenager often tired or drowsy, who likes to eat and cook food. Soejima took longer to design the Protagonist than any other character, as the game's other characters would be made to complement his design. Soejima wrote in Art of Persona 3, "Initially, he looked more honest, like an ordinary, handsome young man. But, I worked to achieve greater ambiguity in his expression."[9] In Persona 3 Portable, released on the PlayStation Portable in 2009, an option was added to control a female protagonist, voiced by Marina Inoue in the Japanese adaptation, and Laura Bailey in the English adaptation. This selection alters several aspects of the story, various Social Links, and background music. It also changes the design of the player's first Persona Orpheus.

Junpei Iori

Junpei Iori (伊織 順平 Iori Junpei?)
Voiced by: Toriumi Kosuke (Japanese), Vic Mignogna (English)
Persona: Hermes and Trismegistus of The Magician arcana

Junpei Iori is the Main Character's best friend, though the two often find themselves at odds. Junpei is a poor student who plays the class clown in order to mask his insecurities. His chosen weapon is a two-handed sword which he wields like a baseball bat. Junpei's Personas excel at physical attacks and party buffs, and can also cast some weak fire magic.

Junpei becomes a member of SEES near the beginning of the game. He is found crying in a convenience store during the Dark Hour, and does not realize that he has the potential to call a Persona until Akihiko tells him about it. His decision to join SEES is a swift one, and Yukari is dismayed when he immediately moves into their dorm.

Initially, Junpei fights because playing hero makes him feel like less of a loser. He uses his place in SEES to prop up his low self-esteem, neglects his classwork, and snaps at the Main Character out of jealousy over his unique Persona abilities. Junpei only becomes more serious after he meets the Strega member Chidori. They fall for each other, and though she continues to fight SEES, her feelings for Junpei eventually come into conflict with her loyalty to Takaya and her fear of death. When Takaya fatally attacks Junpei, Chidori uses her Persona powers to save his life at the cost of her own.

Junpei becomes a focused and determined young man after Chidori's death. It's possible to revive Chidori in the FES version of the game, if certain requirements are met.

In Persona 3 Portable, Junpei becomes the S. Link for the Magician Arcana when the player plays as the Female Protagonist. Junpei's relationship with the Female Protagonist remains strictly platonic, because of his feelings towards Chidori.

Shigenori Soejima has stated that Junpei is "the most important character when it comes to getting the player to buy into the story," because he is the major character who looks and acts the most like a normal teenager.[10]

Yukari Takeba

Yukari Takeba (岳羽 ゆかり Takeba Yukari?)
Voiced by: Megumi Toyoguchi (Japanese), Michelle Ruff (English)
Persona: Io and Isis of The Lovers arcana

Yukari Takeba is a classmate of the Main Character. She wields a bow and arrow in battle. Yukari's zeal for investigation brings SEES a lot of trouble, but also gains the group valuable allies and information. She has a high aptitude for magic and her Persona excels in wind and healing spells. She is regarded as the heroine of the game, as she possesses all of the typical RPG heroine qualities, such as being a healer and being the first female companion to join the party.

Yukari is popular at school because of her good looks, cheerful disposition, and energetic attitude. But there is more to Yukari than meets the eye. Though outwardly friendly and extraverted, she is very careful not to let anyone get truly close to her. She constantly picks on Junpei, hides her true motives from the group, and represses a lot of anger and sorrow about her past. At the beginning of the game she has trouble summoning her Persona and becomes distressed when holding an evoker gun to her head.

It turns out that Yukari has been on her own for quite some time. Her father died a mysterious death a decade ago, and her mother neglects her in favor of a string of shallow boyfriends. She slowly begins to open up to the Main Character because he is an orphan and can understand her isolation. Midway through the game, Yukari discovers that her father was involved in the incident that unleashed the Shadows upon the world. Yukari is forced to face her anger and overcome it, and decides to fight for her friends and her father's memory. She is no longer alone.

In The Lovers S.Link, the protagonist helps Yukari mend her relationship with her mother. Since Yukari is very popular, he must maximize his Charm statistic in order to ask her out. If the Main Character makes the correct choices, Yukari will fall in love with him. If the player chooses not to date any of the girls, Yukari will appear for the dating events. It is also noticed that she possesses the most romantic events with the main character, being noted for being the only datable girl with romantic moments actually included within the story, which may serve evidence to the fact that Yukari fell in love with the Main Character.

In Persona 3: FES, Yukari is the group member who is most reluctant to go back into battle against the Shadows. It seems that she only wants to move on with her life. However, she fell in love with the Main Character, and as such, was quite bitter and jealous towards Aigis, who inherited his power.

Shigenori Soejima comments that he designed Yukari with the contemporary look, which caused her to be popular on and off with the development team during the making of the game.[11]

Mitsuru Kirijo

Mitsuru Kirijo (桐条 美鶴 Kirijō Mitsuru?)
Voiced by: Rie Tanaka (Japanese), Tara Platt (English)
Persona: Penthesilea and Artemisia of The Empress arcana

Mitsuru is the only child of the head of the Kirijo Group, Takeharu Kirijo. Beautiful and elegant, she is the school's top ranking valedictorian and student council president. In battle she wields one-handed swords such as rapiers and sabers. Her Persona excels at ice spells, and she is the most powerful offensive magic caster aside from the Main Character. She uses Mind Charge to excel her power in ice spells. She also possesses powerful healing spells.

Mitsuru has been battling Shadows for a long time, as the unofficial leader of SEES. At the beginning of the game she avoids battle and acts as a support character, offering analysis and advice. She joins the party in combat only after the discovery of Fuuka Yamagishi, whose analysis power is much stronger.

