Magus (Technarchy)

Magus (Technarchy)
Magus (Technarchy).jpg
Magus (of the Technarchy)
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance New Mutants (vol. 1) #18 (Aug 1984)
Created by Chris Claremont
Bill Sienkiewicz
In-story information
Alter ego Magus
Team affiliations Technarchy
Abilities Techno-organic being, shape shifting, superhuman strength and flight

The Magus is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.

The Magus is a techno-organic patriarch of an alien civilization, and should not be confused with another character called Magus who is associated with Adam Warlock.


Publication history

The Magus first appeared in the New Mutants (vol. 1) #18-19 (August-September 1984). He was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Bill Sienkiewicz. The character and his son, the New Mutant, Warlock, were intended as an homage to Jim Starlin's characters[citation needed]: the original Magus and Adam Warlock.

The character subsequently appeared in The Uncanny X-Men #192 (April 1985), and The New Mutants #46-47 (December 1986-January 1987), and #50 (April 1987). The character did not appear again for many years, until Warlock #7-9 (April-June 2000), and X-Force #2 (May 2008).

The Magus received an entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #8.

Fictional character biography

The Magus is the ruler of the extraterrestrial Technarchy. Due to a bizarre custom wherein Warlock was expected to kill his father, Warlock instead fled to Earth and joined the New Mutants. He did this to escape having to kill or be killed by his father and to escape the potential responsibility of being ruler of a world of depraved robotic fiends.[volume & issue needed] The Magus followed him, arriving on Earth the following winter in the form of a meteorite impacting near the X-Mansion. Only three X-Men (Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Rogue) were then on the mansion grounds to oppose the Magus, yet still inflicted upon him a painful and humiliating setback which prompted Magus to hide himself on Earth in human guise in order to study the mutants of Xavier Mansion incognito.[1] Magus eventually did battle with Warlock and his New Mutant teammates resulting in Magus being sent back to his point of origin.[2]

Deep in space, Magus met the New Mutants again. Assisted by the Starjammers and Professor X, the Magus was "reprogrammed" into reverting to an infant state.[volume & issue needed] He later returned to normal and sought out his son. He confronted a new version called 'Douglock', which was not exactly the entity he expected. A combined force consisting of several Avengers, Wolfsbane and two newer super-powered people, Hope and Psimon, confronted him during his attack on New York. Magus was defeated when Douglock combined his abilities with Hope's matter-transformation powers and was thought to have returned to his home planet.[volume & issue needed]

It was eventually discovered that before Magus left Earth, he placed an offspring underwater. This offspring was approached by members of the Purifiers, enemies of the X-Men, who "awoke" it when the submarine used by The Purifiers transmitted the word "Warlock."[3]

As it was in a mindless state, Bastion rewrote its programming and infected Donald Pierce and the Leper Queen, as well as reviving the lifeless remains of Bolivar Trask, Cameron Hodge, Stephen Lang, Graydon Creed and Reverend William Stryker with the Technarch transmode virus, declaring them to be the future of humanity and the end of mutantkind.[4]

Powers and abilities

The Magus is a techno-organic entity, a creature composed entirely of living circuitry. His body is black and yellow, and tends to be hundreds of meters high. Like all others of his kind, his powers include shapeshifting, super strength, starflight, the ability to mimic and interface with any technological artifact, and the ability to transform any organic life-form into a techno-organic being like himself via the infectious Transmode Virus. Though able to draw energy from a variety of ambient and artificial sources, transforming living beings and draining them of their life energy seems to be his preferred means of sustenance. His size and strength are limited only by the amount of power he can acquire and store. At full power he has been stated as capable of eclipsing a star and tear it apart through strength alone. However, he has proved vulnerable to relatively mundane attacks when close to human size.

The Magus is extraordinarily violent, brutal, and arrogant. His species, (save Warlock, who is a mutant) is incapable of love, compassion, or mercy. Entirely male, they reproduce by mechanical means, after which it is customary for father and son to fight to the death.

The Magus has also demonstrated a high level of intelligence and cunning. As proven by his ability to enter Limbo under his own power, Magus also possesses the ability of interdimensional transportation.

Other versions

Marvel 2099

A version of the Magus has lasted into the alternate future of Marvel 2099. There, he and his race threaten the last outposts of a Phalanx-flooded earth. Magus himself fights that era's Doctor Doom and Spider-Man.


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