Wellsite Information Transfer Specification

Wellsite Information Transfer Specification

The Wellsite Information Transfer Specification (WITS) is a specification for the transfer of drilling rig-related data. This petroleum industry standard is recognized by a number of companies internationally and is supported by many hardware devices and software applications. [ [http://home.sprynet.com/~carob/ Wellsite Information Transfer Specification documentation] ]

WITS is a multi-layered specification:

* Layer 0 describes an ASCII-based transfer specification
* Layer 1 describes a binary-based format based on 25 predefined fixed-size records and the Log Information Standard (LIS) data-transmission specification
* Layer 2 describes bidirectional communication using LIS Comment records
* Layer 2b describes buffering of data
* Layer 4 extends the previous layers to use a different data exchange format, [http://www.posc.org/technical/data_exchange/RP66/V1/Toc/main.html RP66]

Though still in active use as of 2008, the specification has been superseded by the XML-based [http://www.witsml.org/ WITSML] .

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