Throughout the story, Mitsuru hides many details about Tartarus and the Dark Hour from the group, due to feelings of guilt over her family's involvement in the accident that created them. Since her grandfather was responsible for everything, she believes that she alone bears the burden of setting the world right. Her Persona was artificially induced to allow her to participate in the battle against the Shadows. Mitsuru is the only SEES member that had her ability to summon a Persona forced on her.[12]

Mitsuru loses all will to fight after Ikutsuki kills her father, since restoring the family honor is meaningless without a family. Fortunately, she regains her resolve thanks to some timely intervention from Yukari. She decides to take over leadership of the Kirijo Group after the conflict with Nyx is finished and she graduates high school.

In the Empress S. Link, the Main Character will help free her from some of the expectations attached to her family name. In order to attract such an ambitious young woman he must maximize his Academic statistic, and rank first in his class for at least one exam. If the player makes the correct choices, Mitsuru will fall in love with the Main Character.

Shigenori Soejima created Mitsuru to be a tough-looking woman on the exterior, but with a weak side in the interior.[13]

Mitsuru has been confirmed as a playable character in Persona 4: Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena, which takes place over two years after the events of "The Answer". Not much is known in how she gets swept up in these events, but she is equipped with a rapier and a fancy fur coat. Her persona is Artemisia and she still specializes in ice attacks.[14]

Akihiko Sanada

Akihiko Sanada (真田 明彦 Sanada Akihiko?)
Voiced by: Hikaru Midorikawa (Japanese), Liam O'Brien (English)
Persona: Polydeuces and Caesar of The Emperor arcana

Akihiko is the mature and confident captain of his school’s boxing team, as well as a senior at Gekkoukan High. He is a hard worker who balances a high GPA with near-constant training. Since Akihiko is a boxer, he uses gloves and claws in battle. His Persona can be used to cast electric magic and debuff spells. He cannot fight for the first part of the game due to injuries received during the Dark Hour.

Akihiko was one of the three Persona users who originally founded SEES, alongside Mitsuru and Shinjiro. He and Shinjiro were close friends as children, having grown up in an orphanage together with Akihiko's now-deceased sister Miki. However, one night when the two were chasing down a Shadow, Shinjiro’s Persona went out of control and an innocent bystander was killed: Ken Amada’s mother.

After the incident, Shinjiro left SEES and his friendship with Akihiko became strained. The two only reconnect when Ken joins SEES, and Akihiko convinces Shinjiro to rejoin the group in order to protect him.

When Akihiko realizes that Ken only volunteered for SEES as a means to get revenge on Shinjiro, he tries to save both of them from making grave mistakes, but he arrives too late. Though Ken lets go of his vendetta, Shinjiro is fatally shot while protecting him from Takaya. In the end, Shinjiro’s way of facing death head on gave Akihiko the courage to carry on in spite of all his losses. Akihiko is determined that Shinjiro's death not be in vain and to be just as fearless in the face of his own mortality. He is the character that is the least upset and conflicted about the impossible odds of fighting Nyx.

In Persona 3: FES, a door which shows Akihiko's past reveals why the Evoker looks like a handgun. When Mitsuru first asked him to join her in fighting Shadows, she decided to create an Evoker that would grab his attention, and so she chose the gun shape.

In Persona 3 Portable, he is the S. Link for the Star Arcana, but only when the player plays as the Female Protagonist. In his S.Link he expresses his deep memory towards Miki.

He also appears in the non-canonical anime Persona -trinity soul-, which takes place in an alternative universe of the Persona 3 world.[15] 10 years older, he seemingly has lost the ability to control his Persona.

Shigenori Soejima had wanted to create a "cool upperclassman" when Akihiko was developed with "an impressive aura about him".[10]

Akihiko has been confirmed as a playable character in Persona 4: Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena, which takes place over two years after "The Answer". Not much is known how he is swept up in these events, but Akihiko has a knife strapped on his belt, and fights with his fists. Being less self conscious than he was in Persona 3, he now fights shirtless with a cape tied around his neck. When he’s not pummeling his opponent with some kind of Shoryuken, Akihiko can call out Caesar.[16]


Aegis/Aigis (アイギス Aigisu?)
Voiced by: Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese), Karen Strassman (English)
Persona: Palladion and Athena of The Chariot arcana, Orpheus of The Fool arcana

Aigis is an android created by the Kirijo Group; she is the last surviving model of their experimental anti-Shadow weapon. In combat, she uses a wide variety of high-tech weapons, from machine guns and rocket launchers to long range guns and “rocket punches.” She has her own unique tactic called "Orgia Mode" in which she disables her limiters, allowing her to attack at full power, although she can't be given orders or use recovery skills while in Orgia Mode; after a few turns she has to cool down, thus skipping her next turn. Aigis has the highest durability of any of the characters, and her Personas focus on physical attacks as well as support spells.

Aigis is introduced during SEES' summer beach vacation, where she is simultaneously the target of Mitsuru's retrieval mission and Junpei's "Operation Babe Hunt." She immediately shows an instinctual interest in protecting the Main Character which even she cannot explain. Ikutsuki has her assigned to aid SEES, and she enrolls in Gekkoukan High to act as the Main Character's bodyguard. Later, when Ryoji transfers to Gekkoukan High, she is also instinctively suspicious and alarmed.

During her battle with Ryoji on the Moonlight Bridge, Aigis regains the memories trapped in her damaged circuits. The player learns that, ten years before the game, her mission was to defeat or seal away Death so that the coming of Nyx would be averted. Since she was unable to defeat Death, she sealed the entity away in a young boy who was the sole survivor of a nearby car crash. That young boy was the Main Character. She is driven to protect him both to try and suppress Death and because she feels a great deal of guilt over her actions. Since Ryoji is an incarnation of Death, she senses that he is her natural enemy.

