Captain Grid-Iron

Captain Grid-Iron

Infobox G.I. Joe character
name = Captain Grid-Iron

caption =
affiliation = G.I. Joe
function = Hand-to-Hand Combat Specialist
realname = Lydon, Terrence
birthplace = Evergreen Park, IL
serial = 903-5221-YY07
rank = O-3
primaryMOS = Hand-to-Hand Combat Specialist
secondaryMOS = Infantry
subgroup =
previous =
series =
voiceby = Dale Wilson
debut = 1990
Capt. Grid-Iron is a character from the G.I. Joe toy line, animated series and Video Games (NES). He was introduced in 1990, as part of the tradition of Hasbro to release a sports figure each year.

Capt. Grid-Iron

Featured in 1990's first "new figures" commercial. Continues the tradition of at least one sports figure per year (dating back to Bazooka in 1985). A recolored version was released in India.

Cartoon notes & Comic notes

Capt. Grid-Iron's most significant appearances were the first-season DIC episodes United We Stand, Revenge of the Pharaohs, Granny Dearest, Victory at Volcania, Pigskin Commandos, Injustice and the Cora Way, and D-Day at Alcatraz, and the second-season episode Metal-Head's Reunion.Also he was seen with on a date Lady Jaye.

Grid-Iron appeared in only one issue of the comic in 1992: #130, in the background of a single panel.

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