Television in Singapore

Television in Singapore

Television in Singapore is strictly regulated by the government. MediaCorp TV, fully owned by government holding company Temasek Holdings, has a monopoly on terrestrial television channels, while the sole cable operator is StarHub. The private ownership of satellite dishes is banned.



Broadcasting developed from a single terrestrial channel operated by the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) in the 1 January 1980 to 31 December 1993. When SBC was rebranded as Television Corporation of Singapore (TCS) it launched Channel 5, Channel 8 and Channel 12. A reorganisation on 1 January 1996 saw the creation of MediaCorp and a redistribution of programming among the channels.

On 1 January 2002, the government allowed Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) to offer competition in the television market, and SPH MediaWorks soon launched two channels, Channel U (Mandarin) and Channel i (English). On 1 January 2005, SPH MediaWorks was acquired by MediaCorp TV, which thus reasserted its monopoly on the industry.


StarHub TV is the sole cable television operator in Singapore. StarHub Cable Television was formed as a result of a merger between StarHub TV and Singapore Cable Television (SCTV) on 1 January 2002. The latter first began broadcasting as a terrestrial pay-television operator in 1 January 1990 as the first cable network was not completed until 1 January 1994. Around 80% of households in Singapore are connected to the StarHub network. The remaining 20% have mio TV only or no cable TV at home.

Free-to-Air Terrestrial Television Stations

MediaCorp Channels

MediaCorp TV Channels

SDTV (Standard-definition television) Terrestrial Free-to-air Channel
MediaCorp TV
MediaCorp News
  • MediaCorp News Channel NewsAsia International (UHF 32 from Starhub Cable Point and ATT, also DVB-T)
HD-TV (High-definition television) Channel

MediaCorp TV12 Channels

SDTV (Standard-definition television) Terrestrial Free-to-air Channel


1 January 2005
20 October 2008
1 January 2010
  • MediaCorp TV TVMobile (UHF 196.25 MHz from DVB-T)

Stations From Neighbouring Countries

Due to Singapore size and proximity to Malaysia and Indonesia, Singaporeans, especially those very close to those countries' respective borders are able to enjoy a variety of TV programmes from the following neighbouring countries which are broadcasting on UHF bands:

Television Channels From Malaysia

Television Channels From Indonesia

Viewers farther away from the Indonesia or Malaysia border usually require higher-quality equipment to receive the signals. In spite of this however, only RTM TV1 (TV1) onwer by Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) and TVRI Siaran Nasional (TVRI Nasional) are carried on StarHub TV.

Singtel mio TV

Launched officially in 1 January 2007, SingTel mio TV is an IPTV service offering over 30 different channels.


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