Aigis is damaged during her fight with Ryoji and must be repaired by the Kirijo Group. When she returns she shows more human-like qualities and emotions, and decides to stand against the power of Nyx with her friends in SEES. She is the only one who remembers Tartarus, the Dark Hour, and the Main Character's sacrifice during his borrowed month of life after the defeat of Nyx. She allows him to live like a normal student for the few precious weeks that he has. Finally, on Graduation Day, as she is holding the Main Character in her lap, she suddenly realizes what it means to be human and also the true purpose in her existence is to protect the life of the Main Character. Yet sadly, as soon as she comes to this revelation, the Main Character begins to fall into a coma in her arms. Even though Aigis understands and helplessly witnesses what is happening to the Main Character, she vows to always protect his life and arguably falls in love with the main character.

In the Persona 3: FES expansion, the player can access an epilogue to the main game called The Answer ("Episode Aegis" in the Japanese version). There, Aigis replaces the Main Character as playable protagonist, inheriting his power to summon multiple Personas, but unfortunately she can no longer use Orgia Mode. As the story progresses, Aigis/Aegis begins to lose her senses as a robot.

The Main Character can also date Aigis in Persona 3: FES as the Aeon Arcana (The World Arcana, in the Japanese version) and when you max her S-link she will fall in love with him. Maxing Aegis' Social Link allows you to create her strongest weapon, Metatronius, by fusing Metatron, the last Persona of the Aeon Arcana, with any kind of Nihil weapon in the Antique Shop. Unlike the other Social Link cards, the Aeon is not a part of standard Tarot decks. It replaces the Judgment card in Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot.

The development of a cell phone game starring Aigis has been announced in Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.[17] Aegis: The First Mission will follow Aigis' adventures before she sealed Death.

She has been confirmed to appear as a playable character in Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena, which takes place over two years after "The Answer". Not much is known about how she got swept up in these events, but it has been confirmed that she will be able to summon her ultimate Persona, Athena (no longer possessing the wild card abilities she did in "The Answer").

Aigis was created to remind people of the robots being used in manga, even though Shigenori Soejima admits that he didn't want to create her since a robot like her does not exist currently in the modern world.[18]

Ken Amada

Ken Amada (天田 乾 Amada Ken?)
Voiced by: Megumi Ogata (Japanese), Mona Marshall (English)
Persona: Nemesis and Kala-Nemi of The Justice Arcana

Ken is an elementary school student capable of summoning a Persona. His mother was killed two years prior to the events of Persona 3 by a Persona-user, although the death was officially listed as an accident. He moves into the dorm in July, when it is discovered that he is a Persona-user, and later joins SEES as a fighter. In August, he learns that his mother was killed by Shinjiro Aragaki, a former member of SEES, who briefly lost control of his Persona. In October, during a full moon, Ken lures Shinjiro to an alley behind Port Island Station, intending to kill him and avenge his mother. However, Takaya, a member of the group Strega, intervenes, revealing that Shinjiro will soon die anyway due to his use of Persona-suppressant pills, and that Ken was planning to commit suicide after killing Shinjiro.[19] Takaya resolves to kill both of them first, but his revolver shot is blocked by Shinjiro, saving Ken's life. Ken briefly runs from the dorm following the incident; after being encouraged by Akihiko, however, he gains the resolve to return to SEES, and his Persona changes form.[20]

In battle, Ken wields a spear. He chose this as his weapon because it would compensate for his lack of height, although his height makes the spear more difficult for him to use.[21] Ken is the Social Link for the Justice Arcanum in Persona 3 Portable if the player is controlling the female protagonist. However due to the significant age difference between the two, the female protagonist must have Rank 6 Courage (Max) to ignore this social taboo and the possible resulting social backlash. His S. Link is heavily edited in the English version.

In designing Ken, Soejima focused more on his appearance than his characteristics. He believes the shorts Ken wears give him a "nostalgic" look in contrast to the modern setting of Persona 3, noting in Art of Persona 3 that "kids these days hardly ever wear shorts." Because the character's design is focused on the idea that he is a young boy, Soejima jokingly wrote Ken's name as "Kid Amada" on concept sketches.[22]


Koromaru (コロマル Koromaru?)
Persona: Cerberus of The Strength Arcana

Koromaru is a dog capable of summoning a Persona. He was the dog of a priest who maintained a local shrine, before the priest was struck by a car and killed. Ever since his owner's death, Koromaru walked the same route he did with his master every day, by himself.[23] In July, he is found injured by the shrine during the Dark Hour, having summoned a Persona to defeat a Shadow attacking the shrine.[24] Several weeks later, he joins SEES as a fighter, and is given a special collar which allows him to control his Persona.[25] Aigis purports to be able to understand Koromaru,[26] although during the events of The Answers she expresses difficulty in doing so. In battle, he uses Fire- and Darkness-based magic. In Persona 3 Portable, Koromaru is the Social Link for the Strength Arcanum if the player is controlling the female protagonist.

Shinjiro Aragaki

Shinjiro Aragaki (荒垣 真次郎 Aragaki Shinjirō?)
Voiced by: Kazuya Nakai (Japanese), Grant George (English)
Persona: Castor of The Hierophant Arcana

Shinjiro is a Senior at Gekkoukan High School and a former member of SEES. Two years prior, while the group was hunting a Shadow, he briefly lost control of his Persona, resulting in the death of Ken's mother.[27] This prompted him to quit SEES. Shinjiro is a childhood friend of Akihiko, who continually asks him to forget the past and rejoin SEES.[28] He continually refuses the offers, only returning to fight when he learns that Ken has joined the team as a Persona-user.[29] When Shinjiro is lured by Ken behind Port Island Station to be killed, he accepts the death of Ken's mother as his fault, saying death is what he deserves. However, Shinjiro warns Ken that if he kills him, he will "end up like me...Even if all you have now is hatred, one day you'll regret it."[30] Takaya, a member of Strega, intervenes and attempts to shoot Ken, instead hitting Shinjiro, who sacrifices himself to save Ken. Before he dies, he tells Ken and the rest of SEES, "This is how it should be".[31] At his funeral, it is learned that Shinjiro rarely attended school and was generally not well known among the student body.[32] During the final confrontation with Nyx, the protagonist hears Shinjiro's voice cheering him on along with the voices of the living SEES members saying "Alright, let's do this".

