Franklin Middle School (Vallejo, California)

Franklin Middle School (Vallejo, California)

Benjamin Franklin Middle School is a public middle school in the Vallejo City Unified School District currently serving grades 6-8. Franklin Middle has a total student enrollment of 1,047 students during the 2004-2005 school year. With 338 6th graders, 336 7th graders, and 370 8th graders. Franklin Middle has a diverse ethical culture of students. In 2003, 193 students were suspended and 3 students were expelled. In 2004, 231 students were suspended and 5 students were expelled. In 2005, 302 students were suspended and 11 students were expelled.

tudent Enrollment

chool Facility Condition

The District's goal is to provide school facilities which support teaching and learning and which are safe. The following are done regularly to ensure that school buildings are clean, safe and functional: all classroom facilities, eating areas and restrooms are cleaned based on standards established by the District. There is an automated work order system supported by a triage system for problems which occur that need immediate attention and resolution for example, broken heaters, inoperable restrooms, and vandalism which impairs a facility from operating in a functional way. The Head Custodian at each site performs an early morning inspection to identify problems and report them.Districtwide, there are adequate facilities to support instruction and supplemental activities such as District child care programs, onsite tutoring programs, and preschool programs for the District's 17,000 students, more than 1000 adult learners, and over 400 preschool children who receive services. Facilities include both permanent and relocatable classrooms.

Since the passage of the 1997 local school bond (Measure A), the District has been modernizing schools that are more than 25 years old. The modernization work consists of renovation or replacement of heating, ventilation, air-condition and electrical systems; repair or replacement of roofs and exterior doors and windows; addressing plumbing and dry rot problems; installation of new floor finishes; new paint; upgrading handicap access; and providing technology pathways and cabling infrastructures to all classrooms and learning facilities.

As of May 2005, thirteen of the District's sixteen elementary schools have been modernized. The three remaining elementary schools-Glen Cove, Mare Island and Wardlaw-- are less than fifteen years old and are not eligible for modernization funding from the State. The District plans to upgrade these schools' technology infrastructures by summer 2006 using Measure A Bond Funds. Modernization of all four middle schools is nearing completion. Hogan and Vallejo High Schools' modernizations are complete and Peoples' High School modernization is expected to be completed in the 2005-06 school year. Jesse Bethel, the District's fourth high school was opened eight years ago in 1998-Measure A funds will be used to upgrade its technology in summer 2006.

During the next few years, the District will be removing temporary portables and, in some cases, replacing existing relocatable buildings which have reached the end of their life cycle; building needed facilities to house student enrollments at two high schools; and providing other needed facilities.

In addition to modernization projects which are being completed with State funding and local Measure A Bond funds, the District also budgets approximately $1.5 million each year for Deferred Maintenance Projects. Many of these projects are being done in conjunction with school modernization to minimize disruption to the school and maximize cost effectiveness.

Safety of staff and students is a priority on every school campus. One of the District's five goals addresses improved school climate so that all staff can teach and all students can learn. Strategies that are being implemented to improve student behavior and climate include restoration, with the help of the Vallejo Police Department of the School Resource Officer support at both the high school and middle school levels; the development and dissemination of a common set of behavior standards and consequences; consistent implementation of the standards and holding students accountable; school visitor check in; and visibility of staff on campus before and after school and between passing periods.

The District contracts for regular monitoring and patrolling of District facilities which supports the Police Department and what cooperative neighbors observe. The District is evaluating all of its facilities and safety procedures pursuant to the mandates in the State's settlement of the Williams lawsuit. In the instances where an emergency condition occurs, the District's Maintenance and Operations Department gives the highest priority to resolution of the condition.

California Standards Tests

The California Standards Tests (CST) show how well students are doing in relation to the state content standards. Student scores are reported as performance levels. The five performance levels are Advanced (exceeds state standards), Proficient (meets state standards), Basic (approaching state standards), Below Basic (below state standards), and Far Below Basic (well below state standards). Students scoring at the Proficient or Advanced level meet state standards in that content area. Students with significant cognitive disabilities who are unable to take the CST are tested using the California Alternate Performance Assessment (CAPA). Detailed information regarding CST and CAPA results for each grade and proficiency level can be found at the California Department of Education Web site at or by speaking with the school principal. Note: To protect student privacy, scores are not shown when the number of students tested is 10 or less.

chool Bell Schedule (2006-2007)

Regular Day Schedule

* Warning Bell (7:40)(7:45)
* Period 1 (7:50-8:43)
* Period 2 (8:48-9:41)
* Period 3 (9:46-10:39)
* Period 4 (10:44-11:37)
* Lunch (11:37-12:14)
* Passing (12:14-12:24)
* Period 5 (12:24-1:17)
* Period 6 (1:22-2:15)

Wednesday Bell Schedule

* Warning Bell (7:40)(7:45)
* Period 1 (7:50-8:28)
* Period 2 (8:33-9:11)
* Period 3 (9:16-9:54)
* Period 4 (9:59-10:37)
* Period 5 (10:42-11:20)
* Lunch (11:20-11:57)
* Passing (11:57-12:07)
* Period 6 (12:07-12:45)

Administration and Office Staff

* Mike David (Principal)
* Ms Combs (Vice Principal)
* Michelle Faucitt (Reform Coordinator)
* Rafaela Alvarez (Office Manager)
* Barbara Ray (Main Office)
* Rashida Samuels (Attendance Clerk)

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