Active intelligence

Active intelligence

Active intelligence is a term used to describe software systems and business processes containing functionality or components that evaluate information and drive actions of linked systems or processes in real-time. Active intelligence builds upon the business intelligence (BI) capabilities that have been developed on top of data warehouses and search repositories in that active intelligence requires the information input of a data warehouse or search repository with BI analysis capabilities, but instead of supplying end users with information upon which to make decisions, active intelligence systems supply "applications" with business intelligence and analysis results.1


1 Attivio, Inc., [ Defining active intelligence for business operations and software applications.] [] Sep 2007


This term has been in use, in the above context, since at least 2003 when introduced through an article in "Information Week" entitled "Active Intelligence". []

Companies which market products using the name "active intelligence" include:

Attivio []

Smartpoint (a solution that leverages "patent-pending technology called active intelligenceTM") []

Alternate Uses

There are several companies that use the term "active intelligence" in their name. Neither of these companies delivers products or services related to "active intelligence" as defined in this entry.

Active Intelligence - Retail Oracle POS Application []

Active Intelligence Consultancy - Learning consulting []

Similar Terminology

* Active Enterprise Intelligence

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