Mario Petrucci

Mario Petrucci

Mario Petrucci [ [ Official website] ] [ [ British Council website (contemporary writers)] ] (b. 1958) is of Italian extraction and lives in Enfield. He originally trained as a physicist at Selwyn College, Cambridge, later gaining a distinction in teaching and a PhD in optoelectronics (both with UCL) and a degree in Environmental Studies at Middlesex University.

Petrucci is now a freelance poet, poetry organiser and performer, essayist and songwriter. He is the only poet to have been resident at the Imperial War Museum [ [ Imperial War Museum Poetry Placement] ] and with BBC Radio 3. [ [ BBC Radio 3 Poet in Residence: "Listen Up!"] ] Since 2000, through consecutive Fellowships with the Royal Literary Fund (mainly at Oxford Brookes University [ [ Oxford Brookes University, School of Arts and Humanities] ] ), he has implemented public resources of real practical significance for education, creative writing and study skills [ [ Royal Literary Fund: "Mission Possible: the Study Skills Pack"] ] , including exciting new forms of creative dialogue between science and poetry (such as his unique contribution to creative writing strategies using science, "Creative Writing <-> Science" [ [ Creative Writing <-> Science ] ] ). Between 2003 and 2005, he was a judge for the Poetry Book Society. [ [ Inaugural PBS Pamphlet Selector] (to read Petrucci's write-ups as PBS Selector)] [ [ The Poetry Book Society, the book club for poetry lovers: About Us ] ]

Since the late eighties, Petrucci has co-founded the London literary organisation "writers inc." [ [ Co-founder: "writers inc."] ] , the experimental collaborative performance poetry group "ShadoWork" [ [ ShadoWork, launched at the Poetry Society (1998)] ] , and Perdika Press. [ [ Perdika Press] ] He has also brought a number of new concepts into poetry criticism, including "Spatial Form" [ [ "Spatial Form"] ] and "Poeclectics" [ [ "Poeclectics"] ] . He publishes and broadcasts regularly with such outlets as The Independent, BBC Radio 3's "The Verb" and BBC Radio 4's "Kaleidoscope", and is an important figure incorporating science and ecology in contemporary poetry (see Ecopoetry). The Poetry Society membership voted him one of the top three poets for 2003; over a period of just thirteen years, he won the London Writers Competition a record four times.

Petrucci’s work with poetry for film has captured international recognition, including the Cinequest award and a major showing at the Tate Modern in 2007. "Heavy Water: a film for Chernobyl" and "Half Life: a Journey to Chernobyl", both produced through Seventh Art Productions [ [ 'Heavy Water: a film for Chernobyl' - the award-winning film by Phil Grabsky, David Bickerstaff & Mario Petrucci (Seventh Art Productions, 2006)] ] , are based on his Arvon/Daily Telegraph-winning poetry on the Chernobyl disaster.

Poetic development

In "Shrapnel and Sheets" (1996), Petrucci tracks a compassionate but dissecting eye across European and familial histories. "Lepidoptera" (2001) presents, unusually, an utterly engaging splicing of the worlds of Art and Science. A rare example of a purely eco-driven poetry collection, "Bosco" (2001) blends “subjectivity into the physical world… mobilising perception into compelling visions that challenge the way we relate to our environment” (British Council [ [ Results - enCompass Culture ] ] ).

"Heavy Water: a poem for Chernobyl" (2004) “leaves us moved and thoughtful” (Joan Bakewell, "New Statesman", 2004) [Joan Bakewell, in: "New Statesman", 22 March 2004, p.14.] and was described by Jackie Kay in "The Daily Telegraph" as “Heartfelt, ambitious and alive”. [Jackie Kay, in: "The Daily Telegraph: Arts & Books"; Saturday, Sept. 21 (2002) page A8.] It was broadcast on Radio 3, translated for "Vsesvit" (Ukraine), and made into an award-winning film by Seventh Art Productions. "Poetry London" placed it among the top five poetry collections to appear that year.

"The Stamina of Sheep" (2002) and "Fearnought" (The National Trust, 2006) reveal Petrucci's site-specific vein, merging local narratives and photography with poetry in compelling ways. "Fearnought" became the subject of a Radio 4 "Sunday Feature" broadcast (30 December 2007).

Petrucci's work with translation has, more recently, been coming to prominence. His selection of Catullus (2006) is not only “sparklingly witty and up to the minute” ("Sphinx 4" [ [ catullus ] ] ) but also “collapses the fabric of Catullus and translator altogether, leaving us to witness a pencil-beam into a vast, still universality of expression” (Michael Peverett, "Intercapillary Space" [ [ "Intercapillary Space": Mario Petrucci, Catullus ] ] ). Further selections from Montale and Sappho are due.

"Flowers of Sulphur" (2007) is “crammed with observed and felt detail: as with the best poets, thinking and feeling are, for Petrucci, a single act” (George Szirtes, 2007) [George Szirtes, in: Mario Petrucci, "Flowers of Sulphur" (Enitharmon, 2007); back cover quote.] . Dynamic and thoughtful, this collection provides “a stark reminder of why poetry is such a vivid and necessary art form” (Poetry Book Society Bulletin, 2007). ["Poetry Book Society Bulletin", Autumn 2007 (no. 214) p.22.]

