Sangat Singh Minhas

Sangat Singh Minhas

Sangat Singh Minhas was the first Doaba Sikh Rajput to join the army of Guru Gobind Singh. He came from the village of Padhiana in the Jalandhar district, and joined the Guru’s forces with his two brothers and many other Rajput chiefs. A few months later, the Subedar (Governor) of Lahore sent a small group of armed men to collect tax dues from the Rajput Hill Chiefs in whose territory, Anandpur was located under the command of Alaf Khan. The chiefs asked Guru Gobind Singh for help.

Guru Gobind Singh agreed to send a small band under the command of Sangat Singh Minhas. Sangat Singh defeated Alaf Khan’s army. After this, the Lahore governor, sent his own son with a force to solve the matter once and for all. First of all, he defeated Raja Bhim Singh of Kahlur and collected the taxes. After that, he attacked Raja Vikram Singh Walia of the Guler State. Raja Vikram Singh turned to Guru Gobind Singh for help.

Again, Guru Gobind Singh sent another jatha under the command of Sangat Singh to help Vikram Singh. Vikram Singh and Sangat Singh fought together against the Mughal forces and defeated them again but Sangat Singh got fatally wounded and died.

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