Things That Never Cross a Man's Mind

Things That Never Cross a Man's Mind

Infobox Single
Name = Things That Never Cross a Man's Mind

Artist = Kellie Pickler
from Album = Small Town Girl
B-side =
Released = start date|2007|9|10
Format = Digital download
Recorded = July–August 2006
Genre = Country
Length = 3:12
Label = BNA
Writer = Tim Johnson
Don Poythress
Wynn Varble
Producer = Blake Chancey
Certification =
Last single = "I Wonder"
This single = "Things That Never Cross a Man's Mind"
Next single = "Don't You Know You're Beautiful"
Misc = Extra tracklisting
Album = Small Town Girl
Type = Studio
prev_track = "Gotta Keep Moving"
prev_no = 2
this_track = "Things That Never Cross a Man's Mind"
track_no = 3
next_track = "Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You"
next_no = 4
"Things That Never Cross a Man's Mind" is the third single from Kellie Pickler's album Small Town Girl. It talks about the differences between men and women.

"Billboard" magazine described the song as "a frisky uptempo number that captures the playful side of Pickler's personality. Men will chuckle and women will nod in agreement. It's a clever lyric with a catchy melody, and Pickler's performance is absolute perfection. She has personality to spare, and this lighthearted single is tailor-made for country radio." [ [ Review - Billboard] ]

The song debuted on the "Billboard" Hot Country Songs charts on September 10 2007, at #59. [ [ Billboard - Kellie Pickler] ]

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