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Name = Kick-'em-Jenny
Photo =Kick-'em-JennySONAR.jpg
Caption = Sonar image of the submarine Kick-'em-Jenny cone from the NE in 1996.
Elevation = Unit m|-180|0
Location = Caribbean Sea, north of Grenada
Range =
Prominence =
Coordinates = coord|12.30|N|61.64|W|type:mountain

Type = Submarine volcano
Age =
Last eruption= 2001
First ascent =
Easiest route=

Kick-'em-Jenny(Also: Kick'em Jenny or Mt. Kick-'Em-Jenny) is an active submarine volcano on the Caribbean Sea floor 8 km north of the island of Grenada and about 8 km west of Ronde Island in the Grenadines. Kick-'em-Jenny rises 1,300 meters (4,300 feet) above the sea floor on the steep inner western slope of the Lesser Antilles ridge. The North American tectonic plate is subducting the Caribbean tectonic plate to the east of this ridge and under the Lesser Antilles island arc.

The first record of the volcano was in 1939, although it must have erupted many times before that date. On 23-24 July 1939 an eruption broke the sea surface, sending a cloud of steam and debris 275 m into the air and generating a series of tsunamis around two metres high when they reached the coastlines of northern Grenada and the southern Grenadines. In 2003, the summit reached 180 m below the sea surface and is thought to have remained constant since the 1960s.

The volcano has erupted on at least twelve occasions since 1939 and 2001 (the last being on December 4, 2001), although none of the eruptions have been as large as the 1939 one and most were only detected seismically. The larger eruptions have also been heard underwater or on land close to the volcano as a deep rumbling sound [] .

A submersible survey in 2003 detected a crater with active fumaroles releasing cold and hot gas bubbles. Samples of fresh olivine basalt were collected. An arc shaped collapse structure appears on the west flank and was the apparent source of a submarine debris avalanche extending 15 km down the ridge slope to the west toward the Grenada Basin.


The volcano was apparently unknown before 1939, although "Kick 'em Jenny" appeared on earlier maps as either the name of a small island now called Diamond Rock (or Île Diamante), or the name of the strait between Grenada and Ronde Island (or Île de Ronde). The name itself may be a reference to the waters sometimes being extremely rough [] .

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