14th Army (Germany)

14th Army (Germany)

The 14th Army (German: "14. Armee") was a World War II field army.

The 14th Army was activated on August 1 1939 with General Wilhelm List in command and saw service in Poland until the Polish surrender on October 13 1939. The army was reactivated for the defence of Italy in 1943 when its headquarters was created using the headquarters personnel of Army Group B which had been abolished when Albert Kesselring was given command of all Axis troops in Italy. Fourteenth Army was initially responsible for the defense of Rome and dealing with any amphibious landings the Allies might make to the rear of Tenth Army which was fighting on the defensive lines south of Rome. [cite book | authorlink=Michael Carver, Baron Carver| first=Field Marshall Lord |last=Carver | title=The Imperial War Museum Book of the War in Italy 1943-1945| publisher=Sidgwick & Jackson|location=London | year=2001 | id=ISBN 0 330 48230 0, p. 92]

The Fourteenth Army faced the Allied amphibious landings at Anzio in January 1944 and after the Allied breakthroiugh in May 1944 took part in the fighting retreat to the Gothic Line. The German armies in Italy surrendered on 2 May, 1945 after being defeated during the Allies Spring offensive.


* General Wilhelm List (August 1 1939 - October 13 1939)
* General Eberhard von Mackensen (November 5 1943 - June 4 1944)
* General Joachim Lemelsen (June 5 1944 - May 2 1945)


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