American Quaternary Association

American Quaternary Association

The American Quaternary Association (AMQUA) is a professional organization of North American scientists devoted to studies of the quaternary geological period. They were founded in 1970 and their stated goals are to "foster cooperation and communication among the remarkably broad array of disciplines involved in studying the Quaternary Period".cite web|url=|title=About AMQUA|publisher=American Quaternary Association|accessdate=2007-10-01] These disciplines include: anthropology, archaeology, botany, climatology, ecology, geochemistry, geochronology, geography, geology, geomorphology, geophysics, hydrology, limnology, meteorology, neotectonics, oceanography, paleontology, palynology, soil science, and zoology.

They host conventions on a variety of themes, with themes chosen to appeal to a broad range of represented disciplines.cite web|url=|title=AMQUA Activities|publisher=American Quaternary Association|accessdate=2007-10-01] Their most recent conference had the theme "Ocean/Atmosphere Interactions and Continental Consequences: Environmental Forecasting from the Quaternary Sciences" and was held in Bozeman, Montana.cite web|url=|title=AMQUA 2006 Meeting Information|publisher=American Quaternary Association|accessdate=2007-10-01]

In addition to their conference, they also publish a newsletter "The Quaternary Times", semiannually and present a "Distinguished Career Award" annually.

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* International Union for Quaternary Research


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