Dmitry Manuilsky

Dmitry Manuilsky
Dmitriy Manuilsky
Дмитро Захарович Мануїльський
Leader of Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of Ukraine
In office
December 15, 1921 – April 10, 1923
Preceded by Feliks Kon
Succeeded by Emanuel Kviring
Personal details
Born October 3, 1883(1883-10-03)
Kremenets uyezd, Volyn Governorate, Russian Empire
Died February 22, 1959(1959-02-22) (aged 75)
Kiev, Soviet Union
Alma mater Saint Petersburg State University

Dmitriy Manuilsky, or Dmytro Zakharovych Manuilsky (3 October 1883, Sviatets near Kremenets - 22 February 1959, Kiev) was an important Bolshevik. He was the son of an Orthodox priest from a Ukrainian village. After secondary school he enrolled in the University of St. Petersburg.

He also played a role in defending the Bolshevik state against its adversaries as is exhibited by Lenin's 1920 letter to him:


Headquarters of the South-Western Front Kharkov

Sapronov is wrong, because before focussing on the middle peasant it is necessary first, before that, to organise the poor peasants. This must definitely be done, and best done not in the form of Poor Peasants’ Committees, but in the form of Soviets composed exclusively of poor and middle peasants, with special measures on our part for safeguarding the interests of the poor peasants and for collection of grain. I asked you about transport since the chief task now is to step up the transport of troops and complete the defeat of Denikin. We must mobilise the workers for this and at all costs bring up large forces quickly and win back Rostov. I ask Stalin to reply to me whether he is taking all measures.



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  • Walter Lacquer, Russia and Germany; A Century of Conflict, London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1965.

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  • V. I. Lenin, 528, TELEGRAM TO D. Z. MANUILSKY [1]

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