List of Sigma Lambda Beta Chapters

List of Sigma Lambda Beta Chapters

A list of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Incorporated chapters. In total there are 86 Undergraduate Chapters, 20 Colonies, 17 Alumni Associations, and 3 Alumni Association interest groups, totaling 126 entities throughout the United States and Puerto Rico as of September 12, 2008.

Undergraduate Chapters

*Alpha Chapter
University of Iowa
* [ Beta Chapter]
Western Illinois University
*Gamma Chapter
Illinois State University
*Delta Chapter
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Puerto Rico
* [ Epsilon Chapter]
Western Michigan University
* [ Zeta Chapter]
University of Michigan
* [ Eta Chapter]
Northern Illinois University
*Theta Chapter
Indiana University, Bloomington
* [ Iota Chapter]
Colorado State University
* [ Kappa Chapter]
University of Illinois
* [ Lambda Chapter]
University of Colorado
* [ Mu Chapter]
University of Houston
*Nu Chapter
Harvard University
* [ Xi Chapter]
University of Illinois - Chicago
* [ Omicron Chapter]
Iowa State University
* [ Pi Chapter]
SUNY Stony Brook
* [ Rho Chapter]
Central Michigan University
*Sigma Chapter
Illinois Institute of Technology
* [ Tau Chapter]
California State University, Dominguez Hills
* [ Upsilon Chapter]
Purdue University Calumet
* [ Phi Chapter]
Kansas State University
*Chi Chapter
Pace University
* [ Psi Chapter]
University of South Florida
* [ Omega Chapter] Reserved

* [ Alpha Alpha Chapter]
Purdue University - West Lafayette
* [ Beta Alpha Chapter]
SUNY Old Westbury
* [ Gamma Alpha Chapter]
Johnson and Wales University
* [ Delta Alpha Chapter]
Kean University
*Epsilon Alpha Chapter
University of Toledo
* [ Zeta Alpha Chapter]
University of Wisconsin-Parkside
* [ Eta Alpha Chapter]
University of Texas-Austin
* [ Theta Alpha Chapter]
University of California, Irvine
*Iota Alpha Chapter
New York City College of Technology
* [ Kappa Alpha Chapter]
University of Arizona
* [ Lambda Alpha Chapter]
San Jose State University
*Mu Alpha Chapter
Eastern Michigan University
* [ Nu Alpha Chapter]
Southern Illinois University
*Xi Alpha Chapter
Truman State University
* [ Omicron Alpha Chapter]
Pennsylvania State University
* [ Pi Alpha Chapter]
Michigan State University
* [ Rho Alpha Chapter]
Florida State University
* [ Sigma Alpha Chapter]
DePaul University
* [ Tau Alpha Chapter]
Rutgers-New Brunswick
*Upsilon Alpha Chapter
Buffalo State College
* [ Phi Alpha Chapter]
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
* [ Chi Alpha Chapter]
University of Texas-Arlington
* [ Psi Alpha Chapter]
Santa Clara University
* [ Omega Alpha Chapter]
University of Texas-Pan American

* [ Alpha Beta Chapter]
University of Minnesota
* [ Beta Beta Chapter]
Loyola Marymount University
*Gamma Beta Chapter
Marquette University
* [ Delta Beta Chapter]
University of Nebraska-Omaha
* [ Epsilon Beta Chapter]
Texas Tech University
* [ Zeta Beta Chapter]
University of Florida
* [ Eta Beta Chapter]
Texas A & M University
* [ Theta Beta Chapter]
University of North Texas
* [ Iota Beta Chapter]
Loyola University Chicago
*Kappa Beta Chapter
California State University, Long Beach
*Lambda Beta Chapter
Sam Houston State University
* [ Mu Beta Chapter]
University of Kansas
* [ Nu Beta Chapter]
Bowling Green State University
*Xi Beta Chapter
Hofstra University
*Omicron Beta Chapter
Occidental College
*Pi Beta Chapter
California State University, Los Angeles
* [ Rho Beta Chapter]
Wichita State University
* [ Sigma Beta Chapter]
Texas State University
*Tau Beta Chapter
Northeastern Illinois University
*Upsilon Beta Chapter
University of Northern Colorado
* [ Phi Beta Chapter]
University of Washington
* [ Chi Beta Chapter]
Arizona State University
*Psi Beta Chapter
Wayne State University
*Omega Beta Chapter
Miami University (Ohio)

* [ Alpha Gamma Chapter]
Grand Valley State University
*Beta Gamma Chapter
University of Idaho
* [ Gamma Gamma Chapter]
University of Central Florida
*Delta Gamma Chapter
Florida A&M University
* [ Epsilon Gamma Chapter]
Prairie View A&M University
* [ Zeta Gamma Chapter]
University of Nebraska-Kearney
* [ Eta Gamma Chapter]
University of Oklahoma
* [ Theta Gamma Chapter]
University of Alabama
* [ Iota Gamma Chapter]
New Jersey Institute of Technology
*Kappa Gamma Chapter
California State University, Northridge
*Lambda Gamma Chapter
University of California, Santa Cruz
* [ Mu Gamma Chapter]
University of California, Davis
*Nu Gamma Chapter
University of Houston-Downtown
* [ Xi Gamma Chapter]
Texas Southern University
*Omicron Gamma Chapter
Brooklyn College []


*Auraria Campus Colony (University of Colorado Denver/Metropolitan State College of Denver)
*Binghamton University Colony
*Boise State University Colony
*California State University, Sacramento Colony
*Columbia University Colony
*Dickinson College Colony
*Eastern Washington University Colony
*Lewis University Colony
*New Jersey City University Colony
*Rutgers-Newark Colony
*San Diego State Colony
* [ Texas A&M University - Kingsville] Colony
*University of Denver Colony
*University of Massachusetts Amherst Colony
*University of Miami Colony
*University of Southern California Colony
*University of Tampa Colony
*University of Texas San Antonio Colony
*University of Texas Brownsville Colony
*University of Wisconsin-Madison Colony

Alumni Associations

* [ Arizona Alumni Association]
*Central Florida Alumni Interest Group
* [ Chicagoland Alumni Association]
* [ Colorado Alumni Association]
*Houston Alumni Association
*Michigan/Ohio Alumni Association
*Mid-Atlantic Alumni Association
*Midwest Alumni Interest Group
* [ Minnesota Alumni Association]
*New York Alumni Association
*New York City Alumni Interest Group
* [ North Jersey Alumni Association]
* [ North Florida Alumni Association]
* [ Northern California Alumni Association]
* [ Philadelphia/South Jersey Alumni Association]
*South Florida Alumni Association
*South Texas Alumni Association
*Southern California Alumni Association
* [ Texas Alumni Association]
*Washington Alumni Association

External links

* [ Sigma Lambda Beta Official Website]

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