In battle, Shinjiro attacks with blunt weapons. He is forced to regularly take special suppressant pills to properly control his Persona, at the cost of his health. Shinjiro represents the Social Link of the Moon Arcanum in Persona 3 Portable, if the player is controlling the female protagonist. At the end of the Social Link, the Protagonist find's Shinjiro's watch that he lost. The watch will deflect the fatal bullet, allowing Shinjiro to survive the October 4th event, but remains hospitalized for the rest of the game. In a New Cycle, he is able to break out of the hospital on the final day of the game to be with the Protagonist.

Fuuka Yamagishi

Fuuka Yamagishi (山岸 風花 Yamagishi Fūka?)
Voiced by: Mamiko Noto (Japanese), Paula Tiso (English)
Persona: Lucia and Juno of The Priestess arcana

Fuuka is a Junior at Gekkoukan High School. She is found to be a Persona-user by Akihiko, although he suspects that she would be unable to fight.[33] She is the target of bullying by several female students, and in May, one of her tormenters is found outside of the front of the school gate, unconscious. A rumor begins to spread that she was attacked by a spirit inside Gekkoukan.[34] SEES later learns from Natsuki Moriyama that she and her friends - the students responsible for bullying her - had locked Fuuka in the school gymnasium. The same day they returned to let her out for fear that she would commit suicide, but find she is not there.[35][36] Mitsuru realizes that Fuuka has been trapped inside Tartarus, which replaces Gekkoukan during the Dark Hour.[37] The team locates her inside the tower the following night - during a full moon - and finds that she had been able to avoid detection by Shadows.[38]

The same night during the Dark Hour, SEES encounters two powerful Shadows at the entrance of Tartarus. Fuuka is able to summon her Persona for the first time, and finds that she can detect the weaknesses of the enemies. The ordeal causes her to fall unconciouss for several days, after which Fuuka accepts Mitsuru's offer to join SEES, and moves into the dorm with the rest of the team. She replaces Mitsuru as the player's support character, and Mitsuru becomes an active combatant in battle. In June, Yukari askes her to research an incident related to Gekkoukan which occurred ten years ago, as she believes Mitsuru is hiding something about the origins of Tartarus, as well as her father's death.[39]

In the Priestess S. Link, the main character helps Fuuka become more confident and believe in herself. In order to begin seeing her, the player must have maxed out courage, as the player must try one of Fuuka's cooking dishes. Also, during the events in the game she maybe had a crush for Akihiko.

Soejima, in his designing Fuuka, tried to make her not seem weak or helpless. In addition, he worked to "convey her strong will through her facial expressions."[40]


Metis (メティス Metisu?)
Voiced by: Chiwa Saito (Japanese), Stephanie Sheh (English)
Persona: Psyche of The Hierophant Arcana

Metis is an android like Aigis, who refers to herself as Aigis' sister. She first appears during the events of The Answer in Persona 3 FES, when she attacks SEES. The player learns that the day March 31 has been repeating itself over and over, and that the characters are trapped inside the dorm.[41] Metis attempted to kill the members of SEES to end the time skip and save her sister, but was subdued by Aigis. When the player's characters discover the Abyss of Time, an expansive area underneath the dorm connected to the time skip, she joins SEES to help investigate, becoming a character under the control of the player. Aigis later learns that Metis awoke in the Abyss with no memory of her past, and only the knowledge that she had a sister who was in danger.[42] At the conclusion of The Answer, SEES learns that Metis is actually a facet of Aigis' personality which escaped her body, representative of her despair after the death of the Protagonist.[43] In combat, Metis uses blunt weapons and can enable Orgia Mode like Aigis, who herself has lost that ability in The Answer.



Strega is a group of three rogue Persona-users who use the Dark Hour for personal benefit. They set up an internet site called "Revenge Request", where users can contract Strega to commit assassinations and other illegal activities. They become enemies of SEES because SEES is trying to put an end to the Dark Hour, as Strega carries out its activities during the Dark Hour.

Near the end of the game, the player discovers that Strega are artificial Persona users created by the Kirijo Group. They were picked up off the street and used as fodder for the corporation's experiments. Because their Personas were not awakened naturally, they must take suppressants supplied by Ikutsuki. The drugs keep their Personas from killing them, but have lethal side-effects.

It is revealed in Persona 3: FES that some of the artificial persona users turned into Shadows.

The three main members of Strega all dress similarly to specific sub-cultures - Takaya dresses like a hippie, Jin wears a bomb expert's jacket, and Chidori wears a ruffled gothic lolita dress.

Takaya Sakaki

榊貴 隆也 (Sakaki Takaya?)
Voiced by: Nobutoshi Canna (Japanese), Derek Stephen Prince (English)
Persona: Hypnos of The Fortune arcana

Takaya is the confident and charismatic young leader of Strega. He functions as the Main Character's foil, leading the rival group of Persona-users and setting himself up as a false messiah. In battle, Takaya uses a six-shot revolver to strike down his opponents. Aside from Aigis, he is the only Persona-user in the game who does not use an Evoker to manifest his Persona, instead summoning it "manually" by clutching his head and falling to his knees. Persona-users in previous games also did not use Evokers, but summoning their Personas never appeared to cause them any pain.

