Greater Europe

Greater Europe

Greater Europe refers to the idea of an extended or developed Europe. This generally implies a Europe which transcends traditional boundaries, including transcontinental European countries, [ [] ] or those in close proximity with a strong European heritage. [ [ Coca-Cola Forms 2 New Overseas Units] ; The New York Times; 21 January 2000; retrieved 7 August 2008] It may specifically deal with future scenarios of enlargement or development of the European Union, to the point of a Federal Europe or the Eurosphere, [ [ Russian media reports on Yeltsin's pledge to cut troops] ; BBC News; 3 December 1997; retrieved 7 August 2008] [ [,1433,1578602,00.html EU and Russia Agree to Strengthen Ties] ; DW-world; 10 May 2005; retrieved 7 August 2008] [ [ Commission creates 'Wider Europe' task force] ; EurActiv; 10 July 2003; retrieved 7 August 2008] or a "re-unified" Europe after the fall of the Iron curtain. [ [] ]

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*European century
*European Union


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