List of Back at the Barnyard Characters

List of Back at the Barnyard Characters

This is a list of characters from the Nickelodeon television series "Back at the Barnyard".

Animal Characters

* The Main Animals:
** Otis: The main character in the show, is a cow, the leader of the barn and Pip's best friend. His catchphrase is "milk me". He and Pip are superheroes "Cowman" and "Ratboy". He sometimes hangs out with the Jersey Cows. In the "Chronicles of Barnia" his character is similar to Conan the Barbarian. Otis is the one who thinks that he can do what ever he wants when later realizing that he has to have the help of his fellow barn friends to help him out of a bind.
** Pip: A mouse and Otis's best friend. He and Otis are superheroes, he is "Ratboy", sidekick of "Cowman", and he also has a huge crush on Bessy. He was sometimes the animal besides Miles.
** Abby: A tanned country girl with a southern accent. She was not in the movie. It is unknown how, why, or when she joined the Barnyard. She is thought to be Otis's girlfriend, although this could be confusing in the movie, as Daisy appears to become engaged to Otis. Abby's is also very athletic, allergic to petunias, has an addiction for organizing and loves "kitties".
** Pig: Pig is a big chubby pig who is not very smart but always goes with Otis's idea of fun. He is a very good cook and can be seen cooking up food for barnyard parties. In the episode "Chez Pig", he cooks pies that everyone loves. Nobody knows the secret ingredient (which was passed down from his grandmother), but at the end, he tells the other animals. A duck quack prevents the viewers from hearing; the animals who did hear are disgusted meaning that it wasn't appropriate for viewers to know.
** Freddy: Freddy is a ferret a bit on the plump side, and one of Otis's friends of the barnyard. Freddy was also introduced in the movie, and keeps his over-hyped attitude. He has a desire to eat Peck and in "Fowl Play", he has a desire to eat Peck so much, when Peck disappears, all the animals except Otis blame him, and he thinks that he has done it and will never see Peck again. He is sometimes found hot wiring cars for them to drive. In one deleted scene in Barnyard the movie, he sees a psychiatrist to help him with his desire to eat Peck, but the psychiatrist barely helps at all. In the episode "War of the Pranks", aliens wanted his left paw; it is unrevealed why they want it. He also will never be separated from Peck. In "Home Sweet Hole", it is revealed that Freddy speaks Italian as he was performing an Italian-language play with Peck. In "Meet the Ferrets" it is revealed that he is a vegetarian, which his parents are ashamed of. In "Chronicles of Barnia" his character is related to Gollum/Sméagol from "The Lord of the Rings" and whenever they play a role-playing game it takes him two weeks to get out of character. It is frequently shown that he likes explosives.
** Peck: Peck is a rooster who is Freddy's best friend and just hangs out on the farm. He is accident-prone and is completely unaware of Freddy's desire to eat him. In "Fowl Play", all of the animals (except Otis) think Freddy eats Peck, but it turns out he was hiding while trying to cure his skin condition. In "Home Sweet Hole", it is revealed Peck speaks Italian as he was performing an Italian-language play with Freddy.
** Duke: Duke is the Farmer's loyal sheep dog. In the movie, he seems to be somewhat of a leader, now he just hangs out with Otis and his friends. He helps out with Otis's stunts and pranks but doesn't really do the prank. He is loyal to Otis, who saved his life, but Otis is also appreciative for Duke who saved his life back. He speaks with a New York Accent. He's a Border Colie.
** Bessy: Bessy is the sassy brown cow that tends to yell sometimes. She also knows how to pull a prank. Bessy was introduced in the movie Barnyard with her friend Daisy. In "Otis's Mom", she reveals that she had a son who floated away with balloons at a county fair. All she has to remember him by is his cowbell, which, strangely, Otis has. Thus, Bessy thinks that Otis is her son, but at the end, she realizes they are not related.

* Joey: Joey is a young cow that is new to the Barnyard. He was not in the movie. In one episode, it is believed the farmer was about to eat him; Otis places himself in what he thinks to be danger to rescue Joey. In the end, it turns out Joey was being de-loused.

* Etta: A hen who in many scenes has somewhat of a bad attitude.

* Ben (deceased): Ben is a cow and he is Otis's father. He died in the movie from Dag. He is the only character to be seen dying.

* Daisy: A female cow, and Otis' love interest who was in the movie, but does not appear in the series in a major role yet. She was pregnant before she came to the Barnyard, and at the end had a baby resembling Joey, with Otis as a father-like figure. She makes a cameo in "The Farmer Takes a Woman".

* The Sheep: They are usually seen in the background or somewhere in barnyard parties. The Farmer has one of them sheared and treated for ticks, this partly sets the animals off into believing the Farmer has gone carnivore. It is revealed that the sheep are highly intelligent, and don't really like having to be led by Duke (For they think he's an idiot).

* Everett: A brown 13-year-old (91 in dog years) dog who has made a few appearances in the series. He is often seen at the barnyard parties as part of the Barny Boys band (where he plays the banjo) with an older male pig. In the movie, Ben tells everyone that Everett is 13 (whether its in dog years or human years was explained). Also in "Dead Cow Walking", one of the barnyard animals say that Everett is the new best friend of Pip.

