Saint (manhua)

Saint (manhua)

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Saint ("Dàshèng wáng", "The Great Saint King") is the manhua of Hong Kong comics artist Khoo Fuk Lung. This manhua is about the life of Sun Wukong, the monkey god from novel Xi You Ji of novelist Wu Cheng'en. It was first published by Jade Dynasty and is licensed by Yuk Long Limited.


This story is about the journey to the West (India) to get the Great like the original novel is.


Xuanzang's Group

Sun Wukong (the Great Saint King)

The main character. He is a child of the Heaven and the Earth born from a divine rock. In the first chapters Yu Huang Da Di orders the Lei Shen to eliminate him. Though with his children and the thunder hammer, Lei Shen can't kill Sun. After that, he says "The Heaven bears him, we can't kill him" and return to the Heaven. Growing, Sun leads the monkeys and monsters in "Huāguǒ-shān" (Chinese: 花果山;"mountain of flowers and fruit") and sets camp in " Shuǐlián-dòng" ("water-curtain cave" or "waterfall cave"). After seeing an old monkey dead, he travels to the fairy island to learn skills and magic from Grandmaster Xū Pú Tí. Then he leaves his master because of the trouble he made to him, and set rebels to the Heaven. While fighting the Sanyan Zhanshen (Three-Eyed Wargod, who later is Er Lang Shen), he rescued 108 demons. Because of that, he angers Yu Huang Da Di and provokes the great Buddha, he is punished to be confined in Mount Wu Xing. He stole Pangu's qi-bian ate the ate empress Tianmu Niangniang's "Peaches of Immortality".

Yun Yu

The name Yun Yu means "Cloud and Rain".

The pretty demoness Sun rescued from Lei Yin Temple. She makes friends with Wukong. When Wukong is confined in Mount Wu Xing, she follows the order of Ru Lai to get his heartback. Found it, she finds Sun and give him it. Fighting Bing Pi Daxian with Sun, she is destroyed to ice-dust. Xiaoshan Guanyin promises to revive her.

Xiao Bao

An insect demon. Friend of Wukong from his first day with his Grandmaster.

ha Wang (Sandking)

A demon who was Sha Wujing's and Xiao Bailong's master. He is forced to promises to help Sun three times but later he becomes his true friend.

Xuanzang Sanzang (Great Tang's Saint Monk)

A reincarnation of Jinchanzi, a disciple of Ru Lai.

Zhu Bajie (Zhu the great Sage)

A deity who was punished to fall down to the man's world.

Gao Ruolan

Zhu's fiancee. Er Lang helps him to make her love him.

Sha Wujing (Sha Baonan)

Once the servant of the Sandking.

Xiao Bailong (Little White Dragon)

The prince of East Sea. Son of Seaking Jiao Ye.

Heaven World

Di Shi Tian

Based on Yu Huang, the Jade Emperor.

The Tianhuang of the Tiantang.

Tianmu Niangniang (Madame Heavenly Mother)

Based on Xi Wangmu, Yu Huang's wife.

Zhenwu Tianhuang (True Martial Heavenly Sovereign)

Master of Di Shi Tian. He is the most powerful god in the heaven world.

Yuanshi Da Shen (Original Great God)

Based on Yuanshi Tianzun, master of Jiang Ziya in Fengshen Yanyi.

Sanyan Zhanshen - Erlang (Three-Eyed Wargod)

Based on Yang Jian, the deity who helps Jiang Ziya in the battle against Zhou Wang.

The wargod has three eyes. He later became Sanyan Mashen of Majie, led by Wansui Yaodi.

Xiaotian Quan (Heavenly Celestial Dog)

The heavenly dog. He always follows Er Lang.

=Zheng Tianwang (Chief Heavenly King)=

Based on Li Jing, the hero becoming god in Fengshen Yanyi.

=Xie (Evil)=

Son of Zheng Tianwang. Based on Nezha, son of Li Jing.

=Haiwang Jiao Ye (Sea King Jiao Ye)=

Based on the dragon kings of Journey to the West

Bai Zuyong

Wei Tuo

Zhu Rong

Fire God.

Bing Pi Daxian (Ice-dust Great Deity)

Ice God. He indirectly destroys Yun Yu. Obeying the orders of Di Shi Tian, he joins the Heaven Punishment to destroy the hybrid son of Baolu Wang and Feng Hou.

