Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 1994

Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 1994

ESC National Year
Year = 1994
Country = SWE
Preselection = Melodifestivalen 1994
Preselection date = 12 March 1994
Entrant = Marie Bergman
and Roger Pontare
Song = "Stjärnorna"
Final result = 13th, 48 points

Sweden entered the Eurovision Song Contest, held in Dublin, Ireland. Sveriges Television continued to use the Melodifestivalen contest to select the Swedish entry. Melodifestivalen 1994 was held on 12 March 1994, where the winner was decided by 11 regional juries.

The winner was "Stjärnorna" (The Stars), sung by Marie Bergman and Roger Pontare.

Berrgman and Pontare opened the contest, singing 1st of 25 countries, preceding Finland. At the close of the voting they had received 48 points, palcing 13th.

Melodifestivalen 1994

:"For the full results, see Melodifestivalen 1994."

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