Missed call

Missed call

A missed call is a telephone call that is not answered by its intended recipient prior to the termination of ringing on the recipient's end. The ringing may be terminated by the caller simply by hanging up the receiver of a landline phone, or pressing the appropriate button on a mobile phone, or if the answering machine or voicemail picks up on the recipient's end. The term "missed call" is only displayed prominently on mobile phones.

It is commonly used as a way of communicating or conveying messages for free.

To "miss call", in the Philippine-adapted form miskol, was declared the Word of the Year in 2007 at a language convention held in the University of the Philippines Diliman.[1]

In Oman, there is a pop song based on missed calls.[2]

Equivalents in other places are to drop call in the US,[3] to beep in Africa,[4] and to prank in England and Australia.[5]. France and French speaking African countries - "un bip"[6], Iran - "tak"[7], Italy - "squillo"[8], Oman - "ranah"[9], Finnish- "häläri", "killeri", or "härkkäys"[10].



Person A calls Person B's mobile phone and then hangs up before Person B picks up their phone.

This method can be used to save money or minutes. It is common in developing countries, particularly South Asia, the Philippines and large parts of Africa, where cell phone use is increasing, but people have difficulty coping with the costs of calling on a regular basis. The intentional missed call serves as a free method of communication for those who cannot maintain a high credit balance such as people with low income.

In Bangladesh, missed calls make up 70% of cellular network traffic at any given time.[11]

The Cellular Operators Association of India, COAI, has instituted a study to understand the revenue implications of missed calls in India.[12] Industry estimates of loss of revenue due to this social phenomenon are 20-25%[13] to as much as 30%[14].

At least one company in Bangalore is using this "tool" to generate business.[15]

Types of missed calls

  • 2 missed calls means "I am running late".[16]
  • Friends misscall a member of their group who couldnt join them that evening to convey "we're missing you".[17]
  • In Syria, 5 missed calls in rapid succession means "I am online, let's chat".[18]
  • In Bhutan, farmers know how much milk their customers want by the number of missed calls they get.[19]
  • In India, a missed call from a shop or business means "Your order is ready".[20]


It is not honorable to miscall your teacher or boss.[21]

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