Four Weather Gods

=Feng Hou (Queen of Wind) - Wind (Former) =

Based on Tie Shan Gongzhu (Princess Iron Fan), wife of Niu Mowang (Ox-Demon-King).

Feng Bo - Wind

The wind deity after Feng Hou's leaving. He's stupid and loves fighting.

Yu Zi (Rain Master) - Rain

The rain deity. He has loved Feng Hou for a long time but she feels no interests, then he hatreds Baolu Wang because Feng Hou loves him. He's the one after the Heaven Punishment.

Lei Gong (a.k.a. Lei Shen Thunder God) - Thunder

The thunder deity. He gets order from Heaven to destroy Sun after his birth, but he can't destroy him and retreat with reason "Heaven doesn't want him dead, so he's alive". He later joins the Heavenly Punishment to punish Baolu Wang, but he doesn't fight a lot because of his old friendship with Feng Hou.

Dian Mu (Mother of Lightning) - Lightning

The lightning deity. She's Lei Gong's wife. She joins the Heavenly Punishment to punish Baolu Wang, but she doesn't fight a lot because of her old friendship with Feng Hou.

=Si Da Men Shen (Four Great Gate Gods)=

Based on Four Heavenly Kings, the guardians of Heaven.

Dong Fang Men Shen (Eastern Gate God)

Based on Chí Guó Tiānwáng, one of Four Great Kings, who assists Jiang Ziya in Fengshen Yanyi.

He wears a pipa as a weapon. He's dead in Sun's rebellion.

Xi Fang Men Shen (Western Gate God)

Based on Guăng Mù Tiānwáng, one of Four Great Kings, who assists Jiang Ziya in Fengshen Yanyi.

He wears a great serpent as a weapon. He's dead in Sun's rebellion.

Bei Fang Men Shen (Northern Gate God)

Based on Duō Wén Tiānwáng, one of Four Great Kings, who assists Jiang Ziya in Fengshen Yanyi.

He wears an umbrella as a weapon. He's alive in Sun's rebellion. He later gets orders from Di Shi Tian to assist Xuanzang's group to defeat Xuema.

Nan Fang Men Shen (Southern Gate God)

Based on Zēng Cháng Tiānwáng, one of Four Great Kings, who assists Jiang Ziya in Fengshen Yanyi.

He wears a sword as a weapon. He's dead in Sun's rebellion.

Su Ling Zhanxiang (Four Spirit Battle Generals)

Qing Long (Azure Dragon)

The Guardian of the East.

Bai Hu (White Tiger)

The Guardian of the West.

Xuan Wu (Black Warrior)

The Guardian of the North.

A little monk in the future who is his reincarnation (Xuan Wu Sheshi Lingtong - Ananni) prevents Sun Wukong destroying the Ru Lai's statue.

Zhu Que (Vermilion Sparrow)

The Guardian of the South.

The goddess whose reincarnation is a crimson firebird is who helped Yaowang in the past.

Long Shen (Dragon God)

He is the guardian of time. He moves Sun Wukong to the year 2004, and 3 demons to the year 2003, when they create many crimes. The author uses those monsters to describe the reason of SARS.

He somehow is based on the dragon guardian Huang Long (Yellow Dragon), who is the leader of Ssu Ling Gods.

Diyu (Hell)

=Yanwang (Hell King)=

The extreme master of Diyu. Niutu & Mamian (Ox-Head and Horse-Face), Hei-Bai Wuchang (Black-White Abnormal) are in his rule.

Zhong Kui

An extreme demon-hunter in Diyu, formerly a vanquisher of ghosts and evil beings in Human World.


=Dashan (The Great Buddha)=

Also Ru Lai. The extreme master of Lei Yin Temple. He defeats Wukong in his rebels against Tianjie. He arranges Wukong to assist his disciple Jinchanzi, whose reincarnation is Xuanzang, to get the Sānzàngjīng, the "Three Collections of (Buddhist) Scriptures".

Xiao shan (Guan Yin)

A beautiful buddhist saint-nun who helps Xuanzang's group many times. It seems Wukong has some love interests in her.

=Shiba La Han (18 Arhats)=

The 18 saint-monks serving under Ru Lai's lead.

Tang Dynasty

Li Shimin (Tang Taizong)

The great emperor of Tang Dynasty.

Wei Zheng

The minister of Tang. He also is a hero character from the historical novel Book of Tang.

Yuchi Gong

One of the founding generals. But in this story, he died eaten by the demons attacking Li Shimin.