* Miles: A bluish donkey, and sometimes the animal besides Pip that Otis talks to for advice. After the death of Ben in the movie, he kind of took over as a father-like figure for Otis. He appeared in the movie and made a cameo in the episode "Lights, Camera, Moo!". He hasn't made a major appearance in the show yet.

* The Jersey Cows: A group of three Jersey cows that enjoy pulling pranks on humans.
** Eddy - He's brownish and seems to be the leader of the Jersey cow group.
** Igg - He's large and light yellow. He is also Eddy's best friend. He made 2 cameos in "Lights, Camera, Moo" and "Raging Cow." He says he is lactose intolerant in the movie.
** Bud - He's short and grayish. He kind of stays back in the group.

* Tony Two Cheeks: Tony is a gopher in both the movie and the series. In "Fowl Play" Otis notices what happened to Peck to make Tony tell the secret. He appeared in 3 episodes so far. He is a greenlint salesman.

Human Characters

* Nora Beady: Nora Beady is an insane woman (to her husband and the animals) who believes the animals are conspiring against her. She is slightly dim. She usually tries to find way to show her husband that the animals are messing with them or at the very least, walking and talking. At the end of the movie, she is shown in front of a mirror, grooming herself, trying to get her hair down, which then reveals it self to be "Wild Mike". In one episode she says that she doesn't like ice cream.

* Nathan Randall Beady the III: Nathan Beady is a normal farm man, who sits at home watching T.V, reading the paper, or eating. He believes his wife is crazy because of her constant assertions that the animals are sentient. He dislikes his nephew, Eugene. In fact, he prefers Pig as his nephew. He is usually found sitting on his sofa. His catch phrase usually involves, "Take me out," whenever his wife asks him to do something or expresses her 'craziness'.

* Farmer: The Farmer is the caretaker of the animals. He is vegan so he won't eat the animals. He has never seen the animals doing pranks, although in "Hypno A Go-Go", Otis talks to him and gives him a hug, but Otis hypnotizes him, and presumably he forgets about the animals' abilities to talk. He finds ways to rationalize the animal's behavior; once attributing a gaping hole in the barn roof to 'termites'. The Farmer is afraid of weevils and has a secret shelter when they are attacking.

* Eugene "Snotty Boy" Beady: Eugene "Snotty Boy" Beady likes to torture the barnyard animals. He is extremely fat and is a jerk to everyone, including his father, who has a career as a clown. His Aunt is Nora Beady. He is hated by the animals and his uncle Nathan. He is given the chore of watching the animals when the Farmer has to leave for the weekend. Instead he takes to tormenting them. The animals gain revenge, pummeling him with eggs, stuffing him inside a bundle of hay, and springing him off into the air. It ends up that his uncle removed the hay off of him with a chainsaw. He has a large pet snake which he mistreats and tries to feed Pip to. However, he was then outsmarted by the animals, having his pants pulled down, being given an electric shock, and finally being swallowed by the enraged snake. Apparently removal from the snake was extremely painful.

* Officer O'Hanlon: A police officer who appeared in the movie and TV series. He was called because of the wacky lady.

* Pizza Twins: Two dimwitted yet friendly twin pizza delivery guys. In "Dead Cow Walking" however, one of them said they were fired.

* Hilly Berferd: A reporter for Channel 8 News. He was one of the judges in "Barnyard Idol". He's based off of Will Ferrell's impersonation of Harry Caray from Saturday Night Live.

Other Characters

* Max Fripplehoot: A man who visits the Barnyard. He tries to take a taste of Otis' pie, but Pig came to the Barnyard and held a better pie. Max Fripplehoot takes a taste of Pig's pie and it was delicious. He said that he'll give Otis and his friends a million bajillion dollars for that recipe. Otis and his friends think about other sweet desserts until it was cut off by Max Fripplehoot. After Fripplehoot thinks that these were the ugliest animal costumes he ever saw, Otis and his friends fling him out of the Barnyard. He appears in Chez Pig and is voiced by Maurice LaMarche whose voice resembles Principal Pixiefrog's voice from My Gym Partner's a Monkey.

* Winky: A ghost rabbit, who appeared in "The Haunting" and again in "I Dream of Otis". He is the leader of the Dead Pets Club with a cat, a fish, a parrot named Polly.

* Dag: Dag is a coyote that is seen in the the movie as a vicious meat-eater. He is usually afraid and gets his other coyotes to do the dirty work for him. He is also the one who killed Ben. He is the only truly evil character in the series. Dag was threaten by Otis to never come back, and never appears in the TV series.

* Jessica Allspice: A famous female singer that Otis has a crush on. She was one of the judges in "Barnyard Idol". She's a parody of Jessica Alba. Her catchphrase is "I wanna party with you!"

* Bigfoot: Bigfoot is a large, kindhearted creature that was one of the judges in "Barnyard Idol". He appeared in 3 episodes so far.

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