Since Takaya doesn't have long to live, he lives fully for the moment, heedless of the harm he causes others. His dearest wish is to see the world end along with his own life. Though he does have some care for Jin and Chidori, he has no qualms about using either of them as tools. At first, he tries to prevent SEES from killing the twelve Arcana Shadows, since it'll end his Revenge Request website business and his 'powers', and as if he is trying to save the world in his own way. But he embraces death once he realizes their true purpose. Near the end of the game he creates a cult centered around the coming of Nyx as a salvation, with himself as the high priest and Jin spreading rumors around the network.

Takaya's final defeat occurs when he tries to forcibly stop SEES from climbing Tartarus and facing Nyx. Afterwards he crawls to the top of the tower to witness the final battle. It is unknown whether he survived after the Main Character sealed Nyx away; if he did, it is likely that he did not have long to live, since he still needs to take the lethal suppressant drugs. Before he falls unconscious he calls Jin's name, making his last statement, that he didn't want to see the end without him.

A scene involving Takaya and the other members of Strega would later be parodied in Persona 4 by Teddie.

Jin Shirato

白戸 陣 (Shirato Jin?)
Voiced by: Masaya Onosaka (Japanese), Grant George (English)
Persona: Moros of The Hermit arcana

Jin is Takaya's faithful right-hand man, acting as his tactical adviser, the webmaster of "Revenge Request," and the occasional voice of reason to prevent Takaya from making foolish choices. He uses grenades and bombs in battle and is also a skilled computer hacker.

Jin appears very eager to be rid of SEES, since he believes that they are hypocrites who don't appreciate their own power. However, he is rational enough to limit Takaya's actions when necessary. Whenever Takaya takes a reckless approach, Jin is there to hold him back and remind him of what they are truly there for.

Jin is a zealot with strong belief in Takaya's goals. He is fiercely loyal to Takaya for "showing him out of darkness" and helping him through the Kirijo Group's experiments. In spite of this, he often inadvertently helps SEES by revealing important information. It is Jin who informs the Main Character about the truth behind Strega, their involvement in the coming of Nyx, and Shuji Ikutsuki's real allegiance.

After SEES defeats Jin near the end of the game, he commits suicide with a grenade as a horde of shadows swarm towards him.

Chidori Yoshino

吉野 千鳥 (Yoshino Chidori?)
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese), Mona Marshall (English)
Persona: Medea of The Hanged Man arcana

Chidori is the third member of Strega, and is known for her gothic lolita dress style, self-harming tendencies, and artistic ability. In battle she utilizes a red chained hand-axe. She is Fuuka's counterpart on the Strega team, and uses Medea's ability to radiate life energy to keep Strega from being detected by Fuuka's Persona. Like Takaya, she shows unusual Persona abilities, such as being able to heal living creatures (including her own wounds) and manifest Medea outside of the Dark Hour.

Chidori and Junpei meet by chance at Port Island Station. While she is initially very unpleasant to Junpei because he keeps interrupting her sketching, she eventually opens up to him due to his kindness and persistence. At the same time, Junpei tells her everything about SEES without knowing that she is a member of Strega. Chidori is led to believe that Junpei is SEES' leader.

During a full moon, Chidori kidnaps Junpei, thinking that he has the authority to call off SEES' mission to kill the Arcana Shadows. When the plan fails, she is wounded and ends up imprisoned in a Kirijo-controlled hospital. Mitsuru and Akihiko try to interrogate her, but meet with little success.

Junpei continues to visit Chidori in the hospital, and the two become closer. He is very concerned about her habit of cutting her wrists. However, after faking his death, Takaya returns to remind her where she truly belongs. Chidori is broken out of the hospital and rejoins Strega, but her loyalties begin to falter when she is forced to fight Junpei, and when he is wounded by Takaya, she comes to terms with her love for him. She sacrifices her life to save his through the use of her Persona, and ends up giving Junpei some of her Persona's regenerative power, namely the passive skill Spring of Life which restores HP every turn. This results in Junpei's Persona being reborn. After her death Junpei inherits her sketch-book, which turns out of have been full of pictures of him.

In the Persona 3: FES expansion, it is possible for the player to revive Chidori later in the game if certain requirements are met. If so, then the player along with Junpei will arrive in the hospital to find Chidori alive. Unfortunately, Chidori has lost her memories only up to the point when she had awakened her Persona and no longer has a functioning persona.

She was revived when doctors took her corpse in for autopsy. For a tribute, they used the flowers she had in her room and placed them on her chest. Since Chidori constantly gave her life force to them every time Junpei came to visit her, her body took back its energy from the flowers and brought her back to life. It was hinted that Chidori had not completely lost all her memories, and that she had plans to find the person of her dreams as soon as she recovers.

Shuji Ikutsuki

幾月 修司 (Ikutsuki Shūji?)
Voiced by: Hideyuki Hori (Japanese), Dan Woren (English)

Ikutski is the chairman of the board at Gekkoukan High School, and an adviser for SEES. He experiences the Dark Hour but does not have a Persona. He is known among the members of SEES for his "lame jokes" (For example, the first joke Ikutsuki pulls is "The early bird catches the bookworm.").[44] He establishes a link between twelve greater Shadows that have been attacking the city, and the Dark Hour. He informs SEES that eliminating these twelve Shadows would eliminate the Dark Hour. However, after doing so, SEES learns that they were actually aiding in Ikutsuki's efforts to summon Nyx to Earth and bring about the end of the world. Ikutsuki attempts to offer the members of SEES as sacrifices on the roof of Tartarus.[45] However, his efforts are thwarted by Takeharu Kirijo, Mitsuru's father. The two simultaneously fire guns at each other, killing both of them.