Qin Shubao

One of the founding generals.

Li Chunfeng

The strategist who alongside with Zhong Kui saves Taizong Emperor.


Puti's School

Puti Laozu

The master of Sun. He teaches him 73 transformations. He's punished to be banned to become a deity due to Sun's rebellion.

Puti Zi

The young disciple of Puti Laozu. She is the future head of Puti's School. She travels to defeat 108 evil spirits. She calls Sun shixiong. Sun calls her shimei and Sha calls her shigu.

Ya Ya

The elder pupil of Laozu of the same generation of Wukong. He fights Jian Weishi to protect Yun Yu.


un Simao

Sun the Godly Doctor, named Simao.


72 Caverns

Xiong Shiwang (Fierce Lion King)

Also Jinshan Dongzhu (Gold-Mount Cavern chief).

Xiong Liuwang (Bear Sixth King)

Also Yinpan Dongzhu (Silver-"Pan" Cavern chief).

Mishu Longwang (Strange-headed Dragon King)

Also Lingshe Dongzhu (Spirit Snake Cavern Chief).

Huo Yan Zu (Hell-Fire Tribe)

Baolu Wang (Violent King)

Based on Dalu Wang, the Ox-Demon-King in Journey to the West.

Tie Niangju (Lady Iron)

*"See also Feng Hou"Based on Tie Shan Gongzhu (Princess Iron Fan), wife of Niu Mowang. She was Feng Hou of Heaven, but when she met Baolu Wang, she fell in love with him and left the heaven.

=Huo Hai Er (Fire Child)=

Based on Dalu Hai Er (or Hong Hai Er), son of Lady Iron-Fan and the Ox-Demon-King.

Majie (Demon World)

Wansui Yaodi (Ten-thousands-aged Demon's Emperor)

The lord of Demon World.

anyan Mashen (Three-eyed Demon God)

See above.

Baima Shi (White Demon Messenger)

He is the messenger of the Demon Lord. Based on Bai Gu Jing.

Heima Shi (Black Demon Messenger)

He is the black half of Baima Shi. They embody into Yin Yang Ma Wang (Ying Yang Demon King).

Xuema (Bloody Demon)

He lost in his battle with Baimo Shi against Sanyan Moshen with Xiongling Wang, then he serves him as Xiongling Wang's servant.

Xiongling Wang (Evil Spirit King)

The evil spirit cat who absorbs the evil spirits of the heroes from the past, gets them to fights for him. He has 9 souls to controls 9 evil spirit.;Lu Bu and Chitu:The first spirit captured by Xiongling Wang. He was the hero from the Three Kingdoms Period. He used Heaven Scorcher as weapon. He and his charge are versified:
:The horse Chitu is described as the child of a Tianma (Heavenly Horse) with a rare five-colored mare. To provoke Xiao Bailong, Puti Zi says "He (Red Hare) is only a hybrid horse, you, the imperial prince of East Sea, can't lose him such a match like this." ;Xiang Yu and Yu Zhi:The second spirit captured by Xiongling Wang. He was the hero from the later Qin Period. He was famous with his tittle Xīchǔ Bàwáng. His weapon is Diyu Lei Dao.:The horse Yu Zhi is described to a Malong (Demon Dragon).;Zhang Jiao:The third spirit captured by Xiongling Wang. He was the leader of Yellow Turban Rebellion in the later Eastern Han Period. He is described as a disciple of the same master of Puti Laozu.;Bai Di:The mythological son of the sun. He is a lion-faced and human-bodied man.;Puti Laozu:See above;Others:After he embodies Puti Laozu, Xiongling Wang can't embody anyone more, he is forced to give Laozu's spirit back to Wukong. Unfortunately, this spirit is destroyed by Lei Gong by accident.

Yao Wang (Demon King)

The most powerful demon ever appeared. He challenged Zhenwu Tianhuang 100 times and lost to him exactly 100 matches. Now he challenges Sun Wukong.He turned out Wansui Yaodi's younger brother.


The demon whose master is Yao Wang.

Ma Xin (Demon Heart)

The powerful spirit which incarnates from Wukong's evil heart. According to Wansui Yaodi, Ma Xin has the champion's power which can win all powerful opponents.

Yi Wa Feng (First "Wa" Wind)

The demon tribe led by Death General.

Zishen Xiang Jun (Death General)

His name is based on the chesspiece Jiang 將/Shuai 帥 in Xiangqi.

