Warren (name)

Warren (name)

Warren ("wawr-enn"), of old Germanic origin, is a common English language masculine given name, originally from a Germanic surname meaning "enclosure" or French surname "de Warenne" meaning "from La Varrene". It is also common as a surname. People with the name "Warren" include: [cite web |url=http://www.behindthename.com/name/warren |title=View Name: Warren |publisher=behindthename.com |accessdate=2007-12-20] [cite web |title=Popularity of the Name Warren |url=http://www.name-stats.com/search.php?subject=Warren |accessdate=2007-09-28]


Family name
name = Warren

pronunciation ="wawr-enn"
meaning =
region =
origin = Teutonic
related names =
footnotes =

*Adam Warren, American comic book writer and illustrator
*Branch Warren, American professional bodybuilder
*C. Denier Warren, American born actor
*Sir Charles Warren, British general and Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis in London
*David H. D. Warren, computer scientist
*Diane Warren, American songwriter
*Dianne Warren, Canadian author
*Don Warren, American football player
*Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States
*Ed Warren, American demonologist and paranormal investigator
*Estella Warren, a Canadian actress
*Fiske Warren, American businessman
*Francis E. Warren, Amerikan politician
*Frank Warren (promoter), British boxing promoter
*Glen Warren, British film director
*General Gouverneur K. Warren, Union general in the American Civil War
*Harry Warren, American songwriter
*Joseph Warren, American doctor and soldier
*Josiah Warren, American inventor, musician, and anarchist author
*Leonard Warren, American baritone
*Linda Warren, American author
*Marc Warren, British actor
*Michael Warren, American actor
*Mike Warren, Major League Baseball pitcher
*Neil Warren, Australian journalist
*Ray Warren, Australian sports commentator
*Rick Warren, Christian author and pastor
*Robert Penn Warren, American novelist
*Robert W. Warren, American politician
*T. Raymond Warren, American politician
*Tommy Warren, Major League Baseball pitcher
*William Whipple Warren, Ojibwe historian

Given name

Infobox Given Name Revised
name = Warren

gender = Male
meaning = "Enclosure" or "from La Varrene"
region =
origin = Teutonic
related names =
footnotes =

*Warren Adler, American novelist
*Warren Barton, English footballer
*Warren Beatty, American actor
*Warren Edward Buffett, American investor, businessman and philanthropist
*Warren Burger, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States
*Warren Christopher, U.S. Secretary of State
*Warren DeMartini, musician
*Warren Entner, musician
*Warren Ewens, Australian biologist and statistician
*Warren Feeney, footballer
*Warren Fury, Wales international rugby union player
*Warren G, American rapper
*Warren Gatland, New Zealand born rugby union coach
*Warren G. Harding, President of the United States
*Warren Hastings, first Governor-General of India
*Warren Haynes, American rock and blues guitarist
*Warren LeBlanc, British murderer
*Warren Macdonald, handicapped mountain climber
*Warren Mitchell, actor
*Warren "Pete" Moore, singer for The Miracles
*Warren Spahn, Major League Baseball pitcher
*Warren Spector, game designer
*Warren Zevon, musician


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