Nyx, also known as the "maternal being", is the mother of all Shadows and the final boss of Persona 3. She is drawn to humanity by The Appriser, and would bring about the end of the world if brought to Earth.[46] At the conclusion of Persona 3, the Protagonist is able to enter Nyx and becomes the Great Seal to keep it away from humanity, at the cost of his own life. In Persona 3 FES, during The Events of The Answer, Metis informs SEES that Nyx is not a malevolent being, and that a seal would ordinarily not be necessary.[47] However, the Great Seal prevents humanity itself from calling out to Nyx through their own wishes for death. This accumulated malice of the human race manifested in a monster called Erebus, which is attempting to break the seal created by the Protagonist.[48]


Erebus (エレボス Erebosu?) is the final boss of The Answer in Persona 3: FES. It is not an actual Shadow - rather, Erebus is a large monster created from the accumulated malice and despair from the human race; it is attempting to break the Great Seal the Protagonist created to keep Nyx from returning to Earth.[48] When SEES encounters Erebus, it targets Aigis, who bears the Protagonist's "wild card" ability to carry multiple Personas.[49] SEES is able to disperse it, thus breaking the time loop, although they suspect it will eventually reappear as humans continue to wish for death.[50]

Other characters


Igor (イゴール Igōru?) is the long-nosed man who presides over the Velvet Room and aides the player in Persona fusion.[51] He appears in a similar capacity in every Persona game. Early on in Persona 3, he encourages the Protagonist to form Social Links, saying they will determine his potential in combat. Near the conclusion of the game, when SEES is unable to stop Nyx's descent to Earth, Igor aids the Protagonist in unveiling the power of the "Universe", using the power of the Social Links he has formed.[52] The Protagonist uses this newfound power to seal away Nyx. Igor is voiced by Isamu Tanonaka in the Japanese game and Dan Woren in the English.[8] He appears in the anime series Persona: Trinity Soul as a fortune-teller, and interacts with the series' protagonist Shin Kanzato.


Elizabeth (エリザベス Erizabesu?) is Igor's female assistant. She maintains the Persona Compendium, from which the player may retrieve previously owned Personas for a price, and gives the player special requests in exchange for special rewards.[51] These requests include tasks such as retrieving specific items or creating Personas with specific abilities. In Persona 3 FES, requests were added which allow the player to accompany Elizabeth outside of the Velvet Room. In Persona 4, Elizabeth has left the Velvet Room, her role being filled by her sister, Margaret. She left to find a way to rescue the Protagonist of Persona 3 from his fate as the seal between Nyx and humanity. This had left some people to create rumors and theories, stating that the protagonist might indeed make a return.[53] Elizabeth is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro in Japanese and Tara Platt in English.[8]


Theodore (テオドア Teodoa?) is Igor's male assistant, and the younger brother of Elizabeth and Margaret. He was introduced as a character in Persona 3 Portable, and can take Elizabeth's place as Igor's assistant if the player controls the female protagonist.[54] Theodore is voiced by Junichi Suwabe in Japanese and Travis Willingham in English.

Both Elizabeth and Theodore are hidden bosses in the game which can be challenged one-on-one after meeting certain conditions. In Persona 4, Margaret mentioned Elizabeth has offered the duel to the Protagonist and hinted he has accepted the duel offer. Like the Protagonist, they can summon multiple personas, and they were the most difficult bosses since only certain persona/item combination are able to beat them.


Margaret also appears in the Persona 3 Portable as the person-in-charge of the "vision quest", which simulates special battles based on their memories with rewards (As because of this, Aragaki who got killed/hospitalized may participate certain battles in it). The party may challenge her upon completions in all vision quests.


Pharos (ファルロス Farurosu?) is a mysterious boy the player first encounters during the opening of Persona 3. Throughout the game, he occasionally appears in the Protagonist's bedroom at night to talk to him, and remind him of an upcoming full moon.[55] He represents the Social Link for the Death Arcanum, which advances automatically as the story progresses. Initially, his memory is fragmented, but by the end of the Link, he clearly remembers who he is and what his purpose is.[56] Pharos and the Protagonist's last talk in November, during the day rather than the Dark Hour. He says goodbye to the Protagonist, who later learns that he and Ryoji Mochizuki, a student at Gekkoukan High School, are the same person.[57] The voice of Pharos is provided by Akira Ishida in Japanese and Yuri Lowenthal in English.[8]

Ryoji Mochizuki

Ryoji Mochizuki (望月 綾時 Mochizuki Ryōji?) is a recent transfer to Gekkoukan High School. He becomes known for his tendency to ask every girl he sees at school on a date.[58] Upon meeting him, Aigis says he is dangerous, and warns the Protagonist to be cautious around him.[59] Ryoji and Aigis eventually meet on the Moonlight Bridge during the Dark Hour. It is here Ryoji regains memory of his past, realizing he is actually a human manifestation of Death, or The Appriser. Ten years prior to the events of Persona 3, the two fought on the same bridge, and Aigis, unable to defeat Death, sealed it inside the Protagonist, who was a child at the time.[60] Ryoji informs SEES that his purpose is to summon Nyx to Earth, who will bring about the end of the world. He asserts that Nyx is impossible to defeat; however, he offers SEES an alternative. If they were to kill him, their memories of the Dark Hour would vanish, allowing them to continue living unaware of their impending death.[61] The player is given the choice to either kill Ryoji or spare him; if the latter is chosen, SEES fights Ryoji, who has transformed into The Appriser, on the roof of Tartarus. Ryoji is voiced Akira Ishida in Japanese and Yuri Lowenthal in English.[8]

He is the S.Link of the Fortune Arcana in Persona 3 Portable, when the player plays as the Female Protagionst. Knowing his fate of being the human manifestation of Death, he develops his sense of humanity, especially with the feelings to the Female Protagionst.