His appearance is a demon wearing a skull-mask. Actually, he is a demon monkey who transform Wukong to fool Sanzang.

He is based on Six-ear Macaque, the demon who disguises Wukong in Xi You Ji.

Jian Wei Shi (Sword Guardian)

His name is based on the chesspiece Shi 仕/Shi 士.

The lover of Xue Qi, who killed by Yun Yu.

Yan Zhi Xiang (Peace Elephant)

Her name is based on the chesspiece Xiang 相/Xiang 象.

She loves Jian Weishi and doesn't want him to kill Yun Yu to avenge Xue Qi, she stops him.

Chuan Xin Ma (Through-Heart Horse)

His name is based on the chesspiece Ma 傌/Ma 馬.

Xun Cheng Ju (Castle-Guarding Chariot)

His name is based on the chesspiece Ju 俥/Ju 車.

Guo Gong Pao and Yao Zu soldiers

Their names are based on the chesspiece Pao 砲/Pao 炮 and Zu 卒/Bing 兵

The Dragon Clan

According to author, dragons are sorted to the following types:
* Tianlong (Heavenly Dragon): The lord of dragon, the incarnation of Di Shi Tian.
* Bailong (White Dragon): The only female type of dragons, the incarnation of Tianmu Niangniang.
* Jinlong (Golden Dragon): The dragons of man, incarnations of the man's emperors.
* Yelong (Karma Dragon): The later generation of Tianlong, the dragons of sea.
* Malong (Demon Dragon): The later generation of Yelong, the dragons of evil.


un Wukong's profile

:The stone monkey was born from the stone with the of earth and heaven.Lei Gong gets the orders from Tianhuang and does the heaven punishment with his children.:Stone monkey uses his power to protect himself. Then he studies Puti Laozu the 73 transformations. He's named Sun Wukong. Lei Gong again does heaven punishment, Sun uses all his abilities to protect his master and his fellow students.

un Wukong's Rebellion

:He gets the tittle of "Bumayun" (horsekeeper) from Di Shi Tian and finds it only a low position. He battles the deities (among them is Tianpeng Yuanshuai before his reduction to the human world).:He attacks the deities and rescues 108 demons from Pangu's Temple.:Dashan Ru Lai captures him and confines him under Mt. Wuxing. Di Shi Tian punishes Sanyan-Zhanshen and Beidou-Xingjun for their carelessness.

Tang Emperor gives the tittle of Saintly Monk to Xuanzang

:An strange old man provokes Xuanzang. Then Erlang, the reincarnation of Sanyan-Zhanshen, does many crimes killing demons and gets the Emperor and his servants involved in. Yuchi Gong dies, and Xuanzang uses Jinchanzi's godly rod to eliminate the demons attacking the emperor.:Emperor Taizong of Tang gives him the tittle of Saintly Monk after much of his disagreement.

Travel to the West

:Xuanzang pursues Sun Wukong, then Zhu Bajie, later Sha Wujing and his partner Xiao Bailong to his group and begins the mission to get the three bibbles from the West.
*Fighting Jinjiao (Gold Horn) and Yinjiao (Silver Horn)
*Defeating Jinjiao, killing Scorpion King, defeating Hei Nuhou (Black Queen)
*Be friend with Jinjiao, Tianxun Niang
*Challenging Baolu Wang.
*Sun and Baolu Wang become sworn brothers.
*Sun helps Baolu Wang and Feng Hou fight against the "Heavenly Punishment".
*Erlang combines "Jima Yuansu" (Ultimate Demon Element) with one son of Baolu Wang, transform him to a "Jima".

The famous novels inside

This manhua gets details from the famous novels such as: the original novel, Romance of Three Kingdoms, Book of Tang, Investiture of the Gods, Book of Han, etc. It has many heroes from these novels appearing such as: Lu Bu and his charge Chitu from Sanguo Yanyi, deities from Fengshen Yanyi, Emperor Taizong of Tang and his servants from Book of Tang, Liu Bang and Xiang Yu from Book of Han, etc.

The legend of "Investiture of the Gods" is informed in this manhua. It tells the "Fengshen" Plan was made by Di Shi Tian to destroy king Zhouwang and his demonic army. The Revolution was led by Jiang Taigong (or also called Taigong Wang, Lu Shang, Jiang Shang, Lu Wang, Jiang Ziya) and Ji Fa with the helps of the deities. The lost deities were kept the souls in Fengshen Tai.

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