1879 in New Zealand

1879 in New Zealand


Regal and Vice Regal

*Head of State - Queen Victoria
*Governor – The term of The Marquess of Normanby ends on 21 February. Sir Hercules Robinson takes up the appointment on 27 March.

Government and law

The general election is held between 15 August and 1 September. The 7th Parliament commences.

*Speaker of the House - Maurice O'Rorke becomes Speaker when his predecessor, Sir William Fitzherbert, is appointed to the Legislative Council.
*Premier – John Hall replaces Sir George Grey on 8 October.
*Minister of Finance – John Hall replaces Sir George Grey on 8 October. Grey had taken up the post on 10 July after John Ballance had resigned on 1 July.
*Chief Justice - Hon Sir James Prendergast

Voting rights are extended to all males. [http://www.parliament.nz/en-NZ/HstBldgs/History/Resources/3/6/e/36e40376aa2842e6bcce0a4557ebf2bc.htm New Zealand Parliament - Parliament timeline] ]

The term of parliament is reduced from five years to three years. [http://www.parliament.nz/en-NZ/HstBldgs/History/Resources/3/6/e/36e40376aa2842e6bcce0a4557ebf2bc.htm New Zealand Parliament - Parliament timeline] ]

Main centre leaders

*Mayor of Auckland - Thomas Peacock
*Mayor of Christchurch - Henry Thomson followed by Charles Thomas Ick
*Mayor of Dunedin - Henry John Walter
*Mayor of Hamilton - John Blair Whyte followed by Thomas Dawson
*Mayor of Wellington - Joseph Dransfield followed by George Allen followed by William Hutchison


* 21 February: An explosion in the coal mine at Kaitangata kills 34 men. [ [http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/timeline&new_date=21/02 New Zealand History online: Today in History - 21 February] ]
* 30 March: "The Ross Guardian" ceases publication. It began in 1866. [cite news|url=http://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/cgi-bin/paperspast?a=d&d=NOT18790401.2.11.3&cl=&srpos=0&st=1|title=HOKITIKA. March 31|publisher=North Otago Times|date=1 April 1879|pages=2]

Arts and literature


Appointments and awards

*Primate of New Zealand - Henry John Chitty Harper (Bishop of Christchurch)
*Bishop of Auckland - William Garden Cowie
*Bishop of Dunedin - Samuel Tarratt Nevill
*Bishop of Nelson - Andrew Burn Suter
*Bishop of Waiapu - Edward Craig Stuart
*Bishop of Wellington - Octavius Hadfield




The first New Zealand Chess Championship is held .Todd, S. (1976) "Sporting Records of New Zealand." Auckland: Moa Publications. ISBN 0-908570-00-7]

National Champion

H. Hookham (Christchurch)



Horse racing

*New Zealand Cup winner: Chancellor
*New Zealand Derby winner: Hornby
*Auckland Cup winner: Ariel
*Wellington Cup winner: Maritana

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Rugby Union

*26 July: The first union in New Zealand, Canterbury Rugby Football Union, is formed at Timaru.
*October: The Wellington Rugby Football Union is formed.


Ballinger Belt: Corporal W. Ballinger (Wellington)



* 30 August (in London): Maud Ruby "Daisy" Basham, radio personality.

Unknow date

* Miriam Cummings (later Miriam Soljak), activist.


* 2 February (in England): General Sir Thomas Pratt, commander British forces in NZ 1860-61.
* 14 July: Thomas Outhwaite, first registrar of the Supreme Court.

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