Natsuki Moriyama

Natsuki Moriyama (森山 夏紀 Moriyama Natsuki?)
Voiced by: Yuka Komatsu (Japanese), Karen Strassman (English)

Fuuka's closest friend, and emotional support throughout the game. A Ganguro, she has an extremely tanned complexion, and orange-ish hair, similar in the style of most ganguro, or gyaru. She's shown to have a rather sadistic side, and has a knack for anyalzing people, and knowing exactly what to say to make them feel worthless. Fuuka, at first, was her target, because of Natsuki's own insecurities. She was drawn in by Fuuka's calls for help, and went into Tartarus. Fuuka saved her from a Shadow by summoning her Persona, which encased them in a protective shell inside of her. After the ordeal, Natsuki lost her memory of the event, but apologized to Fuuka. The two quickly became best friends, and Natsuki's attitude proved a positive influence on Fuuka, making her a more confident girl. Natsuki's father became ill, and her family didn't have enough money, so they were forced to move. Natsuki then revealed that she and Fuuka were more similar than they thought, because Natsuki's parents both didn't pay much attention to her, claiming that they acted like she didn't even exist. She provided Fuuka with the resolve to earn her ascendant Persona, sending a text message to Fuuka saying that "No matter how far apart we may be, we will always be connected", which gave Fuuka her resolve. She also provided Fuuka another set of advice, claiming that "If they don't accept you for who you are, then screw 'em." Throughout the game, Natsuki is the closest person to Fuuka, despite their differences. Natsuki also claimed that "I like you, even if you don't like yourself."

Minor characters


Officer Kurosawa (黒沢巡査 Kurosawa Junsa?, lit. Policeman Kurosawa) is a police officer found at a station in Paulownia Mall. Although he is not conscious during the Dark Hour, he aids in the efforts of SEES by selling weapons and armor.[62] He is voiced by Hirofumi Tanaka in Japanese and Grant George in English.[8]

Takeharu Kirijo

Takeharu Kirijo (桐条 武治 Kirijō Takeharu?) is Mitsuru's father and the president of the Kirijo Group. He is the son of Kouetsu Kirijo, the corporation's former president, who began a series of experiments on Shadows seeking to harness their power.[63] He rejects the ideology of his father, who believed death was a form of deliverance.[64] Shuji Ikutsuki murders Takeharu on the roof of Tartarus, saying he did not understand his father's vision.[65] Derek Stephen Prince provides the voice of Takeharu in the English release of Persona 3,[8] while Kōji Totani initially provided his Japanese voice. Following Totani's death in 2006 due to a heart attack, Takeharu's voice in Persona 3: FES and Persona 3 Portable was done by Yasunori Masutani[citation needed]

Eiichiro Takeba

Eiichiro Takeba (岳羽 詠一郎 Takeba Eiichirō?) is Yukari's deceased father and one of the scientists who was a part of the Shadow experiments carried out in 1999. The corporation blamed the incident on him, although he was attempting to stop the Kirijo Group's work. He recorded a video for his daughter prior to his death, which Shuji Ikutsuki altered in order to manipulate SEES.[66] He is voiced by Masashi Hamano in Japanese and Liam O'Brien in English.[8]

Persona 4 characters

With Persona 3 Portable, Atlus inserted cameo appearances by two characters from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4. A younger version of Yukiko Amagi, a playable character in Persona 4, makes an appearance in Persona 3 Portable. She is seen when the player's character visits Inaba, the setting of Persona 4, in a new event added in Persona 3 Portable.[67] Noriko Kashiwagi, the player's (second) homeroom teacher in Persona 4, also makes an appearance during Junpei's "Operation Babe Hunt", making a pass for Akihiko.[68]


A Persona 3 Portable exclusive character, he is the main protagonist from Catherine. He appears in the bar "Club Escapade" on certain days, though in the game he never reveals his name and is simply referred to as "Man Drinking Alone" in his dialogue boxes. In conversing with the player character, he reveals hints related to his problems (presumably his nightmares), though also states specifically that they are "nothing that [the player character] needs to worry about".

Social Links

Kenji Tomochika

Kenji is a classmate of the Protagonist; he is attracted to older women and is attempting to ask out his ethics teacher.[69]

He is the social link for the Magician Arcana. However, if playing the female path in Persona 3 Portable, Junpei Iori replaces Kenji as the Magician S. Link. He still appears as part of Rio's Social Link.

Kazushi Miyamoto

Kazushi is a student athlete and member of the Protagonist's sports team; he is developing problems in his knee, which he asks the player's character to keep a secret from their teammates.[70]

He is the social link for the Chariot Arcana. However, if playing the female path in Persona 3 Portable, Rio Iwasaki replaces Kazushi as the Chariot S. Link.

Keisuke Hiraga

Keisuke is a member whichever cultural club the player joins. He is a talented artist, but he is pressured by his father, who is a doctor, to inherit his family's hospital.[71]

He is the social link for the Fortune Arcana. However, if playing the female path in Persona 3 Portable, Ryoji Mochizuki replaces him as the social link of Fortune Arcana.

Hidetoshi Odagiri

Hidetoshi is the vice president of the student council; he is unpopular among the student body due to his strict enforcement of rules.[72]

He is the social link for the Emperor Arcana.

Yuko Nishiwaki

Yuko is the student manager of the Protagonist's sports team. She fears that she is too much of a tomboy to ever been seen by someone in a romantic light. However, she seems to have feelings for Kazushi Miyamoto.

