Eyre legend

Eyre legend

The legend of the founder of the Eyre and Ayre families, known as Truelove (or True Love) appears in genealogies. However, there is no definitive historical evidence confirming his existence.

The family legend states that he accompanied William the Conqueror to Britain during the Norman Invasion, and fought alongside him at the Battle of Hastings (14 October, 1066). When William was thrown from his horse his helmet was driven into his face, suffocating him, but Truelove was able to remove the helmet and save William's life. He suffered dearly for his bravery, sustaining an injury so severe that his entire leg had to be amputated.

After the battle William told him "thou shalt hereafter instead of Truelove be called Eyre because thou hast given me the "air" I breathe." [http://superjordans-home.com/MariahsAncestors/a23.htm]

Another variation of the Truelove story states that he was called "Heyr" because he was an heir to the English throne. In this version Truelove is a grandson of King Edmund II and a second cousin of William the Conqueror. Fact|date=June 2007

Truelove the "Eyr" or "Heyr" was granted land in Derby as a reward for his services, together with a Coat of Arms featuring a "a human leg in Armour couped at the thigh quarterly argent and sable spurred" [http://www.standard.net.au/~daneyre/Histeyre.htm] , in reference to the sacrifice of his limb. Some of these features may persist in one of the current Eyre Coat of Arms, which features three gold quatrefoils on a black chevron with a white background [http://www.heraldry.jerasys.com/England1/Eyre_t.jpg] .

Another variation of the story of the origin of the Eyre Crest, is that Humphrey le Heyr of Bromham, rescued Richard Coeur de Lion, at the siege of Ascalon, at the cost of his leg, and that the leg couped was granted to him in remembrance of the occasion. [http://www.eyrehistory.co.uk/histeyre.html]

"Burke's Peerage" of 1937 records seven branches of landed gentry all claiming links back to Truelove. The four separate grants of arms all include a couped leg in armour as their crest as a reference to the legend. Fact|date=February 2007

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*Jehu Eyre
*Manuel Eyre


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