HopSFA, or The Johns Hopkins Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, is a weekly science fiction and fantasy fan/discussion club run by undergraduate and graduate students of The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. The club was organized late in 1975 and has operated continuously until the current date under the name HopSFA. A parallel organization formed in early 1976 was The Amber Society, based on characters from the Chronicles of Amber Series by famous fantasy author, Roger Zelazny, who was acquainted with the original members of the Society and used their personalities as models for the characters in his series.

The club is now designated Class A by the Johns Hopkins Student Activities Council (SAC), with an annual budget designed and activities run by its board of five undergraduate students, elected annually, with positions of President, Anti-President, Treasurer, HopSFAnatic Editor, and Board Member at Large.


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The club also has in the past put together the HopSFA Hymnal, a collection of filk songs put together by the student membership, and they have put together many editions of the HopSFAnatic, a publication of student-written science fiction and fantasy writings and student-drawn art relating to science fiction and fantasy. HopSFA also works along with other related student groups such as JHAC, the Johns Hopkins Animation Club, to run JohnCon, a science fiction convention run on the Johns Hopkins campus in either March or April that gathers 200-300 student and non-student attendees annually.

The club currently meets on the Johns Hopkins campus in the Levering Student Union's Little Theatre on Thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time during the regular school schedule.

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* [http://www.jhu.edu/~hopsfa/ HopSFA website]
* [http://www.jhu.edu/~johncon/ JohnCon website]

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