She is the social link for the Strength Arcana. However, if playing the female path in Persona 3 Portable, Koromaru replaces Yuko as the Strength S. Link.

Chihiro Fushimi

Chihiro is the student council treasurer; she initially has a phobia of men,[73] which she is able to overcome with the help of the Protagonist. In Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, set two years after the events of Persona 3, Chihiro is now the Student Council President.[74]

She is the social link for Justice Arcana. However, if playing the female path in Persona 3 Portable, Ken Amada replaces Chihiro as the Justice S. Link.

Andre Laurent Jean Geraux (Bebe)

Bebe is a French exchange student engrossed with Japanese culture. He is part of the sewing club, and his dream is to live in Japan while making one of the best kimonos ever. In midpoint of his Social Link, Bebe receives news that his aunt in France died, and is being ordered to return home. He decides to make a sophisticated kimono and show it to his uncle to try and convince him to let Bebe stay in Japan. At the near end of the game, the protagonist receives a letter from Bebe saying that his uncle was convinced to let him stay, but decides not to as he realizes that he is not very knowledgeable of Japan just yet.

He is the social link for the Temperance Arcana.

Nozomi Suemitsu

Nozomi is the self-proclaimed "Gourmet King"; he has an inferiority complex with his younger brother, who was intellectually and athletically superior to him.[75]

He is the social link for the Moon Arcana. However, if playing the female path in Persona 3 Portable, Shinjiro Aragaki replaces Nozomi as the Moon S. Link.

Mitsuko and Bunkichi

Mitsuko and Bunkichi are an old couple who run a used bookstore. They are dealing with the death of their son, a former teacher at Gekkokan, and want to stop the school from cutting down the tree planted in his memory.

They are the social link for the Hierophant Arcana.


Maya is a player in the fictional MMORPG Innocent Sin Online; at the conclusion of her Social Link's story, she professes her love to the Protagonist in the game.[76] The player later discovers that Maya was actually the Protagonist's homeroom teacher.[77]

Maya is the social link for the Hermit Arcana. However, if playing the female path in Persona 3 Portable, Saori Hasegawa replaces Maya as the Hermit S. Link.

Maya's name and both Innocent Sin Online are both references to Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Maya's Japanese name, "Y-ko", and the MMO being called "Devil Busters Online" is a reference to a character in the very first Megami Tensei game.

Maya is Ms.Toriumi the homeroom advisor of the male protagonist


Maiko is a little girl distressed over her parents' pending divorce; she runs away from home in an attempt to bring her parents back together.[78]

She is the social link for the Hanged Man Arcana.


Tanaka is a businessman who sells products on television. He takes the protagonist under his wing to teach him about the business industry.

In Persona 4, Tanaka has become a very successful business man, selling his items Sundays on a local network.

He is the social link for the Devil Arcana.


Mutatsu is a monk who regularly drinks at a local club. He abandoned his family to become a monk, and is afraid of facing them. With the help of the protagonist, Mutatsu gains the courage to face his family and ask for forgiveness.

He is the social link for the Tower Arcana.

Mamoru Hayase

Mamoru is a student athlete the Protagonist meets at a sports match. Originally his rival, Mamoru reveals much about his personal life and how he has to financially support his family. The protagonist encourages him not to give up and continue to strive for being the best he can.

He is the social link for the Star Arcana. However, if playing the female path in Persona 3 Portable, Akihiko Sanada replaces Mamoru as the Star S. Link.

Akinari Kamiki

Akinari Kamiki (神木秋成 Kamiki Akinari?) is a dying young man who writes to ease his mind. Through the Protagonist' interaction with Akinari, he helps him in understanding his purpose in life and helps him to overcome his grief of his disease. Upon maximizing the Social Link, Akinari gives the Protagonist his finished book to be published - and disappears before his startled eyes.

In Persona 4, Kanji Tatsumi makes a reference to Akinari's book, revealing that it was indeed published.

Akinari is the Social Link for the Sun Arcana, and is only encountered during Meiko's Social Link.


Gekkoukan High teachers

Ms. Toriumi

Ms.Toriumi is the homeroom advisor of the protagonist in class 2-F you'll know that she is Maya in Innocent Sin Online and confesses her love to her student which is the male protagonist.

Mr. Edogawa

Mr.Edogawa is the club advisor in the Student Health Committee. He teaches magic.

Ms. Ounishi

Ms.Ounishi is the club advisor in the Library Committee.She teaches Science

Mr. Ekoda

Mr.Ekoda is the homeroom advisor in class 2-E(Fuuka's class).He teaches Classic Literature


The cast of Persona 3 was well-received by critics. Damian Thomas of RPGFan wrote in his review of Persona 3 that he was able to connect with the game's cast "in a way that I can't in most RPGs. Some of the relationships are humorous, some are heartbreaking, and some are downright goofy." He also wrote that, because the game takes place over the course of a school year, the player is able to see the characters "grow and develop as you interact [with them]."[79] Heidi Kemps of GamesRadar said that Persona 3 contained "a memorable cast of characters", although listed "Fuuka's inability to shut up" as a negative point at the conclusion of the review.[80] In his review for Eurogamer, Rob Fahey wrote that developer Atlus made a "wise decision" in choosing to represent characters in the world in 3D, while using "lovely 2D artwork to convey expressions and emotions."[81] Patrick Joynt of GameSpy found the Social Link stories of Persona 3 to be "universally fascinating", adding, "We were honestly worried about our friend from Kendo pushing his knee too hard; our friend's relationship with a teacher was sad to watch; and the tragedy of the old couple who owns the local bookstore will move anyone with an ounce of decency."[82]


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    i <--read downward!!
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