Muzaffar Warsi

Muzaffar Warsi
Muzaffar Warsi

Muzaffar Warsi
Full name Muzaffar Warsi
Died January 28, 2011(2011-01-28) (aged 77)
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Era Modern era
Region Islamic Philosophy
School Ahl as-Sunnah wa’l-Jamā‘h
Main interests Poetry

Muzaffar Warsi (Urdu: مظفروارثی) (born 20 December 1933 in Meerath, India died 28 January 2011) was a prominent Urdu poet, critic, essayist, a lyricist par excellence, and scholar of Pakistan. He was one whose work never fails to surprise. A humble man with humble beginnings who is unafraid of experimenting. He began more than five decades ago comprises a rich repertoire of not just Naats, but also authoring several anthologies of Ghazals, Nazms & hycoes including his autobiography Gaye dinon ka suraagh which is considered to be a classic. He was writing quatrains every day for Pakistan's Renowned daily newspaper Nawa-i-Waqt.


Early life

Muzaffar Warsi was born as Muhammad Muzaffar ud Din siddiqui into the family of Alhaaj Muhammad Sharf ud Din Ahmad known as Sufi Warsi (Urdu: صوفی وارثی). It was a family of landlords of Meerath. Sufi Warsi was a scholar of Islam, a doctor and poet. He received two titles: Faseeh ul Hind & Sharaf u shu'ara. He was the friend of Sir Muhammad Iqbal {(Allama Iqbal (علامہ اقبال‎)}, Akbar Warsi, Hasrat Mohani, Josh Malih Abadi, Ahsan Danish, Abul Kalaam Azad and Mahindar Singh Bedi. The family raised him with deep religious grounding. He has one brother namely Dr. M. S. Zafar Warsi who was also associated with State Bank as Assistant Director. Muzaffar Warsi's Nephew Usman Warsi is a Singer, Music Composer and a Poet. Usman's videos are available online as well. Muzaffar Warsi remained attached to State Bank of Pakistan (the Central Bank of Pakistan) as Deputy Treasurer. Muzaffar Warsi started his poetry by writing lyrics for songs for Pakistani movies but gradually changed direction and his style of poetry became more oriented towards praising Allah and the Islamic prophet Muhammad or in other words he started writing Hamd and Naats. He also wrote, regularly, a stanza or two on current affairs in the Newspaper Nawa-e-Waqt until recently.He died on 28-01-2011 in Lahore Pakistan.

Literary work

  • Barf ki Nao
  • Baab-e-Haram
  • Lehja
  • Noor-e-Azal
  • Alhamd
  • Hisaar
  • Lahoo ki Haryali
  • Sitaron ki Aabjoo
  • Kaaba-e-Ishq
  • Khule dareechey band hawa
  • Dil sey dar-e-Nabi tak
  • Zulm na sehna
  • Kamand


Famous Verses

  • Kya bhala mujh ko parakhney ka natija nikla

Zakhm-e-dil aapki nazron se bhi gehra nikla

Film: 'Hamrahi' was a milestone in Renowned Pakistani Masood Rana's singing career. All songs of 'Hamrahi' are relegated as the 'Best of Masood Rana'.

Moreover, thousands of movie-goers watched 'Hamrahi' just because of the all-time great songs of Masood.

'Hamrahi's seven songs are listed here below:

'Kiya kahoon aye duniya walo, kiya hoon mein' (film: 'Hamrahi': 1966, lyrics: Muzaffar Warsi, music: Tasadduq)

'Karam ki ik nazar hum per...ya Rasool Allah'

'Ho gaye zindigi mujhay pyari'.

'Naqsha teri judaye ka ab tak nazar mein hai'.

'Mujhay chore kar akela, kaheen dooor janay walay'.

'Qadam, qadam pay naye dukh'.

'yaad karta hai zamana unhi insano ko'

'Pukara hai madad ko, bay kaso nay, haath khali hai...bacha lo doob nay say ye...ya Rasool Allah' will never be forgotten by 130 million Pakistanis.

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