"somewhere is january" (2007) represents yet another fresh departure. Its fierce and utterly modern lyricism hails back to the Black Mountain Poets and to the Projectivist poetics of Charles Olson, but also draws us forward into an innovative sense of linguistic drive. Petrucci is developing a distinctive new voice that is “poised, balletic, in its exploration of intellectual and physical, light-bound space” (Simon Jenner, 2007). [Simon Jenner, in: Mario Petrucci, "somewhere is january" (Perdika Press, 2007); back-cover quote.] For Roy Fisher, "Petrucci is somebody working with a lively circumspection in a tradition he's demonstrating not to have been merely an early-to-mid-20th-century exploration." [Roy Fisher, on: "somewhere is january" (the Perdika Press selection from Petrucci's "i tulips" sequence (quoted on]

ome reviews

"A master of the art." "Poetry Writers' Yearbook" (2007). ["Poetry Writers' Yearbook, 2007", (A & C Black, 2007), ed. Gordon Kerr, p.96. ISBN: 9-780-713-6757-6-4.]

"One of several poets including Peter Redgrove, Kathleen Raine and recently Alice Oswald whose scientific training provides an added dimension for poetry... [a] brilliantly varied book by a true European, whose sympathetic understanding extends to every human condition." "Anne Born (1996)". [Anne Born "PQR (Poetry Quarterly Review)" Winter 1996 (no. 5), p.8.]

"Twin engines drive Mario Petrucci's poetry: one engine is a personal and cultural knowledge of the sweep of European history; the other is a scientific understanding few poets have. Between them, these engines take Mario's poetry to dazzling heights." "Ian McMillan (1996)". [Ian McMillan, in: Mario Petrucci, "Shrapnel and Sheets" (Headland, 1996); back cover quote.] []

"Necessary, cathartic and profound." "Amy Wack (2004)". [Amy Wack, "Poetry London", Autumn 2004, p.38.]

"Poetry on a geological scale… a new track for poets of witness." "Brendan O’Connor (2004)", in: "Verse" . []

"One of the few contemporary poets exploring explicitly Italian themes and experiences in the mainstream of British literature." "Il Punto" (1996). ["Il Punto", 12 Sept. 1996 (no. 65), p.19.]

"Written with grave intelligence, these poems... look the almost unspeakable in the eye; they record, warn, caution, memorialise and also celebrate. They are a reminder of what poetry can do for all of us." "Philip Gross (2005)" - (on "Heavy Water"). [Philip Gross, "Resurgence", Jan/Feb 2005 (no. 228), p.71.]

"Partial quotation cannot possibly convey anything of the power and haunting music of this sequence which should be read by everyone who has any interest in poetry." "Vernon Scannell (2004)" - (on "Heavy Water"). [Vernon Scannell, "Ambit", Summer 2004 (no. 177), p.50.]

“"Heavy Water: a film for Chernobyl" is a powerful and moving documentary... a haunting and captivating film. A startling look at the aftermath of the world’s worst nuclear accident.” "Mark Resnicoff (2008)". [Mark Resnicoff, "Suite 101", May 2008.]


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*"Heavy Water: a film for Chernobyl" (made with Phil Grabsky and David Bickerstaff) Seventh Art Productions, 2006. []
*"Half Life: a journey to Chernobyl" (made with Phil Grabsky and David Bickerstaff) Seventh Art Productions, 2006. []

Residencies and fellowships

* 2008 – 09 .... Royal Literary Fund Fellow, University of Westminster (Marylebone)
* 2006 – 08 .... Royal Literary Fund, Research Project Fellowship: "Science and Writing"
* 2004 – 06 .... Southwell Workhouse (Fearnought Project)
* 2004 – 05 .... BBC Radio 3 (first poet in residence)
* 2003 ........... BBC World Service
* 2002 ........... Cabinet War Rooms
* 2000 – 02 .... Year of the Artist
* 1999 et seq .. Imperial War Museum (first poet in residence)


*2008 "somewhere is january" (Perdika Press): Writers' Forum, Chapbook Choice
*2007 Cinequest Award, ‘Best Short Documentary’ (Half Life: a Journey to Chernobyl)
*2005/6 Arts Council England ‘Grants for the Arts’: Science in Poetry
*2005 Winner, London Writers Competition
*2004 Winner, London Writers Competition
*2004 National Poetry Competition: 3rd Prize & Commended
*2003 Essex Book Awards ‘Best Fiction’ Prize 2000-2002
*2003 Silver Wyvern Award
*2002 Daily Telegraph/ Arvon International Poetry Prize
*2002 Arts Council England Writers’ Award
*1999 Bridport Poetry Prize
*1998 New London Writers Award (London Arts)
*1998 Winner, London Writers Competition
*1998 Winner, Sheffield Thursday Prize
*1997 Winner, Sheffield Thursday Prize
*1997 Winner, inaugural Irish Times Perpetual Trophy
*1996 Poetry Book Society Recommendation
*1996 Frogmore Poetry Prize
*1996 Edith Kitt Memorial Award
*1995 Edith Kitt Memorial Award
*1993 Winner, London Writers Competition

External links

* [ Official website]
* [ Royal Literary Fund Fellow]
* [ Royal Literary Fund: "Creative Writing <-> Science"]
* [ BBC Radio 3. Twenty Minutes]
* [ BBC Radio 3. Sample commissions] - Featured with Seamus Heaney: "terranauts".
* [ Working with orchestras]
* [ BBC News On Line: National Poetry Day commission for 9/11]
* [ Songwriter and lyricist – Rhythm and Blues (Nyjon, Mario Petrucci, Gareth Young: "Way To Go" album, 2007)]
* [ "The Poetry of Science"] - Wellcome Foundation (Poet in the City, July 2007) / New Scientist.

ome Sources

* [ Author's official website]
* [ British Council website (contemporary writers)]
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*: the artist and the self in the aftermath of Chernobyl - Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, 31